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  1. Hmm. Who is the original creator? And would they maybe be swayed by having a Reaper representative tell them that the rules are changed a whole lot since that file went up, and would they please cooperate already?
  2. That actually sounds like a pretty good idea, all told. I'll keep that one in mind (to the detriment of the foes of the Jade Empire! Death to the smooth-skins! )
  3. So, my fiancée is the most awesomest fiancée on the planet. She got me a Warlord Reptus army as a delayed Christmas gift. It is as follows: Reptus 750 points Chai-Uut (with Lesser Magical Weapon) - 94 pts 5 * Skull Breakers - 235 pts Gan Nan, Gaan-Hor Elder - 82 pts 4 * Gaan-Hor Warriors - 236 pts Krung Beast - 103 pts Total: 750 points exactly I figure that with three manoeuvre elements, my only real weakness will be against magic, which at the 750-point level does not strike me as the biggest risk. I have the Skullies as my main line of battle, the Gaan-Hor as my archer/mage-killers and rapid response troops, and the Krung Beast as wallbreaker to be backed up by my line troops. Being, as I am, a total nub at Warlord as yet, I'm not sure. What glaring weaknesses do I have, what style of play should I go for? What things should I focus on for later expansions? One thing I'll want is magic-users. I'm thinking T'Kay with a good load of spells. As well, another troop would not go amiss - Maybe half Warriors, half Longstrikers.
  4. A troop standard is a Dis reroll for everyone in the whole troop, according to Rage Chronicles 2007 p. 14. Nice to give a little extra spine to them.
  5. After a quick look-through of the files, let me just say, Stubbdog, you have much rockage. This is really cool.
  6. [Mr. Burns]Eeexcellent, Smithers![/Mr. Burns] So, is there an ETA on them being finished? Is it possible to get a beta release, perhaps? I, for one, can live without the full set of faction SAs. Even if my own (Reptus) don't have theirs, that's okay too. In short, should I go buy Army Builder some time soon?
  7. Hey guys, anyone know if anyone's been working to update the AB files with the info from Rage Chronicles 2007? The ones in AB's auto-update line up are from 2006, seems like. And Gus' link in the first post (and the reference library post) don't work...
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