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  1. The flavor text for my entry... Minis used were: 50090: Townsfolk: Jock, Chick, Nerd 50027: Captain Griffon, Superhero 50056: Carmine Defazio, Mob Hitman 50012: Jack the Ripper The bursting floor and Captain Griffon are where this whole thing started. I had one of those GW basing kits that came with some mini slate chunks and I thought they would look perfect for busting concrete, though my first impulse was to have someone being hurled into a sidewalk, shattering it, and the hero hovering over them. When I went to Hobbytown to pick up the hero, his villain, and his damsel in distress, the villain I wanted was gone, I couldn't find a suitable damsel, all the minis I used were on sale, and the whole diorama sprang fully formed into my mind. I got everything in the diorama for just twenty five bucks, including the plasticard. Captain Griffon/Strong-Man is clearly squaring off with someone in that stance and he reminded me of a panel in Alex Ross's Kingdom Come comic where Superman, having flown through the planet's core to get across the world because it was quicker than flying around, busts up through the floor of the Batcave with all these chunks of stone and blobs of magma flying out as shrapnel. I just clipped his base and bent his feet down to make it look like he's flying and it worked almost perfectly. I initially tried translucent rods, but they frosted over when I hit the whole thing with Matte so I just painted them a neutral grey. Originally I was going to paint green and magenta footsteps and puddles all around the floor to show the path of the "PaintMinions" as they walked around the museum and Art's paintbrush and smears were going to be rainbow colored, but I ran out of time to keep embellishing my entry. The marks on the masterworks are smears of their own "Anamorphic Acrylics" and not Moderne's much more dangerous "Acidic Acrylics", though their Paintball Tommyguns are loaded with acidic acrylic paintballs. Did I paint the art reproductions? Yes: If by "Paint" you mean "Find a bunch of classic art online and then print them off on my roommates professional printshop quality color laserjet and glue them to little plasticard picture frames." I did paint on the smears, though!
  2. Nice work. Excellent work on the highlighting on the cloth and your green-fu is certainly stronger than mine on that tiara. I have a bunch of those bases too. They add a lot of pop to minis while being simple at the same time. The great thing about them is how they can really work for modern/scifi minis and traditional fantasy ones as well. They're a fantastic value. Got my fingers crossed for ya!
  3. This year my entry for the Wyrd Miniatures Iron Painter competition was 100% Reaper minis. I'm particularly proud of how the cement bursting out of the floor turned out.
  4. I've been off the boards for a while because I've been away from my painting desk and at work. Last Thursday I got canned so I got to sit back down and really concentrate on finishing up an old project. The other pictures didn't turn out, so I'll post more when they're done.
  5. So my Reapercon Sophies came in the mail today and what to my wondering eyes should appear but the autographs of Bob Ridolfi and Julie Guthrie shining back at me from one of them. How cool is that!? How many of those went out?
  6. The extended claws on the Dreadnaught are awesome.
  7. Actually, I flipped the fire technique on purpose. I wanted to give the impression that the edge of his blade heats up and kind of subsumes away in a plasma state (I've seen it actually happen in various science vids like ). It looks a lot like steam aspirating from the suface of water. Thanks for the tutorial though. It's going to be a big help on my Reaper fire elemental.
  8. Here's some picks of Almaran the Gold, my round two entry for Wyrd Mini's Iron Painter contest. the them for this round was "Light my Fire," so his flaming blade made him an instant choice for the contest.
  9. I just want to place a request for some alien and robot minis in the line, and I don't mean screaming insect aliens (I've got those).
  10. I won my first round by the way. Thanks for the support folks. :D
  11. I finished up another Jedi conversion last week between rounds of Iron Painter over at Wyrd minis. Started with this guy... and using similar techniques and bits we wound up with... I'm pretty pleased with how he turned out. After testing with blu-tack, I decided to keep the Tonfa look, which in turn led me to come up with his custom weapons in my Star Wars Campaign. The lightsaber hilts are again space Marine bolter scopes, only this time I left them a great deal more intact.
  12. Nice work, though the photo still looks kinda grainy. I have one of these guys lying around in my mini-bin, along with some zombie marines.
  13. Fantastic job! :drools: I didn't realise that this guy was from the reaper line. I'll have to get one for my D&D campaign.
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