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  1. Is this still going on? I have some WIP with a good backstory I would love to submit.
  2. Reset, finally worked. False alarm...still, more than a month and only one post. Jon isn't even active with us play testers. So sad. So very sad because of the potential. I'll just stick with my CAV 2 and GRUNTZ. I remember when CAV had a story and active community that has just been burned down. It had it's own page and Dana Murphy mascot. I don't get the lack of care when so many if us are still trying to make it work. Ah well, it's all been said before, just kind of ranting. Here's to better, earlier times.
  3. Any idea when we will receive the rules and cards with instructions to get underway?
  4. Www.arcticon.webs.com. Nick misspelled the link.
  5. I'd gladly playtest, especially if this gets CAV rolling again. I have 5 regular players, we all get together every other Sunday evening to play. After the holidays we will be able to increase those meet ups to help get the playtesting rolling. I hope you'll consider the option to have us on board. I'm all about giving this another chance and start off on the right foot.
  6. Heck, just get a nice 2 inch nylon washer...about $1 at the hardware store. Glue it down. Do some basing and drybrush it then throw some static grass on it. Makes it look complete, stabilizes it and just looks awesome. Very nice job on this one! It must have been a quick easy seller!
  7. Digging it! Get that beast on a nice base and it will be the total package.
  8. Very nice! Loving all the CAV love!
  9. It's been almost 2 years since we were disbanded. Any news on the new programs? Forgive me for posting here, but the BL forum is locked and not able to add to in any form.
  10. Zabby, are the models you primed with Army Painter metal? If they are metal, go to walmart or a local drug store (cosmetics at drug store) and buy some 100% pure Acetone and soak them in that over night, get a nice stiff paint brush or cheap battery powered toothbrush and the primer will mostly disslove and scrub right off. Then use regular dish soap to wash them up so that they will take primer again and give it new coat, should be like new. Also, other Army painter products are great, the dips, the flocks and other scenics are great and relatively cheap, but I will not use any Hobby primers or sealants as they are not worth the cost versus equally if not better quality Krylon products.
  11. Great looking work! Love to see new artists to mini painting get on here and you are off to a great start! I have to disagree with a bit of the advice above...I have had HORRIBLE experiences with the Army painter primer. May have been a bad batch or 2, but Krylon gray has always been perfect and gone on smooth and fills in well especially with the directional nozzle and is half the cost! I would go with Gray just to keep your minis from being too bright, but if you plan to dip them then you may want that brighter look. Also, the Krylon matte varnish is a staple of my painting supplies. Overall it comes down to trial and error and what works best for you. There are planty of fantastic options that don't cost absurd amounts of money and are easily available at your local 24 hour store for those 3 a.m. "Oh crap I'm outta primer!" paint binges! Best of luck and keep up the great work!
  12. awesome! glad you guys finally got them! feel free to post them up in the show off forum.
  13. I just buy the $6 full string replacement pack and use all the sizes for something over time.
  14. Okay, far be it for me to speak ill of my wife, but grrrr...I asked her, oh a month or so ago to ship 3 packages for me when seh went into town... Well, our daughter is due Thursday so I was cleaning out her vehicle to make sure we have room for all the baby related items...and lo and behold in her trunk...3 packages! So...BlueWeasel, Blakbuzzard, and Herzogbrian...I PERSONALLY AM TAKING THEM TO THE POST OFFICE MONDAY!!! My sincerest apologies...my wife blushingly sends hers as well! I have something special for each of you that will go out in the coming week as well as my extra and well deserved apology to you fine folks! Thnkas for not hunting me down and snuffing me out... :-}
  15. Checking in...and boy am I behind! Sorry guys, real life and a new baby due Thursday, ahhhhh I could go on, but alas, keep faith, I hope to have things out within the week! Deep apologies to those waiting on me!
  16. This is my conversion exchange piece for blueweasel, just thought I'd give everyone a look at what's on its way.
  17. If you've got a good solid one you'd like more of, drop me a line I could mold one up and cast as many resin ones as you would need.
  18. One, Reaper has been my fave for many years now, so yes on the whole I find Reaper miniatures far superior overall. Two, GW does have the support it does because one can always find someone willing to play their games, I can't see why with the rules set...but whatever. Three, When it comes down to it, we are comparing a Gaming Company like GW to a HObby Centric Quality company like Reaper. On that note, how can we see a true comparison? I am a father (soon to be of 2), a husband, a more than full time employee and I run my own business making terrain, bases and game aids on the side. I love the Hobby aspect of Miniatures, and storylines than I do the game aspect simply as a time factor, so I want quality (and CAV ;}) So Reaper is my drug and I push it like a dealer. Four, Reaper truly CARES about its consumers! Everyday they have staff on here posting, updates, great new product...what does GW do? Pull down their forums. When I went to Kit about support for our local Convention last month, he hooked us up amazingly well, and I had a Reaper Paint and take table with people painting for over 4 hours and loving it! 5 of those people had never painted a miniature in their lives and couldn;t get enough! You know what I got from GW? "We no longer support non-sanctioned gameplay." That's it. So, from a biased perspective based on my current and future preferences...yeah, REAPER KILLS the competition, but that's just my 2 cents.
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