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  1. I had to have a D&C in April. Learning about the loss was horrible, although I'm doing ok now. I hope all your tests go well. Even though I just miscarried in April here we are in The beginning of October and I'm pregnant again. Hope this one sticks better than the last one. ;) Good luck!
  2. How do you get the colors to be so smooth and blend so well together? Perhaps I'm just too impatient to get it right...

  3. Color sequence? I started by base coating it black, then I used citadel color's red gore, and highlighted it up to a little white mixed in with pro paint's salamander orange. I hope that is what you meant... ^^;
  4. This is the ranger that came with the lion mini I painted a while back. Her eyes are a bit messed up... But she came out pretty well other than that. The picture is not the greatest, but I returned this mini and the lion to their proper owner before I realized the picture was bad. :( At least you can get the gist of what I did to her.
  5. Here we have one of the kids from the townsfolk: Children package. I'll be painting all of them to look like my children. This is the first one I completed. He didn't take me very long. This looks like our littlest child, Natsuo. His right eye is slightly messed up, but other than that I'm pretty happy with how he came out.
  6. Well, I finally got pictures of the stuff that I've done lately. For starters I'll put up the lady from the townsfolk III package that I got. I had a lot of fun painting her. I can't find my dull coat, and so I had to use the shiny stuff that came with the painting kit I had gotten. So please forgive the shininess.
  7. thank you for the compliments! Red is my favorite color, so unless the mini is for someone else, I tend to use the color a lot in painting.
  8. Hahah, it does look like a long haired cat that was shaved! How funny! Yeah, the nose was something that I wasn't sure what to do with... Thank you for all the comments!
  9. Yeah, most people here will tell you to stay as far away as possible from drybrushing. I personally use it as sparingly as possible. In the end it turned out really well.
  10. I like her. Especially the base and the hair. Good job!
  11. Ah yes. It is from the 03401: Aeris, Female Elf Ranger and Panther. I'll be painting the ranger next. Only she'll be a druid. Thanks for finding it for me! And of course, thank you for the comments!
  12. Here we have the final one of the ones I've painted recently. I'm not as happy with her, honestly. She just didn't seem to want to cooperate, no matter what I was doing. It's a mini that represents my husband's character in our gaming campaign, so I wanted it to come out really well, but her face ended up bumpy and her clothes didn't highlight like I wanted it to. She'll probably take a swim in paint thinner in the future. For now, though, I'm done.
  13. So, I couldn't find the mini in the reaper figure finder. I'm not even sure if it is a reaper or not. Someone in my gaming group wanted me to paint this as a lion, so that's what I tried to do. c&c welcome.
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