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  1. Hey man, baking soda looks great for snow, and you did a nice job with it. People wouldn't use it if it didn't work. Just be sure you don't spill any vinegar on it, or you'll get something... interesting :D Some people use small amounts of wall spackle for snow, so you might want to try that next time you do a snow base for a different look. It has a smoother appearance to it, of course, and might not be appropriate for a new fallen look, but it makes for awesome snowdrifts and has the advantage of being able to hold marks that are pressed into it, like green stuff does. I have a set of 40K Space Marine and Mordheim mercenary legs sitting in my bitz kit just for leaving footprints in it.
  2. I really like what you did with her. She looks great, especially your basing. Speaking as someone who just finished painting the same model, I hated painting those wraps around her legs and forearms, didn't you? The way you painted them makes them look fantastic and sharp but there's just enough muddines to the actual sculpt to make painting them a hassle.
  3. Simple: She's on a battlefield and she fed recently. :P
  4. And a Vampire Countess wouldn't have the resources to get one? I'll note you didn't say anything about its evil, glowing, red eyes. Thanks, though, I really don't know anything about horses. I'll do some research before I paint another.
  5. Yeah, I've been painting Infinity models for a client for awhile now, and if he can't afford the models, he really can't afford to pay me to do them. Stupid gas crunch is kicking the price of everything in the butt.
  6. Quite the eclectic mix of minis: Hasslefree, GW, Void, Privateer... I think I even see something from Superfigs in the back. The only line missing is Warzone ;p Nice work on the lot of them. Are all your security goons going to be 40K Stormtroopers?
  7. I weep at your superlative basing skills. I wish I had that kind of drive to really go to town on a mini like that.
  8. She's up on e-bay right now. What do you guys think?
  9. My Paradox system would work like this. I'll break down Back to the Future as an example... In my system, a badguy's action would generate a paradox score depending on the severity of his action multiplied by his temporal distance from the origin point of the time travelling team's control point. The team can operate at personal paradox within this paradox total without endangering the timeline, because their actions to repair time counteract their own points in general. Paradox points could perhaps be treated as a kind of hitpoint total for the characters. It wouldn't be that their actions cause paradoxes that effect the timestream (because after all, they've travelled back to fix someone who is screwing with history). Instead, the party has a running paradox score and when it reaches a certain threshold, the time machine back at the baseline time periond yanks them back to control before they have a stronger effect on time than the person they're trying to stop. The total paradox limit for the party would be equal to the paradox generated by the badguy, the incremental paradox penalties would be arrived at by dividing the total paradox limit by the amount of party members, and the personal paradox levels would apply penalties at increments equal to a tenth of the paradox limit. Example Bad Guy x goes back in time to off Truman before he can order the bombs dropped on Hiroshima. This generates a paradox score of 75. A party of 5 goes back to stop him. The party can generate Paradox totals of up to 74 before being booted back to control, can generate 15 total points before starting to cause party-wide penalties, and any given player could have seven paradox points before starting to suffer personal penalties. You would have to come up with individual paradox values for acts and equipment, and come up with a way to generate the antagonists initial paradox scores in an equitable manner, but this is the bare bones for a good system, at least in my opinion.
  10. There's also some great modern/near modern minis from companies like Artizan, Black Scorpion, Flash Point (17mm scale), and The Assault Group. Odds are your LGS can get 'em in.
  11. Several RPGs set in modernistic times (Such as D20 Modern or Spycraft) use a "Wealth" system instead of actual cash. This allows you to deal with the fact that in a classic RPG, every coin counts, but in the real world, with a real income, you generally have a certain amount of liquid cash available at any given moment. In D20 Modern, characters get a wealth bonus based on level and class whereas in Spycraft the players have a clearance level worth of gear that can be requisitioned. Perhaps in your time travelling game, wealth could be treated as such, but if the party goes over certain limits, it starts to affect the time stream by giving them cumulative penalties and so on. Something like that. A system for tracking paradox would be an essential mechanic for a game that deals in time travel. Come to think about it, if Reaper's new system is called "Chronoscape" they might be looking for a system for roleplaying temporal adventure.
  12. Someone thoroughly skilled in the art of forgery would be a necessity: If not on a team, then at least at HQ. Forged coins and bank notes wouldn't actually affect fiscal amounts through the time stream, as almost all forgeries are found in time. Barring that you'd need a deep cover operative to get installed from location to location to set up a wealth base for the PCs to draw on while operating in the past. That would actually be a neat NPC. The party could come across him and, seeing as he'd need to be in place for a while in each timeline (possibly for years at a time), the party would see him age and, eventually, get too old to assist anymore and get replaced.
  13. Well, he's finished, but I forgot to bring my camera to work at the gamestore with me. Pics on Saturday, facing off against the party from my campaign.
  14. I LOVE Void militia. They are so dead perfect for modern/near future sci-fi that I wept when my store stopped stocking them.
  15. The VOID minis are flingin'-Flangin' perfect for Shadowrun, as you've apparently noticed. I've got more than a few of them on my paint table myself. Nice work, especially the camo on the Delacque's pants. You also might want to try Corvus Belli's Infinity line for minis.
  16. HELL YES! I've been aching for non-wargame scifi minis in an affordable priceing range for a long time. I've ordered some of Kev White's sculpts from Hasslefree before, but seeing as how I have to import them from the UK its hardly affordable. Waytago, Reapers. Makes me really wish I was going to Reapercon, but I'm going to the Privateer Press Press Gang Invitational this year (and maybe PAX) and I can really only afford one of those trips/ year.
  17. I really like the size on this guy. He's really intimidating on the tabletop, especially with the other bugbears lined up with him. I really liked Gronk Spliteye, but this guy kicks his butt.
  18. Tried to match the colors from the Casketworks cover.
  19. Allright, here's a booty shot of the bully.
  20. Yes. They're holding all sorts of various non-weapon items. Its part of what makes them snotlings, and awesome.
  21. This is the kilt look I'm going to shoot for. Also, found the harpoon I'm going to use. Should be done soon. :hopes:
  22. Here's a comparison photo with the female bugbear cleric. As you can see, he's a great deal bulkier. His base goes from edge to edge on a 40mm base.
  23. Looks like your brush control is coming along well, and it shows on the dwarf's shield. I really like the skin tone you got on the ork, as well. If you can manage it, sunlight is the best light source for both painting and photography: Though it is fairly unforgiving, the amount of light and unfocused nature of it helps reveal the mini, and can help you catch stuff you didn't see before the photo. Also, try photographing the mini against a matte background, like a piece of white printer paper.
  24. I have all the other Reaper Bugbears, and they will fit on a 25mm base, but this guy is about 50% bigger than any of the others, and just about needs the larger base. :) I guess he is the bully of the tribe. If you put him next to one of the others, like the new female bugbear cleric, you can see the scale difference.
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