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  1. thank you! and lol the backdrop is terrible. just put it on my basement floor and took pics lol
  2. this is my sixth miniature. my first time using metallic colors too. this thing is huge, and took forever.i don't care too much for the gold color of the top of his body, but it is supposed to be body armor.
  3. thank you! i will definately keep painting!
  4. thank you! one thing i wish i could change are the highlights around the leather straps, they are almost the same color as the skin :S oh well
  5. wow this is really good! skin tones must be really hard to get, and you got it perfect!
  6. thanks! i am really new to miniatures but i love them sooo much!
  7. finally done! making a demon exclusive army. i cut it up from my previous state to save space and to make different parts of hell
  8. i haven't painted minis in a long time, this being my fifth mini ever painted. last time i painted one was over a year ago, so i am rusty and no where near you pros on this forum, but i tried. i have painted 3 doom minis before too, and will be painting belial next (all demon army to go with my hell terrain). here is my mini.
  9. i never had the game, but i said i almost got it :)
  10. oh i completely understnd. i thank you for those pics. i have studied them and hopefully know what i can do to better mine. and i almost got that doom game a while ago. i gotta look into that for the figures!
  11. wow those are amazing. thank you! and there is plenty of space i made sure of it. it was inspired by the hell levels in doom 3 and the doom 3 expansion
  12. thanks guys! and yup, it is insulation foam. i am using a really sharp knife to cut it (spyderco G-2 Police knife). and i do have 3 doom minis already. a cyberdemon, pinky demon, and baron of hell. i also have a goat demon (not from doom) but it is not painted yet. insulation foam is amazing material. extremely sturdy, easy to cut and shape, and holds paint colors really well. and oblivion is the same thing i was thinking after i started painting it
  13. ok so i am working on an army of all demons and undead things, so i am making a hell terrain. here it is so far. i have about 15 hours in it so far. i will keep updating. what do you think? it is my first terrain
  14. haha i wish :P i designed this demon and drew it in pencil, and thought it would make a neat mini to go with my hell army. (my friends and i control different armies lol. i have the hell/demon army, one friend has the robots, and the other has humans.) anyway, reaper... if you are watching this... :P
  15. thanks. yeah the pic still is weird, but whatever.
  16. ok i did it. i think it looks better but i guess i need to play around more with picasa. still looks weird
  17. ok thanks! the color in the picture is really screwed up
  18. i finally got around to painting it. took a few hours. hows it look? EDIT: sorry for the crappy pictures. my camera has a disability when it comes to up close stuff.
  19. oh the set is Id Anthology. i have been wanting to get it. it comes with a cyberdemon figure, and all the doom and quake games and i think a t-shirt. but yeah it costs like $500. and a cyberdemon for $5? wow! shoulda got it. just had to share this too. someone is selling on ebay the PROTOTYPE cyberdemon miniature. i think this is like one of two in the WORLD! it was never released, PROTOTYPE CYBERDEMON i think this is the single rarest miniature ever. at least thats what i think.
  20. mine is e1m1 hangar" the song from the firs level of DOOM, actually called "at doom's gate"
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