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  1. this is awesome! it really looks like he is glowing! amazing job on this one!
  2. i want to thank froggy for this amazing fig, i finally own it! i have always wanted an astral mauler! anyway, i repainted it to fit my demon army, so it is now a hell mauler!
  3. wow this looks amazing. the colors look so soft. great job!
  4. thanks guys! and yeah i figured nobody was concerned, but i just had to explain myself lol. and now that you mention it... he looks very necromancer-ish. hmmm... he will be the necro in my army
  5. so this is a gargoyle mini i got. i fell in love with the double set of horns, and thought it looked demonic! so instead of painting it like a gargoyle, i painted it like a demon to fit my demon army. (no i am not satanic, i am a christian! i hate what demons stand for... but i think they look cool... if that makes any sense lol).
  6. lol they spawn at random points in history! and yes i am doing a strictly demon army (the dinosaur was befioe that decision and just to mess around with). and thank you!
  7. i have posted them around here. i just thought that i would make a timeline of all of mine in one post, to compare them. and thank you!
  8. amazing. smooth and beautiful colors. all i can think od is jc denton! (my avatar) from deus ex
  9. thank you very much! i am still improving and learning new things. i have seen your work, you are amazing! i hope to be smooth with colors like you some day ladyargent
  10. thought i would show all my minis to date, in the order i painted them. my first ever mini second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh and newest i hope i am improving
  11. thanks all! and josh i am afraid i do not know what the satyr from sexy beast is :S and Darius the link won't work for me :( and awong i used a dark red base on top, then light red over the whole thing, then lighter red for the base of the highlights, then orange for the inside of the highlights, then a brighter orange over that, then yellow for the tips of the highlights and sharp lighted edges. the bottom is a dark brown base, with a lighter brown over that, a desert tan over that, and a yellow / tan / white mix for highlight.
  12. ok so it isn't reaper, but i had to get it. i LOVE the sculpt! the huge horns, large humpback and spine, it is so demonic looking! i painted a pentagram on the circle base too lol.
  13. your criticism is taken well my friend! i agree with you... i need to work on my bases majorly! thank yuo for pointing that out though, it is way too much sharp contrast... i rushed it for sure. i will work on my bases.
  14. ok so i got these 3 done a little while ago and have been too lazy to post them. in order, i painted belial, my DOOM spectre (from DOOM 64, and my hell knight last. the hell knight turned out really bright but oh well. the hell knight and spectre are my two favorites i have done so far because i tried a different blending technique. i used twice as many colors as i normally do, and these two minis look smoother than my others and have a better contrast. belial spectre hell knight
  15. i have 2 pinkys 2 baron of hells, and a cyberdemon. my question is, how did these doom minis become so rare? P.S. doom = one of the best games ever
  16. as soon as you mentioned it i looked it up on ebay and bough it. i still want the reaper version though :P
  17. thanks kit. ebay has always been my number 1 go to for a long time. i just bought two doom minis (baron of hell, pinky) for $10 with $5 shipping for both (total $7.50 per mini!). i also got a baron of hell a long time ago on ebay for $5 with free shipping, and a cyberdemon for $20 free shipping, and a pinky a while ago fro $10 - $2 shipping. i am always on ebay every day. i found those great reaper deals by purposely mispelling the names several ways. baron of hell was titled "baron of heff" so i won it for so cheap because no one else saw the auction. and it is to my understanding reaper doom minis are extremely rare, so hopefully my luck drags on to this astral mauler!
  18. ok thank you very much masterofnone
  19. i really really want an astral mauler mini, but cannot find it anywhere. i know it is OOP, but does anyone have one to sell?
  20. i have been looking for a headless horseman mini, but cannot find one! does anybody know where i could get one or if one even exists?
  21. thank you :D. it's no where near as good as 99% of the minis on this forum though
  22. thanks guys! and the bone staff looks better in person, for some reason it looks just white in the photo
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