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  1. I have no idea...but I am with you on this one! Expanding this line and the Nova Corp line will make this gamer very happy! They blend well with Pig Iron models for my custom army.
  2. Hey! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! KIT! KIT! KIT! Yes or no? Just want to know how to plan. ;'}
  3. I prefer bigger bases, as Cerebro1974 said, much more basing ability! And has been stated, bases are dirt cheap, at least Reaper does us the favor of including one for us unlike some other companies! Bottom line, you want any bases, Jame, send me a PM I could provide you with many of any shape and or size desired!
  4. That was...excellent! Very intriguing! Thank you for sharing that.
  5. Definitely looks interesting! I will have to look into this one!
  6. is stoked about his first mini exchange!

  7. Just wanted to wish my Reaper friends...pretty much extended family...a very happy and safe Halloween!
  8. Gotta say I use almost exclusively Krylon! I do only use their Ultra Flat Black, Green, and Tan...also their Gray primer...best primers on the market in my opinion!
  9. WOW! You are really inspiring me to get back at my IG force! Great looking work! Love it!
  10. Always wanted to do one of these...so I am! PM sent! Can't wait!
  11. Chomping at the bit here! Do we have a verdict yet?
  12. That is an impressive piece of work!!!
  13. Been there with my wife once...very sorry to hear of your loss! Best wishes and a quick recovery!
  14. Has a Natasha Kerensky look to her...now I must own it!
  15. Gonna have to go with 18! Good work by the entire class, though! They are all very talented young men and women!
  16. The only thing that comes to mind is DAMN! That is awesome work!
  17. Gorgeous work!!!! Is he wearing Chuck Taylors?
  18. Nice work here. Really love the Urban War minis!
  19. All I have to say is SWEET! Oh...I lied...GREAT base!
  20. Gorgeous work as always! Love the freehand!
  21. Beautiful work! Great free hand as always!
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