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  1. On 11/2/2018 at 11:28 AM, Warlady said:

    Love the turrets.  The whole batch is very creative!



    Thanks.  To some extent, I'm trying not to spend much on the monsters (since a complete Gloomhaven set will have a LOT of different monsters).  

    Right now, I'm focusing on some of the more iconic races.  I've got a whole bunch of Vermlings to do right now, and pretty soon I'll start converting the Savvas and Inox.

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  2. On 10/20/2018 at 12:37 PM, impactminiatures said:


    @dice4hire .. as part of this KickStarter I am offering backers who were victims of the Pulse Dice KickStarter free Pulse dice (or Pulse dice at cost) ... since this is my 40th KickStarter I wanted to give back to the KS community with this project.




    Wow, Tom, that's really nice of you.  I think i speak for a lot of folks when I say that I'm glad you're part of our community.



    On 10/20/2018 at 12:37 PM, impactminiatures said:

    I do realize that Y is sometimes vowel.   Just was trying to make things that didn't already exist along with a matching letter die set.

    Since we're all playing fantasy games here, shouldn't we have vowel dice that include an apostrophe?


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  3. 3 hours ago, Cyradis said:

    Yikes. It is a heck of a dragon, but the moneys. Oof. If each one takes a day to cast, and production costs are high, I get a high price tag. But... ouch ouch. That'll be a nope for me. 

    And perhaps you'll understand why some of us thought that CMON's two foot tall Cthulhu was a steal at $150?


    £1 or more

    ABOUT $1.30

    Sarcastic Support

    This gets you onto the comments board where you can sneer and snipe and pour scorn and be really a generally awful human 

    I really love this!  I'm not keen on picking up a massive dragon at the moment, but this is a reward that I might find myself interested in.

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  4. I guess there's something reasonable in products just being considered unfit for production and leaving it there.  I know for a fact that PP had an expansion to Grind planned- but the game didn't perform well enough for it to be published (I think they did eventually release it as PDF print and play).

    There's no way something like Kingdom Death: Monster would exist without Kickstarter.  Most KDM stuff isn't exclusive (but the price difference can be staggering).

    CMON seems to be straddling the line between retail and Kickstarter.  From my perspective, I can't tell how well it is going.  But they definitely have games with expansions space that would rival the Warhammer 40k wall at my LGS, and there are games that they're releasing direct to retail that are 'one and done.'

    I get the impression that the gap is widening.  Zombicide did very well on KS (for the time) and then did very well at retail.  So did Blood Rage.  But I think most of their Kickstarted projects don't do well at retail.

    I wonder with Cthulhu: Death May Die.  The Megathulhu was definitely something that couldn't sell at retail.  At retail, the game will come out with:

    Core Box- ($+/-100)
    Yogsothoth Expansion ($?)
    Black Goat of the Woods Expansion ($25)
    Season 2 Expansion ($50)

    Backers complained that there weren't more add ons, and that most of the exclusives were things we don't really love (humans in a setting where the monsters are the stars).  The only exclusive Elder God was Dagon- and I think he was the one that backers were least excited for.  So maybe CMON were trying to bridge the gap between the KS edition and the retail one- so more people are willing to pick up the game later.

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  5. Groovy.

    I've been watching this since I realized that Studio McVey were going to be making Cthulhu monsters (that just sounds like such a good idea).

    But I able to sell it to my wife based on the two foot tall Cthulhu (yes, without the megathulhu, she was much more hesitant to back this one).

  6. On 10/5/2018 at 5:29 AM, Orlando_the_Technicoloured said:

    Just got my Pledge Manager email so they're starting to go out


    complete by 1st November 2018 so a fairly short window compared to some CMON PMs I've used in the past so something to be aware of especially if your not based in the USA (as if you miss it the stuff will ship from the US not a local hub and will cost you a load more and may well attract taxes too)



    Yeah- from the way they're talking there are two consequences for not locking down your pledge by the 1st:

    - Your stuff is shipped from the US- increasing shipping and VAT costs outside of the US.
    - Your stuff is shipped last.

    Those aren't dire if you live in the US, but it could end up costing a lot more if you live outside of the US.

    I wonder why CMON have such a short window for their PMs now.  I figured that with Cthulhu:DMD it was because they didn't want to overproduce the expensive Cthulhu giant, but nothing in Starcadia looks like it is much different from the CMON norm.

  7. 23 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

    Hey @Clearman I guess you didn't get the message that I am trying to take a break from KS!  Please do post things likes this!  They do not help my budget



    Well I might as well admit to myself that I probably will not be able to pass this one.  Does any one have any busts/miniatures from Scale 75?  Are they decent models?  



    They make excellent quality miniatures.  I've had no problem at all with the casting quality on any of the kits that I own (I've honestly been quite impressed with them all).

    I haven't backed any of their kickstarters, but I have picked up quite a few of their resin Smog Riders range (I haven't seen an intellectual property issues there).

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  8. The question I've really been thinking about is whether it is a choice between an item being exclusive or available, or if it is a choice between an item being exclusive or non-existent.

    - The normal retail game model is that you release the core game without announcing any expansions you might have planned.  If the sales justify it, you release expansions one at a time, and the retail stores will grab them, because they're already selling the game quite well.

    - I think it is less reasonable to expect retailers to stock a wall full of expansions for a game that doesn't have proven retail sales (and retail sales aren't currently an indicator of quality for Kickstarted games).

    I think that CMON and Sodapop have been dealing with this, and neither are bringing everything to retail that they expected.  I think that Steamforged is dealing with this right now- they're probably taking store pre-orders for their Dark Souls expansions and finding that retailers aren't really interested (even though they bent over backwards to support retailers with that game).

    And there are a few items that I'm quite sure could not exist outside of exclusives (some crossover minis where limited runs was part of the deal, or simply absurd items like the 2 foot tall Cthulhu from Death May Die).

    I prefer that cool items be continuously available, but I'm no longer convinced that it is a choice between the items being available all the time or exclusive to the kickstarter.  I'm starting to think that a lot of these are either going to be exclusive to the Kickstarter, or just never created at all.

    And if it is a question of whether they're ever created, I definitely prefer that they be made, even if it means they're exclusive.

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  9. 6 hours ago, Suden said:

    I backed the failed to fund Dawn of the Archmage project. The creator posted that he has no plans to try and redo it (it failed to fund twice), but he is planning on releasing a print and play version at some point.



    Oooh.  Well, if he does that, we'll have the minis for it.  It would be nice for the whole project to see gaming tables.

  10. On 9/17/2018 at 9:35 PM, Cyradis said:

    Exclusives *can* be okay. How bad would it have been if, for example, Reaper had offered a Bones IV backer exclusive t-shirt, tote bag, poster, or a Sophie bottle opener? None of those make or break the hobby or a potential game. They make backers feel good, without penalizing people who miss out (in hobby/game stuff). Okay, if I missed a Sophie bottle opener, I would likely be on Ebay looking for it regularly... perhaps not best example :poke:

    Um- so you're saying that exclusive stuff is fine, so long as NO ONE WANTS IT, right?  The trouble with the exclusive Sophie Bottle Opener is that the backers who are supposed to feel special receiving them also don't want it.

    Reaper does LOADS of exclusive miniatures- limited time offers for conventions, holidays, or particular months.  And of course, there was an exclusive Sophie in the first Bones Kickstarter.  I came home from Reapercon with some exclusive Dreadmere minis, exclusive Mouslings, an exclusive dungeon denizen and an exclusive Sophie (and some other goodies, because the Reaper swag bag is Legendary).

    Every once in a while, I feel that I really want an exclusive mini that I missed, or discovered that I wanted a second of (some LE mouslings, some of the older Sophies, etc).    But for the most part, Reaper's exclusives don't bother me.

    Wyrd and Privateer Press do exclusive sculpts as well (without exclusive rules).  Again, there are some that I wish I'd picked up, but they make sure that it doesn't change the game play at all.  Both of them use the opportunity to create cool minis that don't really fit into their setting.  They are sculpts that PP would not have made otherwise.

    I feel that I have less problem with this than I do with the massive pile of exclusives you get with some KS campaigns.  But that's where i'm starting to wonder- is it financially sound to bring all of those to retail in the first place? 


    If a game comes out and it is a hit at retail, then the company will slowly build on that until there are piles of expansions out there for it- and since they're all selling, the retailers will keep picking them up.  If a game is released with the huge pile of expansions already, I think most retailers wouldn't be interested in dedicating the shelf space (which I think is what is happening to Dark Souls right now).


    So now I am wondering- is it a question of whether these items will be exclusive or retail, or is it a question of whether these items will be exclusive or non-existent? 

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  11. On 9/20/2018 at 11:57 AM, impactminiatures said:


    @Orlando_the_Technicoloured ... the Sun God is 70mm tall.   The Lizardmen are only 35mm tall but have a lot of bits that are taking up the mold space.


    I even agree that the Lizardmen are not a good deal ... they were part of the acquisition so I put them in the KS.



    I guess there's no reason not to make them available for people who really want them.  


    Can you name some of the projects these minis come from?  I feel like I recognize more than a couple of them, but I don't remember all the projects.




    Oh- and i'll add that I've handled and painted the results of Impact!'s 3D printing, and they're WAY better than the price would suggest.  I expected to have to do a lot of prep work to fix the grooves I'm used to seeing in 3D prints, but I didn't have to do ANY of that (and the mini had a lot of smooth surfaces- it would have shown if they were flawed). 


    It was more like painting a cast of the mini than a 3D print.

    So, if anyone is on the fence because they think that Tom's 3D printing might not be up to snuff, go right ahead and get on board, because his prints are terrific.

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  12. 16 hours ago, ced1106 said:

    IMO, If you're going to store *lots* of miniatures or terrain, you'll want a "standard size" for you miniatures, and a KS isn't very good for this. You'll want a supplier whom you can make a small regular purchase multiple times, rather than a one-shot buy.


    Hopefully, that's where they're going with this.  If the Kickstarter does well, they could just do regular sales, and expand with some new items as they go.

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  13. My entry at this year's Reapercon was the Tyrant that I made for Chibi Kingdom Death.  The Tyrant is probably my favorite Kingdom Death character (at least so far).

    His construction was fairly complex, using a combination of quite a few parts from various different minis, but none of them were prominent enough to be a "base mini" for the conversion.

    While I was making him, I went back and forth on how to portray the markings on his head.  On the official mini, they're sculpted in relief, and I've seen them painted as scars, tattoos or even gold inlay.  I actually started sculpting them on my tyrant, until I decided that they'd look best as freehand tattoos across his head.

    Overall, I was quite pleased with how he turned out, and the judges at Reapercon gave him a gold award.


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  14. On 9/15/2018 at 12:19 AM, strawhat said:

    And, if I've missed the point again, I apologize.  I feel like I "got it" this time, and that usually means I've done nothing of the sort.


    I think you got my point -although I've been moving around a bunch of different facets of the topic.  You'd prefer that the content exists in some form, but you don't see much reason for it to have no hope for a reprint (I think the only exceptions I can come up with are licensed crossovers- where they might need to be limited releases in order to exist at all).

    Kind of like Kingdom Death's normal releases- they are sold through the online store, and could become available again AT ANY MOMENT (and apparently for only said moment).

    I honestly find it odd that I see people so entrenched on both sides (although the community here definitely prefers no exclusives).  The argument that backers use in favor of exclusives is that they want to justify buying everything now- and that they think that having loads of exclusive content will drive up the funding (I am of the opinion that it doesn't drive up funding much, but some believe differently).


    Personally, I do find it a drag to get a game with exclusives and not feel like I can recommend it to my friends- because the exclusive stuff changes the experience too much.


    But I'm still not sure if games that start out with dozens of expansions can work at retail.

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  15. On 9/14/2018 at 9:58 AM, Metalchaos said:

    Beautiful colors on this amazing model. His name is Y’Sidyra, sculpted by Yannick Hennebo .



    Thanks.  I had remembered that he was a Yannick Hannebo mini, but I couldn't remember Y'Sidyra.  I probably still can't remember Y'Sidyra- I don't think it is very clear how one pronounces it.

  16. Well, now there are CMON games that never went to Kickstarter (even ones with cool minis in them).

    But what about non-exclusive stuff that doesn't make it to retail?

    I get everything that people are saying if you view it in the context of a game where each player builds their own set to play against one another (CCG or Tabletop Miniatures game) but I feel like it is a different matter for a board game where everyone plays with the same set.  It isn't a question of balance between the haves and have nots.  At that point, the existence of more content somewhere else doesn't necessarily diminish the game on the shelves.

    If it is a question of whether these things should exist as exclusives or general releases, I'd always prefer that they be releases.  But if the question is whether they should be exclusives or not exist at all, I have to choose the former.

    *by the way, I absolutely recommend non-Kickstarter Zombicide (especially Black Plague).  It is a much better balanced and streamlined game in comparison to the KS version.

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