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  1. ok... call me a n00b... But what is W&N stand for?
  2. Let's see. Coming into this with no knowledge of any of the above, I now know about drybrushing and washes, though I'm still developing those two things. I'm guessing layering is just making your paint thin and then going over a certain spot, making it look layered for light effects, etc. Have no idea what a glaze is though... please feel free to inform me. On a side note, how long does it usually take you guys to do a mini, beginning to end? It takes me about 6 hours. And how small are your brushes? My smallest unmodified brush is a 20/0, but I've modded a few to just a few strands, which is what I use for eyes and such.
  3. Ok. So I just signed up to this forum today... I've been painting for about three weeks. Here are a couple minis I just got done painting today. I don't get near as much done on them on a daily basis as I'd like to, since I usually have to wait until my 4 and 2 year old are in bed and my husband is home to hand our 4 month old off to... Anyway, I've worked really hard on these, I just learned how to do the whites of the eye with the colored part in the middle, which is why the sorceress doesn't have whites. I also just realized the blemish on the ninja's knife sheath, so I need to fix that... If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Seeing as how new I am to this I'm sure there will be plenty of advice to give. Oh, and the word on the bag says Lisa, not USA... *husband thought it was USA...* this one is for a gaming friend of mine. It's her monk. *Chinese name, can't remember...* This one is a sorceress for another gaming friend of mine. I was told she likes dark red...
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