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  1. I was noticing that the wheel looked very CMYK
  2. I'm planning on trying a technique where the mini is primed in black, but a shot of white primer is also applied in the direction of the light source. I've been told that is a pretty good way to apply on tabletop, with a light coat of your colour over the top, which would tint the white and black
  3. You forgot to mention the Prime Directive.
  4. It doesn't have to be solid purple, but to mix a little of the purple in with the shadows on everything, except for focal point items. A little purple in the deepest shadows of the skin, a hint/glaze over the leather, etc. The idea is not to be overbearing, but provide a depth and intensity to the main colour.
  5. I'm actually quite happy that more Craft articles are being added lately. Is this a momentary burp or will a steady stream of Craft articles be forthcoming?
  6. They've got a suggestion out called "hybrid" classes. It's in playtest development, but rather interesting for playing a wizard/rogue or whatnot and not really wanting to multi-class.
  7. Heh, I've been using my ghetto wet pallet for a while now. Only instead of a sponge, I use a piece of paper towel. Reaaaall ghetto... The curling of the parchment paper isn't a big deal for me - I wet the tip of my finger with the water, and run it over the edge of the paper. Most of the time, that's enough for it to stick.
  8. yani

    Anima RPG

    I did the same - I had a look at it as I was contemplating the Anima Tactics miniature game, and the RPG seems very full of rules and systems and whatnot. It didn't appeal to me, but then again, I'm playing a Mage: The Ascension game that didn't appeal to me to begin with because I didn't understand it, and now I'm slowly getting the hang of it :)
  9. Reread that ability, it's what changes your Hunter's Mark damage from a D6 to a D8. The only time I'm not using my Hunter's Mark damage die is when I'm choosing a certain enemy to drop (casters in the back, fleeing monsters, etc); otherwise every single round I'm getting that extra damage by firing at the closest enemy to me. I will, but I re-read it several times the night we were creating PCs - the suggested feat for the Ranger-Archer path was simply not as beneficial to my character concept as other feats were. A couple of the other players noticed similar things about their classes and suggested feats. In that regard, 4e has a similar failing as 3.5e - certain feats, like Improved Initiative, are ones that everyone will wind up taking at some point. And at this point in my experience with 4e, I somewhat wonder why they kept feats at all, and didn't just roll them into the other abilities in some way - I'm guessing that reason will become apparent as I level my PC. There are two feats that could apply - the Improved Hunter's Quarry, and there is a feat that allows the ranger to make a free shift when scoring a critical. Complete Martial has a couple of good feats - not so much for the Ranger, as it focuses on the pet abilities. If you don't get Improved Hunter's Quarry, you're.... heh... kinda silly. Suggested feats are just that - suggestions. I never look at their suggestions, but that's just me :)
  10. Hmm.. I'm on the fence. I like the integrated bases that are a part of the model - eg, the tree stump that Nienna stands on - but I have also seen the effect of a slim base not being stable enough to hold up a mini - Quinn Nolan is one that comes to mind. I'm not too bothered by base vs non-base - I stick them all on a plastic base anyway and hide the "broccoli" with green-stuff (I am terrible at removing the bases). But I can see the argument for increasing the size a little for stability if the mini is meant to be taken out of the case and put directly on the table for gameplay.
  11. I'm in agreement there! Those minis were awesome and the game was a lot of fun! Next year, I'll just have to bring a recording of the wookie growl, given that my own version sounds like a tortured cat :p
  12. You were so awesome! I liked that you even kept a corn dog away for me when they were refilled on Sunday, that just made my day :) If you're thinking of more flexibility next year, why not have a set schedule of deliveries/pick-ups from the main store, and have people order what they want prior to those deliveries so that there's less chance of run-out? That would only work for those that know what they want and when they want it, really, but.. an idea...
  13. My biggest gripe is that there wasn't enough Scotty. However, I'm in love with Simon Pegg, so I'm a bit biased... :)
  14. This is making me excited, and if I scrimp on Boneyard purchases, I have budgeted for Sophie LE purchases! Yay! I'm curious to know how many are going to be produced for purchase, however.
  15. I'll be there! First timer too
  16. I did a desert ranger scheme with mine, all in colours of sand, camel and gold. I think it turned out awesome. Granted, too, I painted her as a drow.
  17. Ooohhh... I sympathise with the eyes. I had equal difficulty with mine ^^ I even had a slight miscast with the hair over her eye... that was agonising. I say olive greens for the cloak.
  18. Pfft. I, as a DM, ignore what the DMG tells me to do, and I build my own dungeons and whatnot based on a)the creatures living there, b)any traps or skill challenges I want to create and c)general aesthetics. It may be frustrating for players to not do all their cool abilities, but I don't give a stuff. But then again, I vary each underground area to encompass large, small and medium areas. I don't know any DM that follows exactly what the books tell them unless they're doing a pre-made.
  19. It was a comment made by the Governor during one of the Anti-Tax Tea Parties that got the people worked up.
  20. yani


    Wow, it would be good to see a familiar face there too :)
  21. Nienna! I just painted her up myself, and would love to see what you would do.
  22. ooooooo.... new blood. Welcome! 1) I can only assume you have Warlord minis that come with a base that has a slot, and the mini has a tab that fits in the slot. If that is the case, yes! All you need to do is superglue the tab into the slot. Sometimes, however, the tab may be too big or too small. If it's too big, use a fine file or a hobby knife to scrape the tab down. Pewter is quite soft and quite easy to thin down. If the tab is too small, there is a product known as "Green stuff" - it's a two-part epoxy putty, typically coming in tape of blue and yellow. THe product name is "Kneadatite". One needs to mix the yellow and the blue in roughly equal amounts to create green. It's quite sticky at this stage, but water or saliva can prevent it from sticking to fingers, etc. Use that in the gap made by the tab. It will cure hard and prevent the mini from wobbling around. I like to use a combination of green stuff with superglue. If you're not using the slotted bases and minis with a tab, they should come with their own base. Sometimes the base is a little flimsy and the mini may have a tendency to fall over all the time. Use anything that is solid and superglue it to the base, and that will make it more stable. Pennies are actually pretty good a this. 2) Separate pieces for minis are typically for the casting process, but yes, it can make things easier for painting. There is no soldering involved. You can superglue the pieces together; however, if it's being used on a regular basis, the join may not be strong enough. What a lot of people do is create a better join between the two pieces - this is known as "pinning". Essentially, one drills a hole in one side using a very small drill bit or a pin vise, place a small metal rod (I like paper clips) in the hole, drill a hole in the other piece, and put the pieces together. The pin between the two pieces creates a greater bond, which will support the superglue that is used to keep the pieces together. Here is an excellent article explaining how to do it: http://www.coolminiornot.com/article/aid/589 4) Reaper has two lines of paint - Pro Paints and Master Series. I would recommend the Pro Paints, as they've got good coverage and very reasonably priced. There's a little more to plopping a mini down and slapping some paint on it. Paint & pewter do not make a good combination. The mini will have residual oils left from the casting process, some from your fingers, and other things. Paint can't really bond to it that well. Scrub the mini with some dishwashing liquid and water first. There's a few other things you can do - outlined in this article: http://www.coolminiornot.com/article/aid/28 Then it needs primer. Choose your colour - black, white, grey, orange, etc. I like grey - it's easy to work with. Krylon makes a cheap primer found at Hobby Lobby, but any primer will do. Reaper has a brush-on primer in the Master Series line. Primer is needed in order for the paint to stay on the mini - it provides a uniform surface for the paint to adhere to. So, it's pretty important. A small brush is needed. If you want to get really serious, a Windsor & Newton Series 7 brush in size 0 is the best way to go, but any size 0 brush will do fine. They can be found in art stores, hobby stores, and if your FLGS is a big Games Workshop provider, there too. If you have some time and want to really get into painting, I would highly recommend the Reaper Learn to Paint series. These are packages at about $20-$25 that contain paint, two minis, brush, and instructions on how to get certain effects. REALLY good value when just starting out, as the paint and the brushes are invaluable, as is the booklet. Otherwise, the website I've been referencing in this post - coolminiornot.com - has a LOT of articles that can help you out.
  23. I play in SW:Saga and DM 4.0. I can tell you - SW is nuts with Jedi. Unfortunately, there are two people in our group that will ALWAYS play jedi/casters and they're bit powergamey. Having Jedi in the group makes a lot of the roles (in the higher levels anyway) a little redundant and useless. Until my Bothan died, the most we did was just swing our arms and let the Jedi take everyone down. I didn't mind, as I built my char to be non-combative, but for the others, they were rather sore that a Jedi could walk in, deflect lasers, take everyone down, on their own. However, our DM hasn't quite yet grasped the concept of appropriate encounter level, so we're always facing hordes of 15HP storm troopers.....even at level 15....
  24. yani


    Oh, while I think of it - 24/f/married/has accent that may cause misunderstandings as I talk Australian, not American :) Just in case anyone has preferences
  25. yani


    I just wanted to give the shout out for anyone that is looking to split hotelling costs. I'm willing to share a room with someone - I'm driving up from San Antonio, so I will also provide usage of a car. I guess this thread could be for anyone else looking for roomies too!
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