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    Painting/converting minis, strange terrain building, & baseball...not necessarily in that order.

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  1. Thanks, Corsair. I am glad you like them. The air dry clay has been working out nicely for the shingles. With plans for yet more buildings & all those trees, I will be playing with clay quite a lot.
  2. It took a couple of days, but the new buildings now have roofs. I let the clay dry for a day or two; then they will get a coat of workable fixative & the white over black treatment: Slowly getting there...wherever that is.
  3. I have more uncooked residents who will be showing up eventually...whenever that is.
  4. You might try Noble Knight. They resell old games & such.
  5. A HUGE ball of yarn would do the trick.
  6. The Isle was actually made for Toil & Trouble. It has since grown into a hamlet. Thanks for the reply, Iridil!
  7. I finally based up & base coated Toil & Trouble with their Cauldron. They will be the first residents. That's Trouble with Toil in the background: Trouble: Toil & Cauldron: W.I.P. pics are wonderful at pointing out little errors. The Camera of Continual Contrariness pointed out a mold line on The Cauldron which I have since removed. More whenever.
  8. When I was living in Texas, Cap'n John had a locking mailbox that was letters only. Packages were left at the side door. Back home on Long Island, we have a larger mailbox that can accommodate small packages. Large ones are left at the front door. We also have the same P.O. Box that we had when Old Crazy Linda & I first moved to Sound Beach back in 1974. I am not a SciFi Guy.
  9. Nothing; i.e., I rather enjoyed the discovery process. I would hate to have missed out on the misadventures.
  10. I do a black wash & white dry brush base coat.
  11. I am a glazed donut Guy. There is a donut shop in Marble Falls that makes WONDERFUL glazed donut AND, if you get there early enough, they are still warm & sticky...oh God but I miss Texas. I can identify.
  12. Thanks, Wolf...glad you like the progress. There will be a couple more piers around the isles & I hope to start making the walkways soon...whenever that is. Thanks, Iridil. I am glad you enjoy the stuff. Brightening your day makes me happy! There will be lots of creepy/silly little details scattered around the pieces. You will just have to look for them.
  13. Thanks, Glitter. The possibilities seem endless, limited only by time & imagination.
  14. AND the clockwork door mechanism is done: YET ANOTHER step forward...kind of!
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