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    Infinity Aquilla Guard

    I love the dynamism of the Infinity line. Great sci-fi miniatures, and fun to paint to boot. Below is a shoulder detail w/ the Pan Oceania seal.
  2. HamishMcGreigh

    Looking for Advice / Criticism

    Looks like your brush control is coming along well, and it shows on the dwarf's shield. I really like the skin tone you got on the ork, as well. If you can manage it, sunlight is the best light source for both painting and photography: Though it is fairly unforgiving, the amount of light and unfocused nature of it helps reveal the mini, and can help you catch stuff you didn't see before the photo. Also, try photographing the mini against a matte background, like a piece of white printer paper.
  3. HamishMcGreigh

    Painted Bugbear Bully

    I have all the other Reaper Bugbears, and they will fit on a 25mm base, but this guy is about 50% bigger than any of the others, and just about needs the larger base. :) I guess he is the bully of the tribe. If you put him next to one of the others, like the new female bugbear cleric, you can see the scale difference.
  4. HamishMcGreigh

    Painted Loriel Silverlocks

    I really like how the sunset color fade I was trying on this mini turned out.
  5. HamishMcGreigh

    Converted Trollblood

    Yeah, I'm working on that. It'll look better done up as a proper tartan, the pattern was painted on his He-Man shorts just to see how it looked. Back to the painting palette with that one. On the good news front, I found a chain w/ dimensions I like, so that bit should be finished up soon. Now I just have to green a skirt...splutter... I mean kilt on him. :)
  6. HamishMcGreigh

    RCon Sophie

    If they do another 28/32 mm Sophie like they did last year, I'm definently picking up more than one, even though last year I had to order her online. Wish I'd bought more than one last year: I have a nicely painted one that a friend of maine has been telling me to put up for auction, and I don't really want to part with her.
  7. HamishMcGreigh

    So far what does this look like to you?

    This guy made a perfect Mario (He's even got a little spot on his hat for the "M"), and with a little conversion, Balto made for a great Luigi.
  8. HamishMcGreigh

    Painting Killian, Bounty Hunter

  9. Just wondering what the general consensus on this guy is. Is he wearing a shirt, or are his upper arms bare?