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    I love robots, robots with big guns...I love gaming, especially with big robots. Have I mentioned I love big robots with big guns? Honestly, I am a much deeper human than this robots description depicts. Talk to me, and you'll find out all you want to know!

    "We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty."
  1. mercoutlaw

    My critique on the CAV SO Rulebook

    My critique is more a question. Where is the acknowledgement for the creators of the universe and actual original CAV designs? Or is it okay to steal others ideas and pass them off as your own now? Just curious.
  2. mercoutlaw

    So Who's Playing?

    Not me. I cannot support the current incarnation with the blatant disrespect by the current designers. Completely ignored any acknowledgement of any of the people who created the game, the universe and the original CAV designs. It's disgraceful and indicative of the current design team and will not get any support from me. This will probably get removed and that's fine with me. Jim, John, and the myriad of others that made CAV a reality deserve more respect. Atrocious business practice.
  3. mercoutlaw

    CAV:SO Miniature Painting

    Great work as always, Todd!
  4. mercoutlaw

    CAV: Strike Operations Construction Program

    A hook up with Army Builder or the guy that wrote the Gruntz Barracks programs might be helpful...just a thought.
  5. mercoutlaw

    Homebrewed CAV: Swallowtail

    DIG IT! Will set nicely in with my Ogre!
  6. mercoutlaw

    A little late - can I back the KS using the PM still?

    Wait...seriously?! Holy crap I need in on this since I totally spaced it the last day when it was active due to family issues. Anyone have a link?! I found the link! My Bigger question then is, how long will it stay active? I have other friends very interested and we just need an idea if this will stretch into September. Thank you!
  7. mercoutlaw

    New Designs

    Definitely needs bigger feet to fit the CAV look. But other than that this is a very cool design!
  8. Been back on these boards feeling the call of the CAV again! Hoping S.O. will bring in the new blood to grow the game.

  9. mercoutlaw

    CAV Decals

    I haven't had stellar results hearing back from FPG ever, so now I print my own and it has worked out rather well, especially with my good friend Aris's custom designed sheets.
  10. mercoutlaw


    Will there be a starter set?
  11. mercoutlaw

    Structures for download.

    I'm not sure what Leader of Rats is talking about, CAV has always been 10mm N-Scale since its inception. It has never been 28mm.
  12. mercoutlaw

    Custom CAV 'Tiburon'

    Awesome mod!
  13. mercoutlaw

    Regimental Muster

    I will get pics up soon of The Sons of Plunder and Black Metal mercenaries.
  14. mercoutlaw

    Another CAV commission job

    Some serious CAV love going on here! LOVE it!
  15. mercoutlaw

    Heavy Gear Razorback

    Love me some HG!