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  1. Are the monsters at the following link 15mm scale? http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/03595 If they are 15mm, could we maybe see more monsters in this scale sometime down the road? Thanks!
  2. My point was more that although Warlord figs may be larger-scaled 28mm, they are designed to fit on 25mm slotted bases. The DHL minis generally have more dramatic poses, wider stances, and large, molded bases that sometimes make them tricky to fit onto a Warlord base. It's nothing a jeweler's saw and a little elbow grease can't fix! or better yet, if you have access to a table grinder, just grind the thick, molded base down until it can be easily clipped away with nippy cutters. Hope this helps! Scott
  3. Does Warlord or DHL have an army pack of Goblin Archers I could use in the meantime? I wouldn't mind starting a Reven faction as a second faction. Scott Here ya go: Goblin Skeeters There's also a couple of other goblins, armed with ranged weapons in various DHL goblin packs. That is a fantastic start to your Darkspawn army, BTW. I especially like how disturbingly colored your Burrowing Spawn is! VERY demonic. And fits in nicely with the flavor of the faction. :) Thanks! I think I will order those guys. I got my extra Tunnel Knights yesterday, so I will fill out the force this week with more troops. It's funny, I'd had that demon painted for a couple years now, and finally I have a regular "gig" for him. I also have a Devourer of Mashaf on the bench. He's primed, but I am not sure which direction to go in painting him. I may work in the purple and brown again. We'll see. Scott
  4. Does Warlord or DHL have an army pack of Goblin Archers I could use in the meantime? I wouldn't mind starting a Reven faction as a second faction. Scott
  5. Thanks! I hope you guys can implement it. It would prove especially thematic for Reven, Darkspawn, and Reptus, but also for some of the "good" factions in the case of monsters that might be thought of traditionally as good aligned, like the Pegasus, Unicorn, and Griffon. I could see Beastmaster as perhaps a 10 pt. add-on that you could apply to one Adept or Elite model in your force. Scott
  6. Some will mix better than others. Sometimes squeezing DHL figures the standard Warlord base size can be tricky. Scott
  7. Excellent! I just got word from the wife that my box showed up today. Since the Gnome archers (the Pinners) won't be out for a while, got any advice for a small band of Darkspawn archers I can use in the meantime? Thanks! S.
  8. Thanks for the reply. If I get a chance to really play some games and get to know the system, maybe I'll try my hand at writing up a few stat blocks. Scott
  9. There are so many great, generic fantasy monsters in Reaper's Dark Heaven line, but having combed through the 2007 Rage Chronicles, I find very few of them represented. What gives? Will we see more of the generic monsters in the 2008 version? I know Warlord is for Warlord models, but being able to use other Reaper minis would be awesome and make good sense. Perhaps some sort of Beastmaster SA that one could assign to one of his Adepts in the force to allow for the extra monsters would make some sense? I'm new to the boards, so if this is an old topic, please pardon me. Thanks! Scott
  10. Pics of my faction in this Show Off thread: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30104 More to come when it arrives! Scott
  11. Here's what I have so far, including the evil merc Ado Salint. I am still waiting on the arrival of my boxed set of Tunnel Knights. I really had a blast painting these so far. More to come! Scott
  12. I came across this model last night in my collection. He's already painted might add some muscle to my Gnomes once I get to work on them, so I was wondering, is there a data card for him? Didn't see one in Rage 2007. Thanks! Scott
  13. Super-cool! Like I said in a neighboring thread, I've ordered the Knights boxed set, so I am in. Bloodstone Gnomes!!! And these rumors of a hero on a beetle? Very interesting... Scott
  14. I just ordered the unit box of Knights from the front page of the Asylum store. Ordered some of the other single blisters from my FLGS. Great news about the hero on the beetle! And the Lich! Awesome! Scott
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