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  1. My critique is more a question. Where is the acknowledgement for the creators of the universe and actual original CAV designs? Or is it okay to steal others ideas and pass them off as your own now? Just curious.
  2. Not me. I cannot support the current incarnation with the blatant disrespect by the current designers. Completely ignored any acknowledgement of any of the people who created the game, the universe and the original CAV designs. It's disgraceful and indicative of the current design team and will not get any support from me. This will probably get removed and that's fine with me. Jim, John, and the myriad of others that made CAV a reality deserve more respect. Atrocious business practice.
  3. A hook up with Army Builder or the guy that wrote the Gruntz Barracks programs might be helpful...just a thought.
  4. Wait...seriously?! Holy crap I need in on this since I totally spaced it the last day when it was active due to family issues. Anyone have a link?! I found the link! My Bigger question then is, how long will it stay active? I have other friends very interested and we just need an idea if this will stretch into September. Thank you!
  5. Definitely needs bigger feet to fit the CAV look. But other than that this is a very cool design!
  6. Been back on these boards feeling the call of the CAV again! Hoping S.O. will bring in the new blood to grow the game.

  7. I haven't had stellar results hearing back from FPG ever, so now I print my own and it has worked out rather well, especially with my good friend Aris's custom designed sheets.
  8. Will there be a starter set?
  9. I'm not sure what Leader of Rats is talking about, CAV has always been 10mm N-Scale since its inception. It has never been 28mm.
  10. I will get pics up soon of The Sons of Plunder and Black Metal mercenaries.
  11. Some serious CAV love going on here! LOVE it!
  12. Valparaiso Indiana. I play from Chicago to Indianapolis.
  13. Heisler, there will never be a replacement for Black Lightning.
  14. Keep in mind that the initial lineup was selected a while ago (over a year ago as there are reports that Bones CAV was on display at ReaperCon 2013). The first 8 are the ones that they already have the molds for and already have 4k of each in hand. I totally understand if you hate some of the initial model selections (though I'm not sure blaming the selection on Jon is correct...who knows how much say he had in that, it's more likely there was practical business reasons for those selections, these were proof of concepts, they had to figure out which models would best serve as test subjects). Noting that *every single* model *not* in the initial core is Terran or Rach so far, they are certainly dedicated to building up substantial faction armies two or so at a time (in both the core and as add ons). That probably comes off as fanboi-ish, but mostly it's just that I see the praticality in what they've done so far and what their doing and I'm not sure I buy that Jon is forcing his models in (didn't he design a *ton* of the CAV models too?) No, not at all. John Bear Ross and Jim Burrell are responsible for 99% of all of the designs. Seeing as Jon is now running the IP I have no doubt that he took those 3 models of his as a choice for this lot. I'm not trying to pick a fight or be condesecendin, but being friends with many of the original CAV designers, working as a demo team member of BL for more than a decade, I have a bit of personal insight that makes some of these decision bothersome. Jon had a previous line of models for his game Rogue Legion, none of which were very CAV in appearance and I highly doubt Reaper asked if they could use his molds for production until he wrote his models into the game. Again, not being confrontational, just putting the facts as they are out there. Yes, I do take it a bit personal because I've really tried to positivly back Reaper and CAV through all of the angsty years of "Soon" and this is a bit of a slap in the face to all of the TRUE CAV designs out there that should have taken precedence over design that he brought in from his failed line that do not fit into CAV at all.
  15. For the most part I am very happy with what is going on with the KS. I think after all of the dust settles we will see everything done in Bones for all factions. I am very happy to see that! All in all it is a very cool lot. My only real gripe and it is a serious sticking point for me is the fact that those 3 hideous turd mechs from the failed Rogue Legion from Talon have been forced into the initial lineup. We are being forced to take non-CAV junk in place of all of the great designs that were passed over because someone wants his designs in there. Maybe I sound like a total @$$, but I feel it was very narcissistic to force those on anyone not making the $1 pledge. Actual CAV models could have filled those 3 spots to do justice to all of us old CAV'ers and new, I don't think it fairly reperesents the line. Seriously, if you are going to force your product, at least force the only 2 good models you have, the Concussion and Gnomic. At least choose some that are aesthetically pleasing. Just my very dissatisfied and strong opinion on that subject.
  16. -- IMHO I think the CAV: SO rules are the best parts of 1st and 2nd Edition with some new spins thrown in. Past that Im going to wait to get into design specifics after you have had a chance to peruse the PDF. So, do you want my email address to send me the PDF or will you post a link? I would love a chance to look over the PDF too. I was accepted into the playtest group and then never heard another thing. I received a few emails requesting updates and input and everytime I responded that I had never received the PDF I never got a response. I figured the game was dead again or I was booted and that made no sense to me! I have been a stauch supporter against all of the negativity for years. I have had a few breakdowns where I began to think it was for nothing, but now I seem to have been on the right track keeping hope.
  17. -- We are going to be putting together a new demo team but to be honest I just don't have to time to get it together right now before the KS. I would hope all the past BL members will get out and help us get this off the ground and be ready to go when the call goes out. I have a very interesting online campaign system that we will roll out that will allow players to influence the game universe going forward as well as many other things we plan on getting out there for the player base! Well, I'm on board as I have been. I've been supporting CAV for more than a decade, I would love to be able to continue with exposing it to others. Black Lightning membership is a point of pride with every member I have met and worked with. So, sign me up.
  18. Any chance of fully tabletop scaled up dropships like MechWarrior did years ago? I'd love to see a to scale playable Dropship that I didn't have to scratch build.
  19. Any news on Reinstating Black Lightning to help make the SO launch and the KS a success?
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