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  1. Thanks! Yes, she started as a sultry, seductive dancing Bard, and after being freed has turned into more of a direct fighter (whirling dervish - I need to finish the conversion on this mini to add her blades). Unfortunately, of the men in our adventuring party, there is: A very selfish gnomish cleric of Abadar A constantly horny womanizing and seed-spreading human rogue (played by a woman!) An evil Drow Sorcerer I think her chances are slim...
  2. Since I'm playing this character in our D&D campaign, I figured I'd share her background for extra flavor - and I'd be interested in feedback about the paint job fitting the character as well. The campaign is Paizo's Legacy of Fire adventure path. We're currently level 6th and just finished the 2nd book. I have no memory of my parents. I’m sure I have some, somewhere, but families don’t last long among slaves. Sold from master to master, I landed finally in the care of a kindly human who treated me as a person and not a thing. For a time I became infatuated with him, intoxicated by his goodness, but he had a dark secret, and one morning was found murdered in his study. After that I learned quickly not to get too close to anyone, as the pain from the inevitable separation became unbearable. My earliest memories are of the reckoning, as we slaves called it – the day our life is chosen for us. Some of my fellows were sent to be cooks or household servants, while some of the stronger men were picked for labor or to be sailors on a slave galley. Halflings were especially popular picks for sailors because their sleeping quarters could be half the size of humans’, leaving more room for merchandise. I often wonder how my life might have been had I been sent to sail the seas, but that was not to be. Someone early in my life said I was pretty, so I became an entertainer. They taught me to dance and sing, but my teachers were cruel and demanding. They bound my feet to hide my Halfling heritage – it seems gnomes are more exotic and often fetch a higher price in certain markets. As soon as I discovered the usefulness of my new skills in pleasing men and avoiding their wrath, I doubled my efforts and mastered the art of seduction. I was passed around to dance in nearly every seedy tavern in the dark corners of Katapesh, occasionally catching the eye of some wealthy merchant who took me in as his personal entertainer until he tired of me and I was sold yet again. In those dark days I came to know the true nature of man – the seeds of greed, selfishness, lust, anger, deceit, and corruption lie in the hearts of everyone, no matter how pretty, kind, or honest they appear. Politicians, peasants, and clerics all frequented the pubs to watch me dance, and their leering and lustful eyes sickened me. Ever will I play this twisted game; ever will I hide my hate for them. When my last master fell on hard times, I was sold yet again, but this time to the city government, where I was put in a holding cell to await a trip to the slave market and another new master. Then one morning I was woken early and sent to a courtyard with many other slaves. An official looking human called for silence and announced that we were being sent to fight with a band of mercenaries and guards in an assault to retake the village of Kelmarane. If we were successful, he promised, we would be free. Of course nobody ever frees slaves, so I fully expect this to be a suicide mission, but even death would be better than this hell I’ve been living, so I wrapped a small dagger and darts to my thigh, gathered my few belongings, and set off for my doom. And just to ease the suspense, yes, she was finally freed and actually rose to take lead of the adventuring party after some rough times.
  3. Here's some pictures of another mini Jat made for me - 03094: Maralise Moonscythe, Druid. Pictures taken last week, working on better picture techniques for next time. To get an idea of the improvement she made in about a weeks time (and after finding some tutorials on these boards and getting her ear talked off by the guy who runs the local hobby shop), here's a shot of the first version she did.
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