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  1. Thanks! I think my favorite part about painting minis is that afterwards I get to post it on here and read everyone's comments, critiques and reactions on/to my mini. Thanks for all the input! I was surprised at how well the gems turned out for my first time. The person I gave it to said she had to look really closely at the gems to tell they were painted, because at first she thought they were real! So, I am happy to say that at the very least my painting skills are improving.
  2. I guess her right eye didn't turn out too well in the picture, either... Just believe me when I say she's got more of a right eye than it looks! And it was my first attempt at painting gem stones, fyi. And I had a hard time highlighting the red, because I didn't start with black. So I did the best I could do with what I had. Critiques welcome!
  3. Late, yes... But at least it's done! Her skin gave me fits! I ended up having to repaint it, only to find out that my paints suck and I need new stuff. Which is probably going to take me forever to replace my paint set, since you kinda need money for that... But anyhow, here she is, all done up. I realize it looks kinda like she's got a crazy tan line on her back, but I just painted it as the light fell on her. enough talk, more pictures!
  4. You know, I started off painting all by my lonesome, and still paint all by my lonesome... And I am improving just fine. Yeah, you're right. Everyone's definitions are different. But, I found tutorials very helpful. Go online and look it up. Of course it will say "use this color, then that color, followed by a wash" but it will give you step by step instructions, with pictures, and that is what helped me out a lot. Just replace the "use this color, then that color, followed by a wash" With your own "First I'll use this color, then that color, followed by my OWN version of a wash." It's the best way to learn. Just, don't expect to do it perfectly the first time. And, as said before, by posting pictures of the mini you're painting here, you'll get tons of positive feedback, and lots of suggestions to better yourself. At least that's my experience. Just do what you think will work best for you and work up from there. Practice makes perfect!
  5. Thanks! I will be sure to put the suggestions into practice, and hopefully everything will work out. I will be getting new paints as soon as I can, but with my limited income, I have to wait till I can start selling minis before I am able to get the paints. Thanks again for all the input!
  6. Well, I've never had a problem with the paints I use, but I know I need better. I use Wal Mart brand paint. It has no names, I have a couple of reaper paints, I have some folk art paint, and my white is apple barrel. But most of my paints are Wal Mart brand paints. I thin them with regular tap water. Again, never had a problem with my paints by using that method. I would have much better stuff if I had the money to do so. I think you're right in saying the paint is just probably too thin.
  7. Ok. So here's a picture of the problem. Her skin. It's on it's second highlight, and the paint just WON'T go on smoothly! It ends up splotchy, and when I try to fix it it just makes it worse. It's been doing this since her first highlight, and I don't know how to fix it. I don't want to start over on her, because she's a christmas present for my sister in law, and so I'm on a time crunch. Any advice is greatly appreciated and needed. Thanks!
  8. lol, beo, that's quite a compliment coming from you. I'm really glad you like my work so much Same with everyone else. I'm really glad everyone is enjoying my work so much!
  9. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind next time I try and paint her.
  10. Thank you for the wonderful compliments! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to bring out the veins in the Fairy's wings more? I tried going over them with a slightly darker color, but it turned out ugly, and I ended up repainting it.
  11. Here are a couple more Christmas presents. The fairy for my mom, the hound for my brother. All in all I'm quite happy with both of them. I know I could have smoothed out the highlights on the fairy, as well as did a better job on the little fairies' wings. And my husband suggested making the leaves a different color than the rest of the ground. On the hound, it was my first attempt at glowy things, and my husband told me I should have made the light source much lighter than the glow, and should have thinned out the paint more for the glow. Otherwise I'm really happy with him as well... I don't know what to do with the base, seeing as my base supplies are very limited right now. So for now I left it blank. Those are what I know I need to improve on. Oh, and my husband focused the camera wrong on one of the hound pictures, but you can at least get the gist of it. And I'm particularly proud of the Fairy's hair. I think I did a pretty spiffy job on that. Critiques welcome!
  12. yeah, I forgot to mention that the base of the Banshee isn't done yet. I'm having my hubby do the basing on her, and he's still got to highlight and drybrush the rocks so that it looks like she's on clouds, and we'll be sure to paint the edges of her base blue, as well. Highlighting has been a problem with me, because I want more contrast, but at the same time am afraid of going too far and making it look ugly. So I've been working my way up slowly, We'll have to see how things go with the next one I'm doing.
  13. SO I got some more Christmas presents finished. The angel of light is one where the paints were at war with me, but I'm really happy with the others. I already posted the wolf, but thought I should post again seeing as he now has surroundings. The Angel of Peace is for my mother-in-law, the angel of light is for my grandmother, the banshee is for my cousin, and the wolf is for my dad. And my Hubby finally got the camera figured out, so we have decent pics! yay! Comments and suggestions welcome!
  14. Yeah, my husband and I have been having a horrible time trying to get pictures to come out right. The back ground I used is actually a medium grey, although it looks white in the pictures. Before it was alway so darkyou couldn't see the details and now it's too bright. but I'll try playing with the camera and see if I can't get something to turn out better.
  15. Here they are. These are Christmas presents I've painted so far for family. The purple unicorn is for my step-mother, the wolf is for my dad, the paladin is for my brother, and the green unicorn is for my sister. Suggestions welcome, as usual! it was the first time I tried to do a free hand on the green unicorn, so it's definitely not pro level, but I'm pretty happy with all of them so far.
  16. Thanks for all th comments and suggestions. Next time I take pictures I'll be sure to do the darker back drop. I'll be posting more oon, as I'm painting a lot of these minis for Christmas presents for my family. I always look forward to the comments I get from posting my work on here!
  17. So here is my most recent work. This pirate guy. Took a long time, and there's a couple more things I could have done with him, but I was getting pretty fed up with him after having to try and get that shirt done. So here he is, all done. Comments welcome, of course. Again, the pictures are dark, but this time I have no idea why, because I had two lamps practically right on top of this guy and it still turned out this dark. But at least you get the gist of how he's supposed to look.
  18. wow, that's great! Thanks! I think I'm gonna go with the brass look. I agree that it would look better.
  19. It does kinda look like that from this particular angle, huh? The little guy's thumb is actually around the back of the gun. And I did already finish it. just fyi
  20. So here she is. I didn't really like how she turned out last time, so I striped her and repainted her. she's all done now. I must say, though, I find it funny how taking pictures of minis make them look worse than in RL. Please give me suggestions, and if you want to guide me through the one I'm working on now, it"s the little goblin dude in the tips and advice thread. One of my daughters tripped over my lamp cord and snapped the lamp off of it's base, so that's why the lighting isn't so great. .
  21. So I'm painting this little guy right now. But I don't know what to do with that little detail on the gun barrel right next to his hand. suggestions would be wonderful. I don't know if it matters, but his vest is going to be red. Any other suggestions are welcome as well. Thanks! oh, and I know the lighting isn't great. my other lamp broke. *daughters both tripped over the cord*
  22. yeah, I know the hour glass is supposed to be on the bottom. But there's a huge hollowed out part on the bottom of the spider that would have made painting an hour glass on it's belly impossible. So I put it on it's back. And the cloaked guy. I guess I didn't mention that the person I am painting it for wants it shiny. It's supposed to be this super dark/barely an color magical cloak thing. sorry. I suppose I should have mentioned that in my first post.
  23. So, here are my two most recent painting jobs. The spider Isn't my best work. I kinda hurried on him. I've got a lot of characters to do in a short amount of time with a husband who works 9 - 5 and three kids, but today my girls were naughty so I got to ground them to their room cleaning and all I had left was Natsuo and my painting! Yay! Anyway, the cloaked guy took FOREVER! I was never happy with the shading. I think I'm probably going to go back and darken his skin and the purple lining his hood. Other than that, let me know what you think, please!
  24. yay babies! None of mine are related to reaper... But I'll give you pictures anyway! My oldest is Avalon Hope, who is 4. My middle child is Terra Louise, who is 2, and my youngest is Natsuo Raymos, who is 4 months. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out who's who. Forgive the slightly grainy picture of Natsuo, it was taken with the camera on my phone.
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