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  1. Yeah, but the Superfigs line is generally rather... amateurish compared to the typical Reaper miniature. Likewise the L&L figures are all rather dated at this point.
  2. Bigger that 77191? That one is already around 7 or 8 inches long. For myself I'd like a big oriental style dragon. No wings. Long serpentine body all coiled and twisted. Mane and whiskers on his head.
  3. Wow! I love that cloak! It must have been a pain to paint but the result is dazzling.
  4. I really like what you did with the scepter, I agree it's much cooler than the original!
  5. Just picked up one of these and your great paint job makes me eager to get started on him! I particularly like the blood on his Jaws. Really great touch. Subtle without looking like red paint just smeared on the mini.
  6. Indeed. I love Bones for my big monsters, but until now I've continued to buy all my humans and human sized figures in metal. If the new Black is really everything they say I'll finally be going all in on Bones!
  7. That's a cool figure. I definitly need to add it to my painting queue.
  8. Everyone seems to notice the gem (and it's a really well done gem!) but my favorite part is the excellent blending on the cape. Smooth and well executed!
  9. I'd love to see some "family" sets in matching outfits (father, mother, daughter, son. Maybe appropriate pet?) : Superhero family in costume (not-Incredibles) Sci-fi family in space suits (not-Lost in Space) Fantasy Magic User family in robes (not-?) Post-apocalyptic family in military gear (not-?)
  10. Hadn't heard about a new Cthulhu Wars KS. I pledged big on the first two and am likely to do the same again. Still waiting to see more from Bones 4 as the handful of minis we've seen so far are not grabbing me.
  11. Got my Bones 3 packaged delivered on Friday! Woohoo! Lots of boney goodness in that box, including my very own Ma'al Drakar. Can't wait yo start working on this batch.
  12. I just got a notification that my Bones 3 package "has received postage". I'm assuming this means its all packed and ready to ship. Hopefully I'll be seeing it by the end of next week? <fingers crossed>
  13. I'm up for more female half-orcs, but is there something specific you are looking for? There are already a female half-orc barbarian (03019), paladin (02946), ranger (02708) and wizard (02831) in Reaper's Dark Heaven line. I'd love to see a rogue, cleric and even some generic fighters. Treiflings are even more underrepresented than the half-orcs so I'd love more of them in any class. There are at least two packs of aquatic familiars (03612 and 02948) already, though. Was there something else you were hoping for?
  14. You realize it looks like you just spit alphabet soup all over your screen while composing this post?
  15. How about a Tomoe Gozen figure? She was a historical female samurai from the late 12th century. A figure in period armor and wielding a Naginata (as she is often depicted) would be sweet! Another historical idea would be some Aztec Jaguar Warriors or Eagle Warriors. These fighters were considered elite warriors and wore colorful and elaborate costumes that would be a lot of fun to paint.
  16. I'd like to see the Hellborn (Tiefling) selection filled out a little more. I think we have a Rogue(F), Wizard(M), 2xSorceress(F), Paladin(M), and Warrior(F). There's obviously a lot of classes and genders we could use. Likewise, we have a handful of Half Dragons (Dragonborn) figures, (two males and a female IIRC, all fighter types). We could use some more variety in classes, here too.
  17. Looking at this photo, it just struck me. Where the heck am I going to put that monster after I get it painted up!? OMG, its a thing of beauty, though. For now, I just have to wait patiently for Wave 10 to ship (are we there yet? Now? Now?)
  18. At one time, there was some basis for this. Now, while Superhero minis are by no means a dime a dozen, there are quite a few sources beside HeroClix. Unless you are looking for a specific canon superhero, or just like the cheap prices of HeroClix on the second hand market, I see no reason to use them. YMMV. I've got some old superhero miniatures made for the Champions game from around that era. I don't recall who made them but they were sold in "Champions" branded blister packs and featured some of the named NPC heros from the game.
  19. How about some 1950s style post-atomic war mutants? Sort of not-Gamma World stuff. Extra arms, antenna, tentacles. Maybe some mutant animals, too.
  20. Ugh! Most of the heroclix miniatures are crap. I've been collecting superhero miniatures for decades and I won't touch those things.
  21. I agree on the color choices. The muted earth tones really work for a cleric, while the blue adds a spot if interest. Nicely done!
  22. Love the kid miniatures and the highlander heroine. The rest are the usual high quality I expect from reaper but nothing that especially excites me.
  23. Nothing is really calling to me in this set or releases. Still, I just bought a whole pile of Chronoscope sci-fi figures to use for Osprey's Rogue Stars game so it's not like I won't have plenty to paint this month!
  24. I think we need more superheroes/supervillians. A modern day male archer (think Green Arrow or Hawkeye) with a compound bow. A cyborg (without the big gun that Keryx is carrying) Some alien superheroes (pointed ears, antenna, etc.) Some humanoid animal superheroes (cats, wolves, etc.) A hero of the night (think Batman or Moon Knight) An acrobatic hero (think Daredevil, Spiderman, or Catwoman) An evil genius (with oversized skull)
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