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  1. With the addition of a horde of supporting cast mushrooms, the Mushroom Box is about as full as it will get: Now on to the colors...eventually!
  2. I finished Red Queen. Now I am alternating between A Prayer for Owen Meany (John Irving) & The Girl in Red (Christine Henry).
  3. I have been painting Fantasy minis since the first version of TSR's D&D, but I have never painted a Kobold. I do have a few Dark Sword DiTerlizzi Kobolds that look cool. Cool. eh!?
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Froggy the Great! Enjoy YOUR VERY OWN SENSATIONAL Thursday. PARTY THE NIGHT AWAY...with a bit of effort & imagination you will glide seamlessly into the weekend!
  5. Actually it is a bow, but I would like a harmonica better.
  6. I finished the Divine Miss M(ushroom) & her entourage:
  7. Not all that often, but there have been occasional day lapses.
  8. G.W's old plastic Night Goblins have a charm & a WONDERFULLY merry silliness that the new versions lack: See what I mean.
  9. AND the Lad is up to the same level as his Fellow: Have a good evening!
  10. One of the Faerie Fellows have a new visage: A little better than the old version...or different at least:
  11. One of the Faerie Fellows I was less tha enthused about just got a new face: I think it is an improvement.
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