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  1. I haven't read the rules for Mantic's game, but I have heard that they go back to an earlier edition of WHFB. As for the models, they also seem to go back to previous editions of WHFB. (Big surprise given that Mantic was founded by ex-GW employees.)
  2. Now that you mention it...I hadn't noticed how close the two were. Griffon tan seems to have a touch more yellow to it...but the difference is so slight as to be negligible.
  3. Excellent job! Love the subtle coloring on the banshees. :D
  4. Some of the older models are just beautiful! You did an excellent job.... (PS: I got addicted to reaper paints too...they are mostly all I use now! LOL)
  5. Sadly, I didn't freehand the hem...but I followed the molding quite well ;) LOL As for the basing, the fluff doesn't change color at all over time. My sister has one I based in the same way five years ago, and the color hasn't changed at all. I think the picture ended up a bit darker than I thought...The wings were done with the bone triad, then given an overall drybrush of linen white. I'll try your suggestion on the next male chest I do and see how it turns out.... Thanks!
  6. Soon as I'm finished greenstuffing the gaps in her back...I needed to let the firstg part cure before I was comfortable movin g on. :)
  7. So I had this awesome idea to add angel wings to this Sophie a friend gave me, since he'd lost the original wings to her. None of the wings I had fit right...so I'm fixing that. Would like some critique on the green stuffing, as well as suggestions and helpful tips. :) So, yes, have at it! :)
  8. Love this. My grandmother was a Den Mother. Wish I could show her this piece!
  9. is mostly harmless. ^^;

  10. I tell you what....I'm drooling. That...well, that is just a lovely piece of work!
  11. It looks like the two reapers would match pretty close :)
  12. I goofed and put the wrong set of wings on him...but he still looks good, IMHO. I love doing the cloud basing, but basing at 3am is seeming a bad idea now. Comments and critiques are always welcome!
  13. Oh I love it! How did you do the slime on the base? :) Excellent job on the brain itself, BTW. :D
  14. LOVE the NMM. And the greens are gorgeous. I can't quite get the hang of NMM myself, but this is excellent!
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