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  1. On 5/17/2019 at 5:00 PM, Disciple of Sakura said:

    I'm so glad that I don't play Bloodbowl or whatever these fantasy football things are for, or I might very well have broken down and backed this thing. It's hilarious, though.



    Yeah, this one and some of the Greebo Kickstarters (I got some Khorne Kittens to paint right now, and a few of the super cute bears in the mail).

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  2. 4 hours ago, kristof65 said:

    so maybe the resin backers will get something. 



    I get the feeling you're new to this project.

    The project was for plastic confrontation minis.  Only five backers got the "everything in resin" pledges (and an unknown number got individual add ons in resin).

    Nearly all of their updates since the Pledge Manager closed have focused on the resin manufacturing, while none have addressed concerns that the plastic minis aren't going to be made.

    This update is the first time that they've every really addressed plastic production:



     We’re re-examining multiple fabrication and delivery solutions.

    This could mean a number of things.

  3. Yeah- the first Kingdom Death Kickstarter looked like a failure for a little while.  It ran super late with only a little communication.  The scope kept escalating as Adam worked on the project, and it is very clear that it eventually ran over budget.

    Fortunately, Adam Poots has Ash Ketchum syndrome, so he never gave up.  The result is a pretty cool game, and a LOT of confidence in his second Kickstarter (which has partially delivered, with several more waves on the horizon- nothing that we should be too worried about at the moment).

    That's definitely a case of 'doing right by your backers.'   I totally see why it would garner a lot of confidence in Adam and his brand.

    And yes- if something terrible were to happen to Adam Poots, I think the company would probably be over (even if Anna Poots designed the awesome Dragon King campaign).

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  4. 9 hours ago, Carnacki the Ghost Finder said:

    And people are dropping their pledges because the [...] who are running this dead project haven't done the intelligent, sensible (and expected) thing are cancelled it (do they even know they can?  Do they know how Kickstarter works?), which is making even their dedicated supporters go ??? and drop their pledges. 


    Yeah, it turns out that they announced that they were cancelling the project (in Update 18, I think) but didn't do it.  I have ho idea why they didn't actually cancel after that update.





    And I do think that the front page of this Kickstarter looks really good and professional- then the updates are some of the least professional I've ever seen (and I followed the Star Wars Unlicensed MMO project). 

    Update 15 is amazing- it truly looks like some random spam bot hacked their account!



    So- I guess id doesn't work to just start out looking strong and professional if you completely fall apart after that.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Jaarlask said:

    I at least learned..more or less, to actually research the companies before pledging, I'm not going to make that mistake again for that kind of stakes.


    That's definitely a good sentiment, but at the same time, I don't know that it is enough.

    I mean, by the time they got to doing Starfinder, Ninja Division had a few projects up in the air.  But when they ran Super Dungeon Legends, they were squeaky clean.  They had run two successful Kickstarters, both delivered really well (neither was very late).

    I think that we should keep out eyes out for the warning signs on a project, but even if there aren't any, we should still make peace with the idea that the whole thing might fail.

    (according to the folks at Paizo, SPM have rid themselves of the guy responsible for the poor financial choices, but they're still in a hole with way too much digging to do).

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  6. Should a company start a new Kickstarters before delivering their last one?  I think it depends very much, and makes me consider how much I trust the creator.

    If the creator is one with a very strong record and reputation on Kickstarter, then I have no problem backing them.

    On the other hand, I believe that Kickstarter will block a creator from making a second campaign without delivering their first.  I completely agree with this- I think the first campaign should be fulfilled before a second one is started.

    Any company that does this does make me worry that they're trying to bring in more money to delivery on their last campaign (which could put the current campaign at risk).  I'm more worried about that with a smaller company, but that is a real concern with a larger company as well.

    And in any case, no matter what red flags are not present, it is entirely possible that the game will fail to deliver (I'm a Super Dungeon Legends backer, and that project was Red Flag Free until well after it funded).


    Now, should a company start working on its next project behind the scenes (or even openly) before they're finished with delivery?  Absolutely they should.  But sometimes they shouldn't start their next Kickstarter before the first one is delivered.

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  7. Yeah, but the Reboot was announced after ten days of negative funding numbers.  It had to be something else that turned it around.


    I was looking at the updates around where the peak was.  There was one on April 15th where they posted nothing except a link to a website that was under construction.  Then, on the 16th, they posted up their rules (the rulebook doesn't look professional or finished just yet).

    Is that enough to turn around a campaign that's doing well?




    Currently, backers are talking about whether or not it is "safe" to leave your pledge.  Some are concerned that WYSIWYGames will pledge another forty grand so that they can collect the pledged funds and run off into the sunset.  I think those fears are pretty unfounded, unless we have other evidence of shenanigans.

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  8. Back on topic:

    WHAT THE HELL?  Why is this Kickstarter defunding so bad?

    I haven't seen the numbers drop like this since Overturn Rising Sands.  Does Planet of the Apes look like  a scam?  Or is it just that their pricing scheme makes no sense (Sure, I'd buy an extra box instead of picking up trees separately).

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  9. On 4/20/2019 at 12:18 PM, Orlando_the_Technicoloured said:

     If anything it should improve matters since Disney seems to be very on the ball in terms of getting their merchandise & licenced stuff releases swiftly to capitalise on the shows and movies, Fox was reputedly prone to be slow to make decisions (or more probably the appropriate people were slow to look at stuff in the first place)



    Well, maybe- but probably not.

    While Fox was acquired by Disney, they didn't just fire everyone who worked at Fox.  Square-Enix actually stated that the reason that Star Wars and Marvel properties weren't included in the newest Kingdom Hearts game was because the studios licence their properties separately- making it a LOT more complicated.  I suspect the same will be true of the Fox properties.

    So the reasons that Fox was difficult to work with will probably continue for a while.

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  10. Reports across the board say that they are shipping promptly since they started restocking their resins.

     I believe that they said they only had 200 of the new minis ready to ship, so the other orders would be delayed until they got more in stock (like how Kingdom Death does their resin runs).  But just being open about that will help out a lot.

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  11. So there's an interesting thing going on with the various Soda Pop Miniatures Kickstarters right now.

    - For those of you who haven't been following, Ninja Division spent most of last year in silence as bad news seemed to eek out about why their Kickstarters were not being delivered.


    Recently Ninja Division has begun to communicate with backers.  They are now open about being out of money, and are presenting their plan for eventual delivery.  Their plan is:
    - Create resin miniatures, and use the profits from those to pay down smaller debts, and get their KS stuff moving (they're starting by paying off some of their resin casters).

    - Sell PDF files of some of their older games via Humble Bundle (revenue will go toward KS fulfillment).
    - Present themselves and their business plan to investors.


    And in the mean time, they're phasing out some of their older products (presumably, this will make their business look more appealing to retail stores, possibly to potential investors, or at least make it easier to maintain their inventory).

    Realistically speaking, this plan isn't the best in the world (there certainly isn't any guarantee that it will work).  But after such a long period of silence, having them openly communicating (and being optimistic) has really changed morale over there.  While many backers are not rallying to their cause, quite a lot of them are (albeit with varying degrees of optimism).

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  12. Kingdom Death make such strange and interesting miniatures. It is really refreshing how much their line doesn’t look like things we’ve seen so many times before.

    This is the Lion Knight- in game terms, he’s an actor who comes into the settlement with his entourage to perform a play for everyone. He casts settlement members in various roles, and then sets out to kill or rescue them (depending on whether they were cast as villain).

    The women on his base are part of his story- they seem to work as hosts, techies and dramaturges for the play (none of them are actors).

    I love the expression on the lion’s face, but with the whole story, I can’t help but think that he’s really hamming it up.


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  13. The Sunstalker campaign features the People of the Sun- an alternate group you could start out with that have some nods to Japanese clothing styles and weaponry. They’re quite distinct from the usual Kingdom Death survivors.


    These people live in the shadow of an ancient Sunstalker and raise its young in a pool of colorful liquid. I really love the campaign, and I thought that they would make an interesting subject for some crossover minis.


    Most of these miniatures started life as a Tanchyo Warband for Super Dungeon Explore. The number of alterations I made to them varies quite a lot- some of them seemed like they would be perfect without any changes, while others needed quite a lot of sculpting and conversion.









    The minis above all work perfectly as Kingdom death survivors, but in order to play this group in either Ninja All Stars or Super Dungeon, they need an Oni.  I considered a few different (easier) ways to go about this, but in the end, I couldn't resist sculpting my own infant sunstalker for them!



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  14. Continuing this trend, we're seeing more games that are going to Kickstarter as 100% exclusive.

    Latest in the list is War for the Planet of the Apes (which looks like it is two distinct games.



    Another point of data about this is Middara.  They originally had plans for a retail release (they had distribution set up with Ninja Division) but it looks like the fact that the game went crazy over budget might have put a hold on that plan (I'm not sure if they've even made enough copies to fulfill all of their pre-orders).

    They're going to be returning to Kickstarter for a reprint soon, but it is hard to say whether the game will ever see a normal retail release.

    Again, I think it is clear that some of these projects don't believe that they can survive at retail, but can do well with the Kickstarter crowd (Middara could probably do quite well at retail, though).

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  15. And taking the place of the Blood Angels are the White Scars successor chapter- the Storm Lords.

    When I first started my painting studio more than ten years ago, one of the first armies that I got to do was Storm Lords.  My first thought was that the color scheme was crazy (red and white and yellow- really?).  But even after the first set of them, I felt like I really got the color scheme under control, and I'm honestly rather fond of them now.

    For my set of them, I decided to emphasize their status as an unorhodox chapter (sometimes they're a codex chapter and sometimes they're wild- the fluff on Storm Lords isn't terribly consistent).  I tried to use various south-east Asian skin tones for them, because they're successors to the White Scars- who I see as using a Mongolian aesthetic.








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  16. There are five Chaos Space Marines in Space Crusade.  I was having a really hard time trying to decide on a single chapter for them- since I've painted quite a few different chapters of Chaos marines for my regular clients.

    In the end, I realized that the game doesn't present them as a squad- they're more like independent chaos marines.  As such, I could make each of them a tribute to a different chaos marine force that I painted.  As with the others, I tried to have a deliberately different take on the chapter than the armies that I painted before.

    Sons of Malice

    Night Lords

    Iron Warriors

    Emperor's Children

    Space Crusade also featured a powerful Dreadnought as a centerpiece to the forces of chaos.  He is to be feared.  Like all minis in this project, I wanted to pull the whole Dread out of my bitz box, and I managed to pull it off.  The base mini for this is an old metal dreadnought, with additions from various plastic kits.  I decided to give it the plasmagun and missile launcher because the assault cannon is kind of a waste against space marines.

    And the Death Guard


    There is one unit type that existed in Space Crusade that never existed in 40k (although I believe they did find their way into Space Marine back in the day).



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