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  1. Finally got around to putting some paint on Nathavarr. Maybe by next year I will get the rest done.
  2. OK, so for a "wash" one can use special inks or special pre-made "washes", but is also OK just to mix up regular reaper paint with a bit of extra water? (Just bought a basic set of reaper paints, was hoping to avoid having to buy a set of washes/inks as well..) Once you've base coated them you can do a wash no problem at all. If you want to do one before the base coat, I've had some success with a wash made not from water but with arylic medium (aka Reaper Brush-on Sealer, amongst other things...). Oh! Yes, you can create a wash from just about any of the Reaper paints - I typically do a wash of Walnut Brown for a lot of stuff, but I've also used LED Blue, Clear Yellow, Clear Red, Clear Blue, Clear Green, and Clear Magenta recently. I've found that just of touch of soap in the water helps to cut down on the water tension allowing the watery paint to seek the lowest points (cracks and creases) rather than the flat surfaces.
  3. I wanted to paint Narthrax first from my Bones II, but he was missing a head . Now I will have time to ponder alternative paint schemes while I wait for Reaper to catch up on shipping and process issues.
  4. I had thought that at first as well, but the lower walls appear to be slightly bowed in. If I flex the walls out, then everything lines up a lot better. I'm going to wait until after I boil and position before any major surgery on the pieces. Except for the tab. It's gone.
  5. Yup evil, that's me. <on_a_more_serious_note> I've gone through stretches like that where I see paint jobs that put mine to shame and think I can't compete with that (have you seen Cap'n John's Case?!?!?). But I've learned to use them for inspiration rather than be discouraged and I enjoy painting these things way too much to stop doing it (hence the great number of bones heading my way). I have heard more comments on this forum about people being encouraged to paint based on seeing what someone has done rather than being discouraged. Thanks to everyone in this forum that is posting to learn, posting to inspire, and posting for the enjoyment of it. </on_a_more_serious_note> And now back to being evil.
  6. From my Display Case. I never did get around to putting the spikey things on his back.
  7. From my Display Case. Complete with frog.
  8. From my Display Case. Krug's little brother.
  9. From my Display Case. These hill giants have quite the heft to them.
  10. From my Display Case. With glow in the dark eyes.
  11. From my Display Case. I remember the first time I ran across one of these in a campaign. I think the DM killed us all off. I still bear the mental scars of that encounter.
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