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    A Deadly Kis

    Thought you guys would enjoy a battle report with the most excellent Reaper Succubus as the main attraction. Hehe, get it attraction? Succubus? Yeah anyway, enjoy the madness of Weird WWII. http://i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc178/k...ginale640-1.jpg She was painted by my pal Mike so check out his incredible brush work here (http://tableterror.blogspot.com/) http://whattheminiatures.com/forum/index.php?topic=335.0 Br
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    Reaper Services

    Thanks and whomever is in the Contract Casting Services listing on their contact info on their site. Brian
  3. Kampfgruppe Cottrell

    Reaper Services

    Well I've tried to contact the company's Contract Casting Dept to no avail so I'l ask the question here. What services, if any, does Reaper offer to others? Mold making service? Casting service? If so what would the prices and details for such services be? What size molds used? Number of 28mm or 34mm green per mold? I am currently producing a small catalog of greens and am looking for a mold and caster as I am a one man show and don't have the experience or equipment to do it myself. Please PM me or contact me below. brian@battlegroundweirdwarii.com Thanks, Brian Cottrell Battleground Weird War II & What The?! Miniatures
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    Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas. The Cottrell's