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  1. i had to share it. if you remember, i had bought a cyberdemon mini unpainted for $20 on ebay because the title was spelled wrong. one cyberdemon recently sold for $117 unpainted, so i got a great deal. here is the one that recently sold: that's not what i came to tell ya about though. i always go on ebay and spell things wrong to find amazing deals. i found a Baron of Hell mini... BUY IT NOW for only $4.99! why? because the title said "BARON OF HEFF!" HAHAHAH! any serious doom mini collector would type in the "baron of hell", so no other serious collector saw the auction, and anyone else who saw it didn't know the true value (like the seller). these have gone for more than $40. i IMMEDIATLEY bought it. here's the pic! my doom collection is growing! i have all the books, most of the games for most platforms, poster and now my minis are expading! yay! oh yeah, and a life size bfg9000 model i made myself. here's the link to video of me holding it: BFG9000 also, doeas ANYONE know ANY stats of ANY doom figure?I know the cyberdemon is pretty much unstoppable
  2. the lines? you mean the stripe - circles of light brown? i painted those on
  3. thanks everyone! i just got back from Florida so i wasn't able to read the responses for a while. EDIT: terribly sorry! i wasn't thinking, but i probably brought up an old topic. sorry about that!
  4. thanks guys. i didn't have any metallic paints, so i just went with regular grays. the base is actually wide enough.
  5. this took forever. lots of blending, and i think i did pretty good on the spine. my friend wants to know how much this is worth now, because he is thinking of painting miniatures. if you were a regular person customer, how much would you pay for this mini? anyway how's it look?
  6. so far, it has taken me about 2 and a half hours just to paint this little section (but then again, the cyberdemon is huge). i do think i did a decent job painting the metal effect, as it is my first shot at doing metal, but what i did was i put a dark layer of grey, then somewhat drybrushed a lighter grey over that, then drybrushed a lighter grey over that, then i gently drybrushed a very light gray over that, and highlighted the bolts and edges of the metal piece with this color. but i took some crappy quick pics and how does it look so far? the pics suck, but i also blended red in where his flesh meets the metal, to give the effect that it is tender, sore, maybe bleeding flesh.
  7. i know! very innovative especially for it's time (1993)
  8. the spider mastermind? it had less life than a cyberdemon, and the shots did much less damage, but a cyberdemon's rocket is easier to dodge than the chaingun on the spider mastermind. in map 20 of doom 2, they throw a spider mastermind and a cyberdemon at you at the same time. all you need to do is have the spider mastermind shoot the cyberdemon by accident and both monsters will go to war with eachother, and the cyberdemon usually always wins.
  9. thanks everyone! i would have to agree that the cyberdemon would be maxed in everything especially if we are talking about the cyberdemon on nightmare mode! (i can't even beat level 1 of doom on the nightmare difficulty), then the cyberdemon would own everything. immagine a whole army of like 500 of these things (or however many are in an army). i would like to wait until i got better to paint it, but i have no other minis to paint, and i think it will be fun anyway. i will take my time and do my best. i hope i can finish it within a week. apparently this is a huge mini. another thing too about the seller is that the descrition for the item was just whatever was written on the bottom of the cyberdemon, and nothing else. they took a pic of the bottom too, so obviously they had no idea what it was worth. and they didn't even put "Doom" in the title or description. i know $20 is a great deal, but exactly how much are cyberdemons worth?
  10. lol. ok i will paint it as best as i can. i know i am not the best painter, but i think i can do a semi decent job on it. we'll see. it seems that the detail on it is very good too. yay i can't wait! i will destroy people with my CYBERDEMON! actually i am not into minis for playing the games (seems WAY to confusing for me!), i just love painting! P.S: thanks froggy for fixing the title. Another P.S: although i probably won't understand this, but does anyone know the stats for a cyberdemon? in otherwords, is he a powerful force to play with or against? i would immagine he is very strong and extremely hard to defeat.
  11. lol i wish more people would misspell rare items for me to find again!
  12. LOL i put the title "raper" instead of "reaper" LOL!!!!
  13. I GOT ONE!!!!! YES! finally! i own a cyberdemon mini! i have been searching forever for one of these! i got it off ebay for only $20!!! (the seller had NO idea what he/she was selling) as soon as i saw it i knew i had to get it! the pic is from the auction as it hasn't come in yet. I am really lucky though. the seller used an odd title for the figure, so hardly anyone saw the auction, but i did, so i bid on it and won! do you think i should paint it?
  14. i want to know how to paint metal. i don't want it too shiny or anything, but i don't want rusty metal either, just old, sort of worn metal. anyone got any pics or tutorials oon how to paint this effect?
  15. Thanks! Now that i look at it, the teeth seem black. I guess scaling the picture down lost some detail. Ah well, at least i took better pics than last time. I can't wait to paint more! Plus, if you click on the link to my website, i took better pics of my doom pinky demon.
  16. Sorry about my grammar Madog. And I am talking about the original Doom Cyberdemon.
  17. i finished my carnotaurus. my second mini ever. check out my new site too: http://www.myminis.page.tl
  18. i also want something really durable so when you drop it it wont shatter
  19. i want to make a model of a cyberdemon, but what clay should i use? i want good sculpting clay where i dont have to use a kiln. or is there something that works better than clay?
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