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  1. thanks, and i see what you mean by time being worth money.
  2. this is my second mini i have painted. i am not finished yet, as i still have the head and base to paint. from my last mini, people told me to try to smooth my shades, so i tried that by smoothing the tan belly to the blue body, and then the blue body to the green arms. this is a pretty big miniature, so it was hard to paint, and even though i am not done, it still took me 8 hours to do. how does it look? i found some guy on ebay who painted one trying to sell it for $34. does paitning them like that really increase the value that much? EBAY LINK http://cgi.ebay.com/Painted-miniature-Reap...bayphotohosting chweck out his paint job
  3. i like frankenstein. any more from video games now? and what is the company that makes the other doom figures?
  4. thanks everyone. i am really looking for more doom minis, but also from other classic games, like quake, hexen, games with monsters in them, or just any games in particular. and i can't find the classic horror monsters
  5. well both really. i am really interested in classic video game minis like from quake or something.
  6. does anyone know what company makes minis of characters from video games? or even classic movies.
  7. are you supposed to make colors blend when the paint is still wet? thanks for the comment jabberwocky!
  8. i will be sure to learn how to photograph! i am pretty bad at photography but if i want to post my work i will need to get better!
  9. how is it not a doom mini? it is modeled after the demon from doom. thanks for the comment though!
  10. lol obsession, that's what it will be for me in no time! thanks though!
  11. thanks! i see what what you mean about smoothing colors, the contrast does look a bit harsh. but boy was i nervous to paint this! considering it is a rare mini, and i payed $36 for it! i did my best though! and yeah, this mini was long out of production, and i have searched everywhere for a doom mini, and finally found one on ebay and i bid fiercly along with 7 other people, but i won it yay!
  12. alright, this is my first ever miniature that i painted, and i am pretty happy with the results. i started off with 3 coats of duplicolor black sandable primer, and then brushed on a dark purple coat. after that, i painted gradual shades of pink to highlight the muscles. then for the horns, i had it shaded from black to white. i did this with the claws, as well as the top teeth. i painted the eyes with a mix of bright yellow and solid lime green. i did the tongue a nice pinkish red, and right down the middle of the tongue i added a dark red line. i painted the gums a bright pink as well. at the end, i mixed flat brown with a desert yellow to make it look like a sandy color, and dry brushed that over the base. it took me hours to do this mini. although this is my first mini, and i am no expert, i do have SOME painting skill, and even though this was my first, i had fun doing it. i really like painting miniatures now, and i must say, reaper had a great line of doom minis. this demon was crafted very well! but boy does it take a steady hand to paint these! the details are TINY! anyway how does it look? (my camera sorta sucks) Plus, inside the mouth right above the tongue may look like a shiny mess up spot, but that's just flash on my camera. it doesn't look like that in person.
  13. ok, i am going to paint my reaper doom pinky demon figure, but since it is made of pewter, do i use acrylic paints? and if i mess up, can i use fingernail polish remover to remove the paint?
  14. yay! i bought a pinky demon figure off ebay! i finally own one now! too bad i had to pay $32.20! oh well, well worth it
  15. i can't find any on bartertown, and they are out of stock on miniature giant. does anyone have any to sell? message me if so.
  16. where in the world can i get the reaper DOOM minis? i have been looking everywhere!
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