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  1. 4 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

    I dropped my Early Bird. The miniatures (especially because of that ivory treatment) just didn't appeal to me (as did some of CMON's behavior during this project).



    Ooh, ooh.  This is what I want to hear about.

    What behavior from CMON turned you off?  Was it things that CMON always does, or did they do something different this time?

    *I'm not defending them, I really want to know what went wrong with this Kickstarter that backers started dropping out like this.

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  2. On 8/8/2019 at 5:03 PM, ced1106 said:


    At $1M, I'm not seeing what they're doing wrong, either. $1M is better than several of CMON's other KS, such as Munchkin Dungeons and Rum and Bones. Trudvang is no Zombicide or Bloodborne blockbuster. It's a niche game, for Paul Bonner and Trudvang RPG fans. 


    Timed EB's look bad on KickTraq, but pretty much all campaigns that had EB's have a similar pattern. 


    Ok, maybe it is because of the timed Early Birds?  I'm going to post up Kicktraq graphs for the various campaigns that did this, and we'll see if that's true.

    - Kingdom Death 1.5

    - Middara

    - Etherfields

    - Trudvang

    Again, this game is clearly going to fund with a healthy total, but the pattern is WAY off.  The other ones maybe didn't have as big a finish as some other Kickstarters, but even with the timed Early Birds, none of them had even a single day of negative backers.

  3. On 8/7/2019 at 11:13 AM, SGHawkins09 said:

    Fantastic job! This is one of my favorite sculpts and I love the colors you used and the metals. 



    Thanks.  I think the trick to nmm is to vary your colors quite a lot.  I do similar things for skin- I'll shade in a dark brown, then a dark blue, and I'll highlight with a very light blue then a light yellow/warm off white..

    The color variance makes them look interesting.

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  4. There's a big thing that I'm wondering about.  Archon made a bunch of statements about having produced resin minis for Starfinder, Relic Knights and John Carter stuff.

    They said that all of the resin Starfinder and Relic Knights minis were already produced and just needed to be sorted and shipped out.  They said that they were just waiting on Ninja Division to pay them (of course, ND was out of money and did not pay them).  They talked about the expenses that they were incurring from having to hold on to these minis without having been paid.

    But now that Archon are in charge, it is a great time to change the material out and go plastic?  How does that make sense to anyone?

    (I think plastic is better for the market, but I think that resin makes a lot more sense if you're sitting on a huge pile of resin minis that were already made).

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  5. Yeah, a lot of the minis look really interesting.

    The game looks interesting. There's only so much of an opinion you can have when you can't know the rules because they're considered spoilers.

    I did the clue finding for hidden content early on, but I didn't continue to do it after they started unlocking bits of the Riddler puzzle.

  6. 1 hour ago, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:


    Ankh was announced last weekend.


    Ivory effect for minis makes them look shallower than they actually are.  Kind of ugly actually.


    Backers who dropped their EBs aren't going to come back for full price.  So numbers are continuing to drop.  Funding is from add-ons.


    The big announcement was: we promise you a stretch goal a day for the next week (small promise really).  And if you buy this 45 dollar add-on you might also get some other stretch goals.


    Possible pledge troll activity isn't encouraging since the total dropped 1100 in the last hour, unfunding the Jordirum stretch goal (at least for a bit -- seems to be going back up as I write.)


    PS. drawing chits out of bags and reading cards are the two things I like least in board games.  Personal opinion.

    - The dates for Gencon do match up with the start of the decline.  There's definitely a large segment of CMON's core audience that want Ankh. 

    But is that actually causing the drop?  I mean, we've watched a LOT of Kickstarters run right through big announcements for competing, sometimes more popular games.  And a lot of projects have overlapped with big conventions and the excitement they bring.  Sometimes they turn into short slowdowns, not with the huge number of dropped pledges.

    - So we're saying that the minis look ugly?  If that's the reason, why didn't this game start flailing sooner?

    - EB backers are very unlikely to return- so dropping is very committal.  I'd kind of expect backers to stay in until later- but it seems like a lot of them know for sure that they're not interested in this game already.

    - The promised stretch goal and more paid add ons were definitely all added after things started going wrong.  It probably isn't enough- but at the same time, I think it is the right thing for CMON to do.  The truth is, it is hard to turn around momentum with gamers.  The negative funding kind of compounds the problem, and 'righting the ship' isn't anywhere near as effective as not having had to right the ship.

    - I'm sure there's some pledge troll activity going on, but that happens on most big campaigns, and the funding graph isn't ever affected.  

    - Drawing Chits out of Bags and Reading Cards is Boring might actually be the reason- albeit indirectly.  I just compared the Kicktraq funding graph against the date on CMON's gameplay video.

    The video went up on the 30th (a slow funding day).  This is followed by negative acceleration (slow funding day, slightly negative day, increasingly negative day, etc).

    I think people were unimpressed with the chit drawing mechanic, and no one from CMON was in the comments answering questions and calming concerns.  And when things start dipping, other gamers see it as a bad sign, and jump ship as well.

    There were also a lot of non-committed EB backers (who pledged on day 1 for the $10 discount) but whose pledge was still pretty up in the air.  The gameplay video seems to have helped many of these backers decide against Trudvang.


    So that's my take on it.

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  7. On 7/31/2019 at 9:28 AM, Dan d'Lyon said:

    I watched the gameplay overview last night.  Drawing chits out of a bag to simulate combat?  Not really any sense of excitement there for me.



    This is a strange one for me.

    - On one hand, I can see how drawing chits from a bag is a bit like throwing dice or drawing cards.  There's a set number of possible results.  The symbols on the chits will trigger effects just like the side of dice- but the dice bag is a lot more customizable than dice, and a lot easier to re-set than shuffling a deck of cards.

    Logically, I feel like this should be a fine way to generate some random results that you can work from.

    - But, on the other hand, drawing tokens just isn't exciting.  I mean, there's a certain amount of fun that is inherent in rolling a die- even if you don't have anything riding on it.  Dice are just kind of fun.

    There's less inherent excitement in drawing cards for RNG- and I feel like drawing chits from a bag is a step down from that.  On the other hand, I enjoy drawing dice from a bag for Stuffed Fables...



    - The people who played demos at Gencon seem to have enjoyed it.  The minis generally look good, and there are definitely a lot of them.  They aren't giving away much of the game because of 'spoilers' but Etherfields was only worse at that.


    Do we have a clear reason as to why they're losing so many backers?  This hasn't happened with previous CMON games, and I really don't see what they're doing wrong.

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  8. On 8/2/2019 at 1:17 PM, CorallineAlgae said:

    Wow, those colored metallics came out beautiful! They give off a softer look than most metallic paints. Are they Jacquard Lumiere paints, or another brand? 

    These are good old Reaper paints.

    I used the Retro triad, along with Pearl White (metallic white).

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  9. The first wedding cake toppers that I made all involved Zombies.

    Over the years, I’ve made quite a few more, but I definitely have a love for the zombie survivor wedding cake toppers.

    One of the variants that a client had me create was that rather than create zombies that climb the cake, we just have a pile of defeated zombies underneath the bride and groom (they’re standing victoriously after the combat).

    Even with the John Woo style pistols, I really don’t think the groom can be responsible for this kind of dismemberment, so this round goes to the bride.


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  10. From the original pitch, I think I was expecting more of a dungeon crawler.  But this looks like it is a strategic events based fantasy game- and probably belongs in a genre with Tainted Grail and Folklore the Affliction.

  11. I haven't seen any of Archon's HIPS yet, but I would like to.  I think that plastic is better for the retail market anyway, and it looks to me like that's going to make up a big portion of their financial plan going forward.

    I think it is good to see that Ninja Division is willing to let some things go to others who will fulfill.  I know Archon's reputation is (deservedly) shady, but I think this will likely get things into the hands of backers, and on the shelves where the rest of us can pick them up.



    I still wonder if AVP's issues were largely due to the normal early Kickstarter problems (didn't charge enough, scope got out of control, etc).  It looks like Archon is going to use a similar plan to fulfill this Kickstarter (simultaneously produce new miniatures alongside the Kickstarter ones).

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  12. Actually, the more I look at Etherfields, the more I think it was inspired by Kingdom Death. 


    Like, as if someone looked at the beginning of Kingdom Death  (people who don't know their names and history wake up on a hellish dreamscape) and went in a totally different direction. 


    On top of that, the Kingdom Death story telling mode (fans scour through every detail looking for clues to even the basic premise of the setting) has become a major game mechanic in Etherfields. 


    I honestly think that someone at Awakened Realms was looking at the basics of Kingdom Death and thought that it could have gone a very different direction.

  13. 1 hour ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

    I'm finding Etherfields rather dull.  And I get the idea of a narrative gameplay experience, but I think I'd rather just read a book.



    I've enjoyed narrative games of Stuffed Fables and Middara. 


    I don't expect Etherfields to have that kind of relationship with the story (from what I've seen, it is more like Kingdom Death with concrete answers).

  14. And here's the sequel:

    Plaid Hat Games released a Stuffed Fables Coloring Book.  Most of it is pictures of the characters, or even coloring book pages of their character sheets, but there are two new character sheets included.

    One is for a puppy stuffy, and the other is for a giraffe.  I decided to create these last two stuffies and finish my collection:


    The dog is 100% green stuff, and is probably the smallest of the stuffy minis.


    The giraffe uses a mix of green stuff and bits (the 'base model' is a Super Dungeon Giri, but he's been modified a lot).

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  15. On 6/14/2019 at 7:20 PM, Kendal said:

    Their Dark Souls Boardgame, which I backed 2 years ago, has been horrible with communication, and they made me reconfirm my address 3 times or they wouldn't ship my items. I will never back one of their projects again. My dark souls game still hasn't been fulfilled, and they came out with a statement saying they knew the game wasn't that good. Do not invest in them



    They made a statement in which they acknowledged that Dark Souls wasn't a good game?

    Can you send me a link, please?  The closest thing I remember was that they were 'happy that people were doing fan mods to their game' but didn't acknowledge that people only did this because the game is so bad as is.

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