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  1. I looked into this game a while back... what is happening with it? Are there any new starter sets or rulebooks being put out?
  2. it might be a little late, but here's a good site for hobby stuffs. It tells you how to make atleast two different cheap display cases http://www.weetoysoldiers.com/wp/?page_id=19
  3. Cool thanks for that. It's just the sort of thing I've been looking for, don't know how I could of missed it. Primed white doesn't do anything for the minis. Yeah sorry, was having trouble trying to word my question properly. I did have a good read through your previous post. I think what I'm finding difficult is envisioning the different armies (I mean as a playable force), there doesn't seem to be any clear cut sort of first choice army (other than a starter pack). So whilst I know what each armies main traits are, I can't see gameplay flows between the different models composing it. (having not played the game doesn't help either). for instance I see: *Darkspawn: as a stalling army: Having very strong magic ability; the isiri being small, reactive and highly mobile elements of the army that focus on counter striking and softening up the enemy at range; The deamons and such being used as shock troops; etc. *Dwarfs: as an army that tends to play in small blocks that are all close together and played very agressively. Having to go to the enemy to minimise their loses before getting stuck in (as I understand it they are usually outnumbered). *Elves: as a very reactive ranged army. Trying to do as much damage from afar as possible and only joining combat to deal the death blow (if they know they can win). Otherwise backing away and trying to avoid the enemy whilst keeping them in range. *Overlords: a very strong rank and file type army. Blocks of solid infantry advancing on the enemy, etc. But I am sure this is a misguided view, tainted by playing to much warmachine (and Warhammer in my earlier years). We have that problem here too. Though we have the added problem of no other games (aside for PP and FOW) being stocked anywhere really in the country. Unfortuneately I live in a small country stranded in the south pacific. Though, I will go see if they do overseas orders. I think they would, those sorts of sites are the first things I look for when looking into a new game.
  4. well, to keep this thread alive and kicking... Can anybody show me some links to some "complete" and painted armies? I'm having difficulty finding them in the painted minis section. Also, I'm tempted by darkspawn, dwarves and slightly by necropolis (they seem cool, but skeletons and the like really don't do it for me) and overlords. Anyone want to give me some good explanations/ suggestions for them? I've read through the small faction guide elsewhere on the forums, but I'm not really after a description of the pros and cons. (Bear with me if my descriptions/ideas are a little off, I haven't read fully through rage and the starter rules yet). I like the idea of dwarves for the potential of having a very hard and agressive force that is also very very small. (In warmachine I play a khador jack army) Is this really that viable, or is shooting going to decimate me? Do dwarf bear cavalry armies work at all? I like the idea of darkspawn with the idea of a very potent but light force. Powerful spell slinging and so big monstery things, supported by a light screen of "fodder", do they work well this way? as for necropolis: the vampires, wraiths, knights and banshees all look pretty awesome. How viable is this faction discarding all skeleton type minis? and overlords: they have some nice models, but I don't quite "get" the faction. What are they good at? Actually what is each faction "good at"?
  5. Yes, unfortuneately we are in NZ... No black lightining for us. As far as I have been able to tell, the nearest retailer stocking warlord is Mindgames in Melbourne. Man you guys were right about where there's support for warlord it catches on quick. I've been pushing it for a total of three/four days now and people are going rabid for it. ...might have to start a black lightning crew of our own down here. and to correct Hackrilege, we play: Corvis bell; Privateer press; Games workshop and many other games in our group. If you're ever in N.Z. let us know.
  6. Cool, thanks for all the replies. Now I have more questions... So are the old boxsets still worth getting? I know the data cards are out dated, but they're all free in the rage download anyways aren't they? Similarily, is the rulebook of any real use anymore? Do they (the old boxsets) make a decent force for first games and getting to know the rules? (I know the points balance is screwed up with the new rule, but I could easily buy an extra mini or two to balance it back out) And what is the quality of the metal the minis are made out of? any lead? (for comparisons i play GW, PP, Rackham, Urban Mammoth and Corvis bell games)
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. The factions must certainly have different strengths and weaknesses though. These would impact on how they are played. Nobody plays this game in my area (as far as I am aware), and if I buy into it I will be purchasing over the net. In which case I would like some idea as to how each faction plays. Nothing overly detailed, just a one line summary for each faction mentioning its main strengths/weakness, if they favour attrition or assault or ranged or magic, etc. I'm surprised such a summary doesn't exist anywhere on these boards (I haven't been able to find one)
  8. Hi, I'm looking into this game, it seems pretty cool (and inexpensive). Information on the game is far from prevalent however, so I've come here in search of answers. (As this is clearly the place to go for them) Soit would be right good of you, if you could help me out answering some of my questions. *What is the state of the game currently? Is it thriving, keeping a moderate pace or falling away into stagnation? (I've heard different things from different people) *I've seen that an average tournament sized force is 20 to 40 models strong. But what sort of prices are we talking about in getting such a force? *Reaper sold starter packs for each faction, but they seem to be discontinued (from what I can tell), whats going on there? are they going to be bringing out new ones? *From the little I've read, the game seems somewhat comparable to confrontation (though maybe not as rules intensive). Would this observation be correct? *What are the playstyles (in general) of the different factions? thanks
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