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  1. Infinity has a really wonderful line of Science Fiction minis. The trouble is, no one here can stock it.


    I suspect that Reaper can do some nice things with science fiction mini, and I hope this line sells well.


    I would like to see some nice Western minis outside of Black Scorpion (or some minis we can use for Firefly). Or some good 1920s gangster pulp characters. Really, there are dozens of directions this line can take. It almost sounds like a catch-all for minis that don't fit in D&D.

  2. Seconded! I find the Primer test to be extremely interesting.


    I have used Krylon Ultraflat Black for some time (it goes on very smooth, and gives the mini a nice finish from which I can paint details very well). It would seem that using actual primer would cause minis to chip less, however, and I am going to start experimenting with this now.


    I would like to know what Primer can give me the things I like about Krylon Ultra-flat. Duplicolor? I do have some Krylon Grey Primer, I might try that next.

  3. He looks like something from Oddworld. In a good way. Like a macho Abe.


    Here here to the kilt. Possibly, you could sculpt a cloth more similar to those worn by the other Trollblood figs (the sash that ties around his waist and covers his loins). Overall, I think you've done a smashing job.

  4. I started this project a little bit ago, then I realized I'd like to post it up here for some commentary. There are some small modifications to the mini, I only have photographs after I started painting.


    I painted the face first, so here is a detailed shot.




    And here he is a little further along. He still needs a lot of work (the tattoos are going to be painted on his arms, the weapons is barely even started etc).




    I have a couple more pics in my gallery. I'll be updating this thread when I've made more progress.

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