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  1. Yeah, I'm working on that. It'll look better done up as a proper tartan, the pattern was painted on his He-Man shorts just to see how it looked. Back to the painting palette with that one. On the good news front, I found a chain w/ dimensions I like, so that bit should be finished up soon. Now I just have to green a skirt...splutter... I mean kilt on him. :)
  2. If they do another 28/32 mm Sophie like they did last year, I'm definently picking up more than one, even though last year I had to order her online. Wish I'd bought more than one last year: I have a nicely painted one that a friend of maine has been telling me to put up for auction, and I don't really want to part with her.
  3. I love the dynamism of the Infinity line. Great sci-fi miniatures, and fun to paint to boot. Below is a shoulder detail w/ the Pan Oceania seal.
  4. This guy made a perfect Mario (He's even got a little spot on his hat for the "M"), and with a little conversion, Balto made for a great Luigi.
  5. I've been converting this guy from the reaper Clay golem by shaving off the nose and ears and greening up the chin stubble and quills. I like how he's turning out, but I'm dissappointed in the way the tartan pattern turned out. I'm adding a harpoon on a chain wrapped around his wrist as soon as I can find some small link chain again. The tribal tatoos were some of my first tatoo work, and I'm pretty happy with them.
  6. I really like how the sunset color fade I was trying on this mini turned out.
  7. My Bugbear Bully I didn't mean for it to happen, but after uploading the photo, it wound up looking like a watercolor or children's book illustration.
  8. Just wondering what the general consensus on this guy is. Is he wearing a shirt, or are his upper arms bare?
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