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  1. ...probably merrier as well. Thanks for the reply, Glitter...glad you like them.
  2. I've been working on The Project for some time now; inflicting various W.I.P. & finished photos on various & sundry Forums. Now your time has come. To start off, we'll take the Tour of Compo Heep's Mushroom Brew House & Bat Poop Farm coducted by Heep Himself. From a Distance: In the Caves: AND around the exterior: By the Bat Cave: Your kind commentary & critiques would be appreciated. Be warned though, a positive reaction will only encourage me to continue posting.
  3. The Hang Son Droog Cavern's collapsed roof section is the source of the idea. Centuries later it looks like this: It's a LONG way down. Of course, with mine there is the creepiness factor is much greater.
  4. There are things I have been working on with my Year of The Goblin idea in mind that may or may not be supporting cast pieces; i.e., personable & mundane Mushrooms, Stone Critters, Trees of various sorts...you get the idea. SO I thought a separate thread might be in order...it also might encourage me to actually paint some more Goblins. Sculpting & basing have been my thing of late. SO the Mushroom Box has reached it's maximum capacity plus some: AND two more (with some unseen smaller ones) popped up to begin The Mushroom Box #2: It keeps me out of trouble...mostly.
  5. AND two more personable Mushroom & a more mundane one were sculpted yesterday: Obsessions can be fun!
  6. Invasive is what I have been imagining happened when the roof to the Cavern collapsed a few centuries ago. The flora & fauna usually lurking underground & their counterparts above were liberated, integrated, AND, generally, mixed up. Thanks for the reply, Darcstaar! I'm looking forward to seeing everything based & in glorious full color also. In the meanwhile, I added to the painting line yesterday: Lunacy can be such fun!
  7. Wild carnivorous animals avoid eating humans because we smell horrible...or so the story goes. I would imagine the Mushrooms avoid eating Goblins for similar reasons...along with a taste like the seat on a crosstown bus. However, if you are hungry enough, anything may seem yummy.
  8. Thanks, Corsair. I was afraid the Mushroom & Folk were taking over the Goblin thread. They have a tendency to to do that. It's the infestation thingy.
  9. Even without the Mushrooms, we have a strange little place.
  10. That could make for an interesting piece. Thanks for the suggestion, Glitter.
  11. malefactus

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    Not yet. I have issues with Actual Reality. If anything new or exciting happens over the weekend, I will be sure to post it...whatever it is.
  12. Thanks, Loim! I am glad you like the stuff.
  13. Sculpting & basing have been my thing of late. SO the Mushroom Box has reached it's maximum capacity plus some: AND two more (with some unseen smaller ones) popped up to begin The Mushroom Box #2: It keeps me out of trouble...mostly.
  14. malefactus

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    It's about shoulder length with a WIDE center part a la Gallagher.
  15. malefactus

    Madame Delia 3978

    She is a LOVELY creation. Your color selection & brushwork are WONDERFUL. VERY WELL DONE! It looks like I will be adding a competitor to Fast Flo in the Blight.
  16. malefactus

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    In addition to a couple of photo stages & scenery pieces, I have a few miniatures & mushrooms waiting for color:
  17. ...I imagine that they have a lisp & pronounce their "L" & "R" sounds as "W" a la Daffy Duck & Elmer Fudd. Thanks for the kind reply, Rigel. I am happy you like them.
  18. malefactus

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I'm not fond of heights, but that's about it.
  19. ...Native Americans & Bikers revere insanity also. Thanks again, Polychromatic! I am delighted you find my work charming.
  20. malefactus

    The Year of The Goblin...maybe

    Thanks, Glitter. I am glad you like them. I hope, despite their differences, they will work together once they are painted.
  21. This may well be the Year of the Goblin for me. Friday I was marauding my way through The Vault & came upon a box of Goblins of various kinds & some Ogres converted after a fashion & based. They had some potential. SO I figured the would do nicely for a start. The first one was a beat up old Dragon Rune Goblin Shaman. He got a new staff & base: His base got some mushrooms & moss, AND I started rebasing a group of Night Goblin converted pikes, Heroes along with the crew of an OLD G.W. organ gun. They all got some extended shoe treatment along with some rope belts where needed: A year should start in the Spring, when the world is reborn. Keeping that in mind, away we go!
  22. Thanks, Glitter. Mine lack some of the professional touches of the Reaper piece, but mine are far more silly...possibly more creepy as well.
  23. I finished basing the Stone(d) Lurkers a little while ago. This is the Reaper version: My homegrown Lurkers: AND The Gang: They are ugly, creepy children.
  24. malefactus

    The Year of The Goblin...maybe

    The Stone(d) Lurkers are now based up & ready for some color. The Lurker from Reaper: AND Homegrown: With the Group Photos: There you have them...such as they are.
  25. malefactus

    Happy Birthday OneBoot

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OneBoot! Enjoy YOUR VERY OWN FABULOUS Monday. PARTY THE NIGHT AWAY...tomorrow is highly overrated!