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  1. I got the same thing. I thought it was some sort of malware/spam.
  2. Thanks for the kind reply, Jasper. I am happy you like the stuff, especially the Faerie Fellows. I usually fall behind on checking out the posts on other Forums, Catching up can be fun.
  3. Thanks, Kevin. I am glad you like them! Thanks Glitter. I am glad you like them as well! Thanks for the reply AND the suggestions, Piethetairos. I am happy you like the Mushrooms. I haven't experimented with mixing green stuff & Milliput. I had some Milliput kicking around which I have found has ossified on me. I will order some to experiment. I use plumber's epoxy putty quite a lot for basic things &, especially, for things that I want to give texture. Mixing some with green stuff might give an interesting effect. It is quite similar to Milliput, but dries/cures much faster.
  4. Today I received a necessities of life package from Litko; i.e., four tubes of Keadatite: Life as I know it will go on...OH BABY!
  5. Will we get notifications where you have moved things and/or deleted them? Thus far the new reorg makes it more difficult to find things & far easier to miss things; not noticing Birthday posts is one of the easily missed items. Change is not synonymous with improvement.
  6. It might be age related, but I have no anticipations for 2021. I pretty much live in the moment. Tomorrow is not promised to me.
  7. With the arrival of the Reaper Fairy wings, there will soon be a new Faerie Fellow to infest the Fairy Ring: Sweet dreams!
  8. The wings arrived AND there is another Faerie Fellow just about ready for basing: Have a good night!
  9. The wings arrived AND there is another Faerie Fellow just about ready for basing: Have a good night!
  10. INSPIRING STUFF! That is quite an array of NASTY flora; all BEAUTIFULLY painted. VERY WELL DONE!
  11. My Reaper order of four packs of 03486 Fairy Wings arrive a few minutes ago along with a bottle of Brest Cancer Awareness Pink. The wings are for some W.I.P. Faerie Folk conversions: With a slightly better view of the wings: OH for the GLORIOUS days when you could buy individual pieces from Reaper!
  12. The thing I like about detailed bases is that it places the miniature(s) in a unique place & time. In my case, it is a strange place at a creepy time.
  13. I have never carved a pumpkin; it just was one of those thing that never happened with me. I do make Jack O'Lanterns out of green stuff though. I don't much care for pumpkins as a food. A slice of pie buried under whipped cream or ice cream is about it.
  14. Thanks. Glitter. I am glad you like them. I can see where the basing will be fun.
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