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  1. He looks great. Trashcan looks realistic. I like it. : ) If I were you, I'd paint his hat band, if there is one, a bit darker. Maybe a little less bright red on the base.. It's refreshing when I imagine him soaking wet by the rain. It's raining outside! Rain dripping down his hat.. A car just splashed water all over him. ...
  2. She is beautiful. I like seeing your base covered with snow. Your moderate masterpiece freehand is gently pleasing. Warm light yellow and crisp light blue look sheer wonderful.
  3. Beautiful colors and basing. Green is a little strong in my eyes, but that's just me. Thank you for showing. : )
  4. He looks very cool, buglips. I look forward to see your NMM. ObsidianCrane, I love his face. He is quite attractive for a muscle man! My poor guy is collecting dust somewhere long forgotten by me. I'll do some painting tonight! (1-2 hours, probably : )
  5. Sorry, it's not a mini WIP. (I couldn't attach images in Off-topic forum...) I watched this Youtube video one day: I shopped at the 99 Cents store, paid less than $20. I spent one afternoon, taking frequent breaks due to 2 sweet kids under 3. It was very fun to make one. I encourage you to try. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays
  6. I like his face He looks great with the muted blue you chose.
  7. Purple, red purple, and a touch of yellow on her back are pleasant to look at. Her face is eye catching, her sword look fantastic. I like elegant and mystical purple. It is indeed hard to tame.. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Very cute Tangerine Goblin. Old fashioned delicate figure & likable color scheme.
  9. She looks great. I love the way you painted her staff.
  10. Yellow and blue look great. I love her sharp highlights. She looks fantastic. :) (No, don't break your brushes.)
  11. Your Bones are not hideous. They are pretty good looking even though you tried not to put all your heart. Aging with your minis as they get slowly weathered by the adventures is also not that bad.
  12. You are so good at creating beautiful bases. You'll be dreaming/thinking about it and I'm sure you will have an idea. : ) When I first looked at the rock, I somehow pictured this mini, Nienna, Elf Ranger, on top of it: http://www.reapermin...#detail/02909_G It'd be pretty if you place the rock on a wooden display base: http://www.sears.com..._SPM6273864907P http://www.ooakartis...m/Displays.html
  13. My hubby is fond of orc/half-orc. He would like this mini, then. I like dry brushing bigger areas. 1) I remove paint on the brush by wiping it off on a paper towel until I see non coming out, 2) I apply that invisible paint on a cloak, for example, as if spring breeze hits it gently. His fur clothing was way too small for expecting smooth highlight using drybrush technique for me...
  14. Fur (clothing) * Base: Palomino gold * Wash: Troll shadow+Gnoll shadow+ very little Green liner * Light: Palomino gold * Highlight: Yellowed bone+Creamy ivory+flow improver I disliked drybrushing highlight, so I did light brush strokes as if I was writing 11111... until I felt doing so was no fun. He is a bit too orange like a Halloween pumpkin. ...I will change that. A male pumpkin fairy is not bad, though... I'm in the middle of adding some red/red brown. Plan: I'll give blue or turquoise wash on his skin. Black-red-yellow pendant. Darker colored kilt. Grey highlight on his hair. Probably use metallic paints. Detail on his face/better highlight. Skull on his eye patch if I could... A small picture of my painting area. I like it when it's not so messy. When I'm not conscious, a Goblin inside me drops a bomb on the desk...
  15. Here is my dude. I haven't spent as much time as I wanted to. I only removed mold lines that were visible on a gaming table. I did a little brown lining. I used orange brown on his kilt, and gave heavy black(Game color) wash on his hair. Muddy olive & Rust brown on beads. I did terrible on fur clothing. I'll probably change it back to white. :) I googled inspiring images, and I liked these: I like her skin tone, especially cold highlight, and her orange/green accessaries. Bertok looks so much like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  16. Beautiful I like subtle yellow and blue you chose. I especially love her blue belt and light blue shadow on her wings. They make her look airy.
  17. Probably starting from where I left him. After picking up my son from school, I'll be removing molding lines with a hobby knife. And then I'll use Reaper's white brush on primer later tonight.
  18. I took a couple of photos of my Bertok using my phone. This is where I left him years ago I don't recall exactly when. He's got somewhat thick coat of white primer, has molding lines, and I used truly shiny metallic silver paint. My little messy notebook says I used 'Humanoid Triad' on his skin. I didn't write down colors I used on his leather.
  19. The title has changed to [open/group]. Sweet! :D I don't have LTPK4... I was thinking about ordering it, but I changed my mind. I have half of its paints and the barbarian at home. Maybe I'll use similar colors mimicking what others are doing. ;) I'll start painting him this weekend when my cute pre-schooler and a little baby girl who keep me happily busy go to bed. It should be fun!
  20. I have this figure on my shelf of shame! I painted him just a little bit, got bored and abandoned him years ago. Can I join this thread? : ) Oh, maybe not, I don't have L2PK4 (Learn to paint kit 4?)!!!!! His skin looks good, Last Knight & Goblin. : )
  21. This site might help? It does have lots of images... http://www.dwarvenforge.com/photos
  22. I am also nearsighted. (I'm not a goblin and I'm not That old.) I take off my glasses when I want to paint something microscopic tiny. Without glasses, my eyes get fatigued easily and that limits my painting time. I feel blessed and cursed at the same time.
  23. She is beautiful. Those shiny gems look fantastic. I wish you good luck on the contest.
  24. I like this rock version of Gangnam style by Sinawe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-lb-6bKpt4&feature=youtu.be
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