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  1. This might seem a dumb question but what currency is he quoting?
  2. For what it's worth- I use standard PVA woodglue with 50% water mix on my bases, but ensure the base has been either undercoated or matt varnished first to "key" the surface for good coverage. I use a sand/gravel mix for the base, allow to dry (15-20 minutes) then apply a 50/50 glue water mix with brown and black ink mixed in over- this colours the sand and locks it into place. Another 15 minutes before a quick drybrush with a lighter brown, and if I'm feeling like it, picking out the gravel pieces in black drybrushed with grey for a "rock" effect. Finally, a 50/50 PVA water mix goes on in pat
  3. Secnarios are something I'm really big on right now, but nobody seems keen to post them. I've got two in the offing that are generic but fun, presented with some fluff to explain them. They're being played out next week to make sure they work (one features a "stealth mode" rule for recon which I want to get right) then I'll post them up.
  4. Frank, wasn't that a CAD one you brought to my place the other week? It was frickin' huge!!
  5. Cool- I'll knock it into shape over the weekend and mail it out. I'll send .txt files for all you MS haters out there!
  6. Or stick two facing each other on a base as a homage to Reservoir Dogs. Or Reservoir Frogs in your case, Frosch.
  7. This raises a question of my own- where a planet system is named in the fluff, is it assumed that there is just that one planet settled in system, or is the named planet the primary body in a system containing other settled worlds and moons. If you can create a (for e.g.) Tor-Nor ice body at the edge of the system (mining world?) with a separate ecology and climate then your forces could be painted as you like. It also opens up some interesting moon assault secnario possibilities...
  8. Well, there's the rub- best suggestion I've got is to track unit performance in a game, and award points based on survival and performance- eg. 1 point for surviving, 1 point for racking up, say, three kills (I'm just riffing here so don't flame me!) a discretionary point of you win and a point awarded by the opponent to a unit that performed well in their eyes. Or something. Obviously with Chainlock you'd have to choose who got the kill awards. Then, you could say that you get a reroll at, um, three points, another after seven and a final one at twelve. Units can then "trade in" rerolls to ad
  9. I'm currently working on a set of rules for campaigning, mainly concerned with experience, lasting effects of unit damage and funky events. It's very absract compared to Nadin's excellent and very thorough system, but more suited to my somewhat less than committive playing group! I'm scratching my head over unit experience- advancing up from Reg to Ace over time seems a little predicatable, and quickly dominates games because it affects ALL rolls. I was thinking of introducing a rerolls system between rank advancements to represent experience over skill- you might not be better but you've seen
  10. You should have an email from me with your prize by now- if not let me know
  11. Ulyss Brisonne

    Free money

    Hi folks- the generous guys at Mil-Net and Hobby Workshop have provided me with a $10 voucher as my prize for the Merc Net competition. Sadly, any product I order will cost $28 to ship to the UK so I'll actually lose the equivalent of about $10-15 compared to just buying what I want here in the UK :(. So, I'm offering the voucher to the first person that can answer this simple question! In my Merc Net brief, available from the excellent Mil-Net site, what is the name of the renegade Rach that fights with my unit (this is so easy!) the first email I receive to [email protected] ca
  12. I dunno about the US, but in the UK a paint stripper called Nitromors (which is EVIL stuff- do NOT ge it on skin unless you dig Fred Krueger chic) "jellifies" superglue bonds if you soak miniatures overnight in it, allowing you to easily separate the model's parts and scrub them clean with a toothbrush. Puts a lovely sheen on the pewter as well :)
  13. There currently doesn't seem to be a place where people can easily submit scenarios for general enjoyment- I thought a thread devoted to collecting them in one place would be a good thing 'cos it's so easy to post to a thread! Good idea or not? Post some scenarios and we'll find out!
  14. I like my Vank. It seems to like me :)
  15. way cool -although why isn't it ginger? :O
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