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  1. does anyone have any advice for doing the glasses? That was the only part that I had a hard time with.
  2. I think he is a Reaper mini, but I'm not 100% sure. My DM gave me this model to paint, but he didn't tell me anything about it, other than it would be in our campaign.
  3. I had bought this pack of minis a while ago, and was looking at it a few days ago and realized that this lady with the book is the epitomy of my mom. She's talking, with a book in one hand, glasses, and heafty! So, I decided I needed to paint her to look like my mom. Her highlights were more pronounced before I put the dull coat on. And I didn't know what to do with the glasses. Or how to paint them. But, let me know what you think!
  4. I love looking at your stuff. It's awesome. Three questions, though. How do you do the teeth on the waggameth? They're awesome! How do you do the white highlight on your cloth? I.E., do you highlight to white, or do you do lesser highlights and then do a final layer with white? How big is the brush you use for your fine detail?
  5. not that I'm nearly as good of a painter as you are, but when I'm having trouble with white, I use thicker paint. Then I wipe most of the paint off the brush to nearly drybrush quality to make blending a little easier, and it usually works pretty well. it looks to me like the whites on your beetles are the cause of paint being too thin, IMHO. I hope that helps.
  6. Thanks! In total, if you minus the months I haven't painted, I've been painting for about six months. If you add the months I haven't painted, then it'll be a year this month. Not metallic metal is a toughy for me. But, I tend to obsess over things I'm not good at till I have it down. Thank you for all the comments!
  7. I figured out that the head is of 02792: Gameela, Female Sphinx. So, I emailed reaper. We'll see how they handle it. Thanks, Monkey!
  8. lmbo! That's awesome. I'll be sure to write them then. thank you! Do ypu recognize what model the head comes from?
  9. lol. Around here that isn't a strange question at all. I used the reaper miniatures paints that comes with the learn to paint kit, plus a couple extra that I had on hand of the same brand. I have found that the quality of paint that you use makes a big difference as far as quality of your paint job.
  10. I just got the Oriental Dragon tonight, and I took it out of the package and found that it was packaged with the wrong head! The picture is really bad, I know. I took it with my camera on my phone. But, you can tell that the Oriental Dragon is there, and the head almost looks like an Egyptian lady with a flower on her forehead and a bird on top of her head. Is there any way I can fix this? The store I got it from doesn't have another one. I really want to paint the Dragon. Any advice?
  11. Thank you! Yeah, I was thinking that the highlights on the gold didn't look quite bright enough. maybe the paint was too thin or something. I'm sure with more practice I'll get better at it, beings that this was only my second attempt at NMM. Thank you for the compliment!
  12. Ok, so I actually painted one of the characters that came with the NMM tutorial that Anne wrote. Good Tutorial. I just need to wrap my head around the whole highlight difference when compared to normal cloth. I also discovered (at least it seems to me) that gold NMM is much harder to do than silver NMM. But, the artist is his own worst critic, so you can tell me what you think.
  13. Thanks. I'll have to study the whole NMM thing some more. Any ideas on how I can improve, though?
  14. Well, I decided I wanted to try and up my painting ability, so I broke down and bought the learn to paint NMM kit. I don't think it looks right.. Can't quite figure out why. But I figure with some more practice I should figure it out. And I also figured out how to paint better eyes. Overall I like how she turned out. She is the character my sister is playing in my dnd group. Let me know what you think!
  15. Not that my stuff comes close to comparing to the awesomeness of the recent minis that have been painted around here, but I figured I could throw some stuff on here and beg for mercy because of how my minis have been treated. This first one is 02826: Terezinya and Familiar. She looked better before we went on vacation and took her with to show her off. She ended up in a bag under the children's feet. We can't find her familiar, and the background she had has been destroyed. maybe if my husband ever gets around to finding her familiar and gluing her surroundings back together I'll post another pic, but for now, here's just her. The second one is of a hassle free mini. An awesome Japanese school girl with a katana. Couldn't pass that up. Again, however, my children got to her, bent her backwards and chipped the paint, broke the tree. So, after several fixes of the tree I finally gave up gluing it back together, and glued some grass around her feet because I REALLY didn't want to repaint her, and the paint was only chipped off around her ankles. Probably shouldn't have announced that, though, huh? lol Next we have my sorceress. I painted her to represent my character in our dnd campaign that we'll eventually get around to actually starting. She is 14022: Lysette, Elven Mage. This one I managed to protect from my kids. Had trouble with he eyes, but other than that I'm pretty happy with how she turned out. She's a fire mastery sorceress, in case you couldn't tell. :D Finally we have the one that I just recently finished. He is a nasty bugger. Usually I don't like painting bad guys... But since my hubby asked so nicely, and he will be an enemy in our campaign... I decided to do it. Dave (my hubby) said he liked how it looked in the picture, so that's how I tried to paint it. My version looks worse than the professional version (obviously) but overall I'm happy with it. this one is 14210: Goblin Beastrider,Reven Capt. As always, comments and constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for looking!
  16. Holy freaking amazing! Err... Unholy, I guess. Wow. How long have you been painting? I'm totally saving that picture for reference.
  17. K. Thanks! I'll work on improving my brush care, and hopefully my brushes stay in decent enough shape that I can paint with them a bit longer.
  18. So, I don't know if there is a thread around here somewhere already about this... But... I've been painting for a little over half a year now, and I am finding that my paint brushes are wearing out and becoming frayed at the tip. I was wondering, since I've never actually bothered with it before... Is there a special way to take care of paintbrushes that will make them last longer? I know there is... But how? What kind of stuff do I need to do and what is the procedure to make the brushes stay pretty longer? Like... My W&N brush I got not all that long ago... Well.. It's not so pretty.. or white, anymore. :( I wanna be nice to my brushes. I really do. So please help!
  19. Well, what would you call it when it's between table top quality and contest quality? Because It is definitely not contest quality, but then, like you say, it's higher than table top quality... And I'm not really sure what I would do with the bases. I mean, like I said, I plan on using them in the D&D campaign I'm in, so I didn't do much with it on purpose. But, what would you suggest? The base on the raven looked better, but then after I finished it part of the paint came off of the base. Oh well.
  20. So here I have the queen of the elves and a raven. The queen of the elves is for someone I game with, who wants to use her as a sorceress. The raven is my sorceress' pet, kuro. I've been told by a lot of people that what I paint is really good for table top minis, but I always do the best I can do on all my minis, because I believe that if I don't try my hardest on everything I do I won't get better. And the sorceress is a little messed up, there were mold problems around her hands that made it impossible to paint right, or even get it to look decent, whether I used the exacto knife to try and fix it or not. And her eyes.... Well, I guess It's time I break down and buy a magnifying glass. As soon as I get the money to do so... ^^; As usual, critiques welcome.
  21. Here is the mini I just got done painting for my DM. It's a table top mini. I definitely didn't do my best work. But I don't think he turned out too bad. Comments welcome. Oh, and the white spot on his coat is from super glue not being totally dry before dull coating it. I really need to get the NMM painting kit so I can learn to do metals as well. It goes right over my head, and I'd rather not use metalics, and stick with NMM anyway.
  22. This guy is a figure I painted up for the hunter in my gaming party. I'm pretty happy with him. I think I could have done more with the feathers on his arrows, but I was sick when I painted him, and wanted him to be done. Critiques welcome!
  23. I really like how you painted both of these minis. I really like the shading on the dwarf, and I really like the bird and the jacket on the pirate. I'll be painting the pirate here soon. I hope I can get it somewhere close to how well you did him! Great job on both.
  24. Thanks! She was really fun to paint, excluding my paints being silly and deciding they wanted to mess up her skin...
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