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  1. And here I kept refusing free subscriptions to the local newspaper because I didn't have a birdcage or any fish to wrap. Little did I know....
  2. Given a choice between the Byzantine maze that is Growtix (better last year than the year before, but still problematic) and a simple shopping cart, I'd take the latter. Managing class schedules isn't all that difficult, and Growtix didn't manage merging schedules for teaching and taking classes well anyway.
  3. Haven't tried Discord, but both Skype and Hangouts have worked well for us. We point a camera at the map (since we use gridded combat) and use a conference mike in the middle of the table. Some notes: It's much easier to do this if only one person is online or if everyone is online. With two or three remote people, it can be hard for the remote people to get the attention of the people at the table. It helps a lot if someone at the table is specifically listening for comments from the online person. When things get animated, it can be very hard to break in. If you
  4. I despise that version, but I had read the book several times long before it came out, so it was very jarring. Much better version, IMO, and in every way. Tastes vary, of course. I think the 1973 version (from the George MacDonald Fraser* screenplay) is pretty definitive for me, at least. With an honorable mention for the dialog from the (really silly) Disney version. "All for one. And more for me." But I accept that others can be wrong. * Probably best known for his Flashman books, though they're not the books of his that I l
  5. You might want to see if they can manage a Skype/Facetime/Google Hangouts thing so you can play remotely. It's been working for us for years for people who are sick or have moved since the start of the campaign. (At one point we had players who lived in Boston, Denver, and Chicago, and at least once I called in from Utah while on a trip.) It's not ideal, but it works and lets us keep in touch with friends who now live elsewhere.
  6. Note that Ben Hur has been remade twice (three different versions). If you don't know about the author, Lew Wallace, it's worth looking up his history: Civil War general On the court martial board for the Lincoln assassination plotters Governor of New Mexico territory during the Lincoln County War (the one with Billy the Kid) And author of the book at the top of the all-time US bestseller list until 1936 (and again after the 1959 version of the movie) Definitely a player character. Perverse curiosity?
  7. I can't say that I'm much bothered by remakes. They don't eliminate the existence of the original, so the only possible negative effect for me is that afterwards I have to specify which version of the movie I'm talking about.
  8. We're supposed to get a "wintry mix" on Friday. I'm blaming you. Personally.
  9. Us older folks should be so lucky as to be deprived in that way. Well, except for Mary Ann, of course. She almost made the show worth the time. She was in the same category as Annette Funicello for young me.
  10. Or you could attach a boat anchor to a real rifle for the same experience. If you don't have to carry it all over Europe or Africa, though, the extra weight does make for a very nice, stable shooting platform and reduced felt recoil, so I understand why you like it. (Plus they really are quite pretty, especially when well maintained.)
  11. That's my experience, too. NB: It can be useful to leave a bit of the plastic directly under the feet of the figure to give more purchase when attaching the figure to its new base.
  12. There are ads on YouTube? In the case of in-video ads ("sponsorships"), I generally skip forward to the real content or the next video. First, they have to have ads from a company that you might be interested in, which, given the shared interests of many of the people here would be very low-interest ads for the general population. Which is presumably why most of the hobby ads I see are sponsorships of videos rather than pre-roll ads.
  13. Eagle projects are generally specified by the sponsor, and in the case of conservation projects are generally under the supervision of the sponsor. I've worked on a few of them and the instructions were quite specific in every case. It's almost as if somebody figured out that 13 year olds aren't really ready to make those kinds of decisions without input or execute them in a vacuum.
  14. They work pretty well for me just being on while I'm painting. I don't necessarily watch them.
  15. The microwave (radar) emitter on one side of the microwave sets up a standing wave in the oven's Faraday cage. Like any standing wave, there are places where the wave cancels out, which is why there are "cold" spots in the oven. That wave is what causes the water molecules in the food to vibrate (except where it cancels). In general, typical household microwaves will penetrate through something like 5 - 12 mm of food; any heating deeper than that is from conduction of heat from the outer (heated) layers inward, which is much slower than direct microwave heating. To compensate for t
  16. I've been using 8.1L Really Useful Boxes for most of my paint stuff. The depth is right for most paints (4 oz and larger can be too tall, depending on their shapes), they're very durable, easy to move and stack well. Not as pretty as that box, of course.
  17. Let's see, besides painting videos: Per request, Painting: Vince Venturella Miniac Trapped Under Plastic Sorastro Kujo Dave's Model Workshop Landvaettr's Lair James Wappel (Just added. I really like his work, but I haven't really watched his videos) Painting Buddha Terrain makers (related to painting videos, but....): Black Magic Craft Terrain Tutor Wyloch's Armory Tabletop Engineer Real Terrain Hobbies Luke Towan Luke's APS Tools, Handyman, Engineering, Science
  18. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney from the paid services. Of those, Netflix gets used the most often. ETA: I wasn't thinking of my cable streaming, but I do that regularly as well.
  19. Never really had a problem with Daylight Saving* Time. As for multiple time zone travel: When traveling east, just stay up as long as possible, then go to bed at about the regular time. When you (well, I) wake up, maintain regular hours. When traveling West, suffer. * Only one 'S'.
  20. Styrene, Vinyl, Resin. Stynylrez. But I wouldn't remember it either if I hadn't heard it from the Badger guy directly.
  21. Harder to screw up french fries. Really good onion rings are often better than really good french fries, but bad onion rings are ... not good at all.
  22. To be fair, if I find myself in a Vegan restaurant (assuming we're not talking about the star), it's never going to have been my choice and I'm just going to be looking for a way to survive the next couple of hours. French fries might be my only way out. And it sounds like @Marvin might be in the same situation in a craft brewery. Sometimes the best option is just the least painful option. But it would take a lot for Budweiser to be my least painful option. A lot.
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