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  1. I already have it. After long years of working miserable, thankless jobs, I now have all the time left to me to do whatever I would care to do; AND I have most everything necessary to do just that.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rob Dean! Enjoy YOUR VERY OWN SENSATIONAL Sunday, PARTY THE NIGHT AWAY...most everyone is worthless on Mondays anyway!
  3. I prefer newspapers. It's nice to know the person reporting is at least literate. AND crossword puzzles & comics are part of the deal.
  4. I occasionally use the weather app. I still see the cell phone as a means of communication...the text is nice for us deaf folk.
  5. I must have led a sheltered life; i.e., I never used, heard, or had a pickup line n me. The only line I remember was: The Line: Hey Baby, what's your sign? The Reply: Stop.
  6. This could account for all the bright/garish colors the Mushrooms sport.
  7. There have been dozens of small mushrooms added to the work in progress board. Most all of the Mushrooms have been undercoated: Some of the little mushrooms wound up on one of the Mushroom's cap: Two new Mushrooms were sculpted. These two were done without the normal plumber's epoxy putty dollies. only greenstuff: AND two of the Trees now have faces: More later...whenever that is.
  8. I had an aquarium when I was a boy. I had guppies & an ancient catfish.
  9. Good for you. I am glad you are making Brutus' golden years as pleasant as possible. Being there for a good friend is a privilege.
  10. D: None of the above. I never much cared for Super Heroes. They never came across as being heroic to me.
  11. I can name most all of them if I see them. I used to love the Muppet Show, but I was only occasionally at home when they were on. Kermit is probably my favorite; re, I love Rainbow Connection.
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