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  1. So the last chance of staying with my company went down the drain today when I was prevented from getting a position posted elsewhere within the organization. San Antonio, unfortunately, has only a small amount of places I can work in my desired and current career field (business analyst/internal audit) and I don't want to fall back onto accounting unless it's a small business in a good industry, of which none are here anyway. So, I have to look further out through Texas. I've never done any out-of-town job searching, and I'm a bit afraid of that I may be overlooked if there is a preference for more local applicants. I'm in need of hints, tips, advice, and potential job offers :D
  2. I was disappointed with the latter 2 Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I loved the first one. It was witty, had an interesting concept, and was generally fun. The second and third one all seemed to revolve around Jack Sparrow; and the second movie wasn't really a movie in its own right, just a lead up to the third. I wanted a movie about pirates. Not about Jack. Very very disappointed.
  3. Reaper's Master Series paints have an Undead Flesh triad you could use.
  4. Have you contemplated doing a few glazes of the light blue/white where the light would hit, and keeping the non-lit areas silver? That might work.
  5. I'm really not a big fan of this sculpt either. I like the colours you used for her. Don't forget to give her teeth too :)
  6. You and I can be in the defective bin. I don't like bacon either.
  7. I've found Anima Tactics a pretty reasonable two-player tabletop game. Granted, I'm more likely to pull out Guitar Hero for non-personal gaming :D
  8. I have died just a little bit inside. Marvel is my comic book publisher of choice. Now we get to look forward to characters being "sold off."
  9. I personally don't think too much in terms of colour wheel schemes. I look at tones. Brown, like a lot of other colours, have two tones: cold and warm. What is matched with brown depends on a) the look of the mini and b) the tone of the brown. For a cold piece, a cool brown will go very well with cold colours, like blues, greens, and greys. For warm pieces, the warm brown goes very well with the warm colours, orange, yellow, red. Then, obviously, if one is looking for a neutral image, take the tone of the brown and match with the opposing colour - like for a cool brown, use warm colours and vice versa. The way I like to do it is look at secondary colours and tie in there. Brown, to me, is very neutral, so I can use it in different ways. In your case, a lich, I think, would be a "cold" character, so cold browns, beiges would work, especially if the skintone is cold and green. Use some of the green base in the brown cloak to tie in, or, if you want to be really fancy, take a different cold colour - like purple - and use a little element of that everywhere.
  10. I just went to a restaurant for lunch that had a goldenrod-yellow walls, with terracotta red accents, and all the furniture was pitch black, with dark brown wood accents. It was homely, warm, and comforting. Personally, I got for colours that provide mood. Tea green for the study helps concentration, warm yellow in the living room makes it look inviting, and a deep red accent wall in the dining room adds an air of sophistication. There's a colour for a mood, and the colours you have existing are so nautral that you can do a fair bit. Except country garden.
  11. I like using a touch of a mix of blue & green, personally, to a really warm light brown for shadow.
  12. I love the tones of the cloak, it looks very rich
  13. I don't watch TV except when I'm travelling for work, then it's CNN or Fox in the morning because I don't have the ability to surf the interwebs for the news. And these two are pretty crappy anyway. I download what i want to see. Anything else is not important in my books. I have too much to do to think about sitting in front of a box. I sit in front of a computer and play WoW instead :p
  14. I'm finding it amusing that personal hygiene is up there on the list.
  15. Just killed a player character in a skill challenge. O_O I like skill challenges. It makes good use of skills where my players neglected them before. But no-one seemed to take it seriously that there may be peril involved. Until a wizard failed the skill roll, failed the reflect roll, then failed the second skill roll to fall from a narrow walkway into a volcano.
  16. It was cast this morning, is being packaged now, and will be shipped tomorrow to distribution! It's official release date is 8/3. The long wait is nearly over! 'Bout time! :D
  17. lol. I noticed in the Contact section of the Reaper website that Darth Abacus is the resident Malevolent Warlock. Malevolent Warlocks always need minions. Especially if the minion is an auditor. No-one likes auditors.
  18. I'm still waiting for the flame sphere to be released. Been wanting it ever since I saw it. :(
  19. Combat, unfortunately, is a very large part of my 4.0 campaign. I would love nothing more but to make it a political intrigue-type game, but the majority of my players are that type of player that would instantly hit the combat route before anything else. One, in particular, gets upset if things can't be resolved with combat. And yes, he's one of those that build their character to 30 without taking regard to storytelling elements. He also woofed that we rolled for stats instead of point-buying them (he frequents the optimization boards), and doesn't like it that I have NPCs in the party because then "the party is useless and the DM controls the game through the NPC." I've just had to work with it; I, as DM, work with what the players want, not what the DM wants. Granted, the party is mainly full of squishies, with one tank and an NPC healer that I had to stick in because no-one would play a healer. Because of this, two players constantly have to create new characters because their old ones die due to the fact that they play a tank & healer, and they're the ones that take the beatings. The reason they always die is because the rest of the party is too focused on killing the baddude than looking out for their teammates. A simple heal check works wonders. On the flip side, each combat encounter is perilous and has the potential to be deadly. 4 PCs have died already. It's become a running joke.
  20. I love The Avalanches. We quoted this song all through year 11 in high school
  21. What an excellent concept! This is really something. I think that it's fine without the water effects imho. Maybe add a towel? But everything looks very awesome.
  22. Woot! I finally got my camera back, and fixed, and actually got around to taking photos. This fella is probably considered my fifth completed mini - and if we take out the LTP ones - he's probably up there as my first. Completed, mind you. He's a mage character in my D&D game, painted for one of the players. He was well pleased (well, I hope he was) with him. The only thing I don't like is his bottle hanging off the belt. I have to work on glass.
  23. I haven't had this problem surface, but we have discussed the mechanics of AOP versus shift, versus withdrawal. An attack of opportunity simply means that the person performing the act has noticed a momentary weakness, or an advantage, and has chosen to act upon it. Shifting indicates a guarded move; movement that isn't a shift is not that you drop all defenses and prance off, but rather your center of balance that is conducive to defending is no longer there. So, for a fighter, to move two squares implies a quicker movement than a guarded shift to one square. Therefore, those that are attacking can see that he is vulnerable and may not have his mind entirely on the fight, thus they move to strike. Fighter is not in a defending stance, but rather a moving stance, and thus the impression is there. I believe that is the basis behind AOP now that they've removed standing up as triggering it. A number of ranger abilities gives the opportunity to move adjacent to enemies and out again without triggering the AOP, which comes under the assumption that the movement is an attack/movement combo, as opposed to moving, then attacking. It's a matter of where attention is focused at and the position of the body. Removing AOP also includes removing the player's ability to AOP, and that's going to affect a number of powers too.
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