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  1. Or someone could climb in through an unlocked window. Most break ins I've seen aren't done with near that level of finesse. Sure its bad if you get hit the rare professional who might use one of these but there are more likely ways your home your business could get broken into.
  2. Thorvald is a non-unique solo in a dwarven force.
  3. I use it straight. Then when I am done stripping minis I clean the toilet with it. We use simple green as our house cleaner so we always have it around.
  4. One thing I do on demos is figure out what abilities you can explain as they come up and make that part of the demo. That cuts down on the glazed eye look when you start rattling off every single ability. Also try to get largely overlapping abilities between troops and ignore faction abilities if need be. What I have found is that people have a better reception the faster you put the dice in their hands and let them start killing.
  5. Here are some ideas for flight: Models can hover in the corriders and other defined "low ceiling" places. This gives the terrain movement abilities but they are in range of melee attacks from people on the ground. In other words you can't get out of the range of people stabbing at you without hitting your head on the ceiling.
  6. My favorite CAVs are Wights and my favorite vehicles are Malefactors.
  7. Dalassa

    I need some help

    What about pink with ribbons?
  8. Dalassa


    Actually nadine I'd believe you. I quit hanging out at dumpshock a few months ago due to school. Last I'd heard though the books were basically written and were just waiting for the okay and SRRPG.com still lists them as upcoming. I'll see what comes in in the next book shipment at my FLGS since I have a standing order out for SoE. Thanks
  9. Dalassa


    They were/are planning on releasing a SotA book every 12-18 months to update various portions of Shadowrun tech or subculturethat otherwise would never get released or rereleased. I think SotA:2064 was planned to be heavy on the magic info but that's based on old rumors. I admit I am waiting on ranking Mr. J's Little Black Book on my Need It Now list until I see it because I have heard differing things about what will be in it. Also if it comes out near Loose Alliances or Shadows of Asia I think I'd have to get those first. I did dance for joy when I got my Rigger 3 Revised though. Over 100 changed pages! No more impossible to hit helicopters!.
  10. Dalassa


    Now if WizKids would actually let FanPro publish the Shadowrun books rather than sitting on them Shadowrun might not be a in constant state of relaunch and crash which makes it very hard to attract new fans and keep the old ones. I've forgotten exaclty how long I've been waiting for Shadows of Europe, and I think State of the Art: 2064 is a distant dream.
  11. Well actually I'm a poor college student so my mini workspace is the spot on my desk infront of my keyboard. This is right next to my bed. I also fidget constantly. Things end up in strange places in my dorm room.
  12. I can add another thing to pin vise safety. Keep an eye on it or it may end up in your bed.
  13. I don't know where Lake County is, sorry. However, Wumpus and I are in Lorain County and yes, there will be a small con in Febuary. PM for more information or a time to set up a game. We are always looking for people to play with.
  14. The Well of Doom. I'm not sure what it could be but doesn't everyone love a Well of DOOM! :)
  15. Eventually I will play anything again. My college's 40 person LARP means no one does anything else at all. :(
  16. I'm using Khulsanthus as a monster in my Necropolis army, my current idea for a totem involves a pile a spare skeleton parts, The Trash Heap or something. I just need enough parts. If I have a Mercenary army then I plan to use Oswald the Overladen and pieces from the Reaper treasure sets.
  17. Yeah we had a can of Armory go very fuzzy on us yesterday. I sprayed one coat checked on Monique and discovered that she had developed velvet boots. Twenty minis in the tub of Simple Green.....
  18. Darn. I was hoping they wouldn't be named characters but actual minis I could use in games. I'm sure they look cool no matter what and I will be painting them but are there any plans to release generic PCs in Exalted style? Otherwise its back to putting ridiculously huge swords into the hands of tiny female minis for me.
  19. Grater frowns at her teammates willingness to ignore the girl and goes over to her. While quickly checking for serious injury she tries to calm her down. "You have a way to get home dear? Think you can get there without firther trouble or do you need a moment to catch your breath?"
  20. heh, oops. I forgot to check the website for a week and then I went on break.
  21. Stiggy Baby's has a lot of old Ral Partha Shadowrun minis in stock.
  22. "Damnit, this always happens when I don't have the big guns out." Grater pulls out her pistols and moves to back up Syd.
  23. Grater carefully slips her pistols in their holsters. "I'll ride on your bike."
  24. Sorry I've not been around. Bronchitis has kicked my butt.
  25. Grater absently mindedly chomps on some jerky, "Well at least I will go to the meet. Usually no harm in that."
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