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  1. I have a Justicar unit with bases built into a display stand. Reaper Stand Lots of pictures at; Reaper Crusader Unit with Stand JoeDaddy
  2. I used Hirst molds to build a unit display and holder; http://picasaweb.google.com/joedaddyzzz/Re...297223027700034 The floor tiles are actually the bases of the figures. http://picasaweb.google.com/joedaddyzzz/Re...297231617634658 I say go for it. Its a great way to display your figures. JoeDaddy
  3. I have been painting some Crusader models and built a church stand for them. Each model is based on a tile and removable from the stand. Side View Door View Back View Capt Broderick Sir Malcom 3 Crusader Justicars JoeDaddy
  4. Did this "paint day" ever get scheduled anywhere? JoeDaddy
  5. Hi, I have a problem with a bottle of 09032 amber gold. I tried to thin a drop with a drop of water and the paint seemed to have separated into some clumps that make a total mess. The paint alone seems okay and stays mixed, but water is a problem. I have a bottle of 09033 Golden Blond that thins with water no problem. Has any else seen this type of problem? Thanks, JoeDaddy
  6. Just a shout out of thanks to LadyStorm and Storminator for their time and help this weekend at Total Con in the snow of MA. I learned a great deal and met some great folks. Maybe I will be able to enter this year's take and paint in next year's paint contest ;) Good luck in the future and thanks again, JoeDaddy
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