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  1. Awesome suggestions both! I'll have to give that a try - right after I beat this cold to a blood pulp :(
  2. I love your shield! How did you do that?!
  3. Well, I'm planning on piling on a bunch of grass flock on the bottom, and layering it where needed. I wanted them to look vaguely uniform, but I also know that these will see quite a bit of action, so I wasn't planning on spending a whole lot of time on the bases. Will my idea not work well? I've never played with flock so I don't know. If not - what should I be doing here?
  4. Model: Reaper 14070; Nicole, Mercenaries Captain Anne Marie, Human Fighter. Brown eyes and hair with a medium skin tone. Standard Armor. Low Charisma. Model: Reaper 03054: Therese, Female Thief Celisa, Human Rogue. Dull brown hair and grey eyes with a pale-ish skin time. Charcoal colored leather armor. Low Charisma Mod - Light Mace in right hand instead of sword. Model: Reaper 02637: Marcus Starsong Dorfman (Kenneth), Human Psion. Black hair and eyes with a pale-average skin tone. Supposed to be overweight and dressed like a bad wanna-be pirate. Shiny Leather. Mod - none, but I'd love to make him more portly if anyone has suggestions Model: Reaper 02731: Yuri, Female Monk Efraine, Female(?) Assimar Warrior-Monk. High Charisma. Mod - Attached crossbow on back and shaved off some cleavage to gain a more androgynous look. Model: Reaper 02914: Blue Orchid, Assasin Hassan, Male Cleric of Xan Yae. Pale skin, black and grey color schema. Model: Magnificent Egos: Miguel, the Gay Blade Koric, Male Human(?) Actor. Blond hair, blue eyes with a pale skin tone. Clothing is rich vibrant greens browns and reds. Mod - I had to attach his arm with greenstuff pointing up, because none of my glues wanted to hold it on. Model: Reaper 03022: Half Dragon [bronze] Lumby, the overgrown Kobold - sidekick to Koric. Kobold colors Wears a bright red fez and yellow and green striped vest. Mod - Removed sword and added glaive. Greenstuffed a fez and Vest onto him, as well as his tail. Model: Reaper 02601: Dwarf Cleric, Grayrune Malarik the Mad, Dwarven Wizard. Auburn hair, grey eyes, tan ruddish skin. Earth tined clothes, dark green cloak. Has a wonderous rod. Mod - Shortened and smoothed axe into his large wonderous rod. Model: Reaper 02113: Sir Falco Steelcross Percival, Paladin of Peylor. Shining example of why we all hate paladins. Mod - Sanded off shield design so I can put Peylor's on. Model: Reaper 03098: Astrid, Female Chronicler Talinora, Assimar chameleon - depicted as a bard. Uber Charisma. Golden-bronze hair, gold eyes with no pupil, silvery white skin. Brown tunic and pants. Sings. Mod- chopped off guitar and inserted scroll. Model: Reaper 02816: Thomas Hammerfist Warson, Cleric. Viking. Mod - Sanded off shield design as the one there didn't fit the character.
  5. True, but then I'd loose the "onyx" chair that I was looking for.... Hmm - things to consider, but I need to start on the other project: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30373
  6. Time to start a new project and laugh at myself as I try and finish this by the 19th. I'm looking for High Table-Top quality here, so any C&C would be greatly appreciated and loved That said, fear the pictorial onslaught!!
  7. Is that better? If not I can keep reading
  8. Hi!!! I know its been a while since I've posted, but Santa listened to me! I now have a camera that I think is worthy of doing the job. I'm still futzing with it (reading the manual and all), but one I get it figured out I'll repost the pictures of the elf and get cracking hard core on the D&D group mini's (I have until the 19th - lol).
  9. I know the pictures suck - but any C&C would be appreciated.
  10. Fair enough, I guess we'll see what happens I'm not sure I'm happy with the skin, but I think it's looking pretty good as a whole - a bit messy. Who knew this model had so many nooks and crannies?! The ones I'm doing for Christmas are all in a standing position of some type - so that should make it easier. I also added the gold on, and attempted eyes on her, but the skull in hand is kind of obscuring the left eye.
  11. Took a look - none of my 1's have a decent point on them! Oh well I suppose it would also help if I actually attached the new pictures, huh? The face still isn't great in the picture (she doesn't look near that deranged irl), but its better than it was...
  12. Thanks for the comments everyone! Prim - love the idea! I don't have any though. I intended to varnish the throne in gloss though, so maybe that will help with the illusion. We'll see. fieldarchy - I was planning on using the dark brown paint that I have (thinned, of course) to line with. I don't want to use black and make it too cartoony, but a little cartoon isn't a bad thing. Heh! I'm working on it. I can't believe my camera is so out of date Oh well. mattmcl - *nods* I was a little low on light at the time. I've tried again today (when it isn't a pallid color of grey outside) and they came out a little better - not great, but a little better (see bottom of post). I'll definitely keep this in mind for further pictures. Kang - *nods* I do have a one, I'm just not sure that I have good enough brush control to use it yet. I'll give it a go on the next mini though and see what happens. When I look at them, the 0000 is the smallest of the bunch? It is a W&N, but the others aren't - ragtag team of brushes here - heh...
  13. Heh - I got this when 1.3 MPx's was a LOT Maybe Santa will bring me a new camera. *looks at husband adoringly* In the meantime - If I'm reading things right, next up is darklining and then highlights, right?
  14. *growls* Threatening it didn't work. After much muttering, cursing, and threatening I have determined two things. First, that my camera simply isn't up to the task here - 1.3 megapixels isn't cutting it. And second, that this is the best shot I'm going to get tonight. I'm aware that it's horrible, but if you can make anything out, C&C would be appreciated. Base Coat:
  15. Sounds like a plan to me *glee!* Grrr - Camera is not playing nice at all with me....
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