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  1. Thank you guys very much! I just added another one up at the top. Somebody is finally paying me to do artwork! Woohoo!
  2. Hey all! I am 20 years old and studying art at college. I have been a pencil sketch artist for many years. I just though I would post some of my work up. These are just rough pictures and I will be getting an actual scanner to use soon. The reason I posted this here is because I thought it would be really cool if one day I could be an artist for reaper Miniatures! A dream it would be! Well anyway, here are some of my works. This one is a picture of my eye that I drew in large scale. This is a skull and seashell I did as a still life: This is a house I am doing for a lady on commission. Just gotta finish the tree. My first ever photo-realism attempt is this paper bag: I am a huge fan of Iron Maiden so I did "Fear of the Dark" in large scale: This one is a demon I made up a few years ago: A viperfish I drew as a tattoo idea: Just a little design I made up as another tattoo idea: This is just some of my work. I hope you all enjoy it!
  3. my demon army will be getting several zombies soon, and they will be sure to go on this diorama!
  4. thank you all very much! and thank you very much for the suggestions! i will get right onto fixing the ground highlights and darkening the back of the pole and such.
  5. thank you very much! now that you mention it, i do completely agree, i should extend the black on the top of the wires. my miniatures are all demons, and this was just a fun diorama so i will put 3 or 4 minis on it and then change it up a week later.
  6. finished my newest scenery! it's small, but it still took plenty long enough. the green toxic spill is poster plastic glued into a puddle shaped cutout, then painted over, then with realistic water poured over it for a hard, shiny surface. The spill part coming from the pipe is hot glue. the telephone pole is hand cut from wood, and the insulators on top are hot glue bits that were cut into insulator shapes and some painted aqua (i also collect insulators in real life lol). the wire is just... wire. the whole thing is carved from foam with sand for texture and bits of modeling grass and moss sprinkled on it. the green is supposed to be radioactive so it is reflecting off of everything, not so sure i did the green reflections properly :-P anyway, i hope you guys like it! i am no where near a pro but i did my best.
  7. thanks everyone! and that's just a little hole with light shining through haha, it's dirt pouring out of a large, broken window
  8. this was made from the ever popular insulation foam and foam core (for the upper house part). and modeling accessories like realistic water (for the mud puddles), fine turf, modeling sand, etc. all hand painted. the design on the sides of the house is cut from wood rods and painted, the mud puddles are cut into the foam, poster frame plastic is cut to fit and pushed into the holes then glues in place, painted like mud, then a coating of realistic water went over them.
  9. thank you! and yes it came as one piece :P it was very fun to paint simply because i just loved the sculpt so much
  10. lol that's the cord to the handheld light haha. he hates that cord. i love the older figs too, sculpted so well and just so awesome. and thank you very much!
  11. thanks guys! i always wanted to do a metallic beast, and i figured a snake or fish would be best and i only had a snake haha.
  12. haven't painted a mini in a while, so i decided to paint my ral partha serpent i had laying around. this thing is big! i used pretty much all metallic paint, and made it a metallic water serpent.
  13. good lord you are amazing with these CAVs
  14. the cockpit glass looks great, and the girl on the leg is amazing as well. the whole thing looks great. lots of small, amazing detail
  15. the color of the skin and tentacles are so realistic, combined wit hthe bright purple of the armor. it looks amazing
  16. amazing job on all of them. i particularly love the bandersnatch. the small detail like the music notes are awesome
  17. i am in love with that shield. very nicely done. the base is awesome too
  18. god the colors are so smooth and beautiful
  19. that is so freakin awesome. the base is just fantastic! how did you make that gate? and i am very familiar with the future warriors series, a great series, very cyberpunk. i LOVE cyberpunk. anyway, amazing job!
  20. thanks! it's always good to hear something re-assuring like that :)
  21. lol it does remind me of godzilla
  22. thank you! i thought since it was a metallic glossy black, i needed to spruce it up with bright colors everywhere else
  23. i found this old grenadier mini on ebay and fell in love with it! little did i know it's actually a real demon in greek and christian beliefs... i am pretty sure at least. i spent extra time on this one and put more detail into it than i usually do. the detail on the heads in the photo sucks because of the crappy lighting i chose, it looks better in person. i am pretty proud of this and i think it's my best one yet, and i know it still sucks big time compared to most of the minis on this forum! i wanted it to look like like an inland taipan, i think that's the snake i'm thinking of. red belly with yellow highlights, and more highlights on the yellow. the back is gloss black, with silver metallic in the center and black metallic around that, making an interesting glowing color that i really like. the eyes are green with yellow highlights, and finally a white pupil. the skull and horn have better contrast in real life.
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