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    What can I say besides I always have been and will be a gaming geek. Mostly DnD and RPG Videogames (Growlanser Generations and Xenosaga II currently). Trying to get into jewelry and leather crafts, a bit of chainmaile too. Also getting back into miniatures but not mANY players in My immediate area and a drive to dallas isnt practical every week/month.

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  1. The wifey sent Me a link to Goodwill's auction site and as I was looking through the listings I found this : http://www.shopgoodwill.com/viewItem.asp?ItemID=3225895 A badger airbrush. Figured someone might like to pick an older brush up for cheap.
  2. Definately add Me to the group of wouldbe buyers. Was just on another mini site [conversion/sculpting ideas] based out of the UK that has calendar and I was about to make this suggestion before I found this.
  3. Maybe its just all My years of reading forgotten realms novels but I do adore dark elves and tend to lean towards jeweltones and silver with them, given their propensity to want to show off their wealth to everyone within view, atleast the nobility anyways.
  4. Pain Cage will be My best friend in a large battle, but a small 500 I can already tell Aundine is going to rain death.
  5. I guess I always have been and always will be a fan of dark elves, so Darkspawn is My say. But judging from what I've seen they seem to be the least popular of the factions.
  6. Corruptor


    Checked with the wife Meg, nope she wouldn't let Me stay more than a day. We'll see if I can change her mind by may.
  7. It fits with what I would do with her in a DnD game so going to let her keep it, just a matter of pinning it back on once I get a bit of GS.
  8. Exactly Castle. My thing is there arent many players around Me [baring a 2+ hour drive] so I would be making an army in hopes I actually liked it when it came time to play maybe once every other month so a huge investment early doesnt set well. I already plan on making a small [500pt] army for those rare occassions that I can get in on a game. And if its anything like WH [wards off the evil eye] then there are still special rules in the factions so once you get someone hooked they will want to buy the faction books for the extra goodies
  9. Corruptor


    The inlaws might not mind but the wife might....as it looks all day sat is the best I can hope for. Shes a socail worker so that cuts out thur and fri. Plus all I need is sculpting lessons as much as I've been picking your brain Meg. I know I'll definately want to get in on atleast one game while I'm there too....are there usually ~500 point army warlord games?
  10. Thanks both of you. I'm going to make a staff out of pieces of one of the skeletons I'm also converting/mutalating. kept a small part of the bracer and making it look like its a part of the glove, and in the process made the sword fall off. oh well, should be buying supplies this weekend so I can finish the conversion and prime her...so look for her in white next week.
  11. Computer geek is another language I know....it, gamer geek, and babyjargone are the only ones I know besides english.
  12. roughly 1000mb, which is roughly 1000kb, and thats roughly 1000bites, and thats roughly 1000bits
  13. Corruptor


    My son's is on the 19, but he'll only be two so it will probably be him on a trashbag again ripping apart another cake unless family decides to come up/down. [Wife's family is split between DFW and San An mostly, with us in Wacko...err Waco].
  14. I have PDFs of all My DnD books[~8gig collection], the largest of which is ~120mb. Not a small file but worth the effort it took to get so that theres not a book for little hands to destroy. Plus on My palm I can reference something in less than half the time than if I had to find it in a book. I guess I'm just too plugged in at times.
  15. Youve got to think they make so many I wouldnt be supprised if they start doing that to recomp some of their losses. After all the black friday sales that have 100-200 laptops are outdated ones they want to sell. They can only donate so many laptops for a tax break before every npo has them.
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