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  1. Anyone trying this sort of thing (and I agree that it would be useful, though I've never done it), might consider doing what artist's paint labels do: paint the swatch over a black and white striped substrate. The stripes allow you to see what the paint will look like over a darker surface and also show you the opacity immediately. I tried painting with just a brush or an airbrush, and nothing happened. Then I tried using paint, which improved my results noticeably. I've used a toothbrush for a splatter effect, which while it's technically a brush, seems diffe
  2. Yeah. gray rocks, blue rivers, brown trees, and bright green grass. Do these people never step outside?
  3. Well, as I told my son when he was younger, at the end of an experience, you either had a great time or you have stories you can tell forever. (Very seldom both.) Looks like this is going to be a story day. I hope all goes well.
  4. My experience with a bandsaw was that I got excellent edges and much faster than you can with a hot-wire cutter. But they are messy and you're very limited in the minimum radius that you can cut. For straight lines, though, I prefer them both for speed and lack of toxic smoke.
  5. We're allowed to accrue up to 216 hours of PTO, and they used to pay out if you went over the max, which was fine when that was the policy. But a couple of years ago, they paid everyone down to 108 hours and instituted a policy that you don't accrue when you hit the max now. The intent is to make sure people use their vacation instead of just getting extra money (for company fiscal reasons and and employee quality of life reasons). Right now I'm at 193 hours so a couple of days off it is. And I'm not at all heartbroken about it either. Might even run up to Rocky Mountain NP on Frid
  6. Apparently I have conflated Luigi with Mario. I haz a sad. Luigi is also a jerk.
  7. Watch out for that Mario, he's kind of a jerk. He might jump on your niece's head. I have about 100 minutes and I'm doing the same thing. (I need to drop my vacation balance so I keep accruing time off.)
  8. I think I have a full slate of classes to teach (and there are probably better people to teach this than me anyway). Which is not to say that I wouldn't help out if asked, just that I probably wouldn't be anyone's first choice. If/when the class offering is made, I'd recommend reading the descriptions and making the decision then. If the class sounds like it would be a good fit for your interests and current abilities, I'd jump on it, since @GreyHorde is a very good teacher and the classes he ends up teaching will likely be focused and useful. My comments were more in the
  9. I kind of hate the multi-quote thing here, since I often have several tabs open and the "feature" isn't tab-specific. Sorry about that.
  10. Don't forget to buy milk. It's not like that's the only co-orbital "second moon", of course.
  11. I have both those sets and quite like them to represent basic hirelings. Note that there is some ability to mix and match between the sets too. The Frostgrave Barbarians set is useful as well.
  12. The Flambeau store (mentioned by @kristof65 above) allows you to specify size (in inches or cm) and number of compartments (just in case you didn't notice how the search area was set up.) But I don't know whether they have the specific size you're looking for.
  13. Longmont, Colorado / Hobbytown USA / Boardgames, hobby supplies, model kits, some miniatures. Friendly with gaming space upstairs. Glendale, Arizona / Imperial Outpost / Excellent selection of games of all types, miniatures and supplies available but with less selection, decent gaming space
  14. Not really. For wargame minis, I mostly work with what's currently available. (And there aren't that many companies that sell 15mm Swiss Pike or whatever.) For RPG minis, the new stuff is almost always better than (and in a different scale from) the old stuff. That said, some old RP humans can be used as petite humans or large halflings or whatever with the modern stuff. And some of the figures I bought years ago are still very nice sculpts. Your business, of course. But there are three ways that supply:demand mismatches get handled by people: Increase t
  15. Broomfield, Colorado / Total Escape Games / Board games, card games, miniatures, multiple paint lines / Colorado Miniature Painters Alliance meeting 3rd Saturdays
  16. Largely agree with @kristof65 as regards a gun. There are many fantasy worlds where firearms don't exist; if you have one, that limits the figure's use to the worlds where they do, which is not a consideration going the other way. I like the piece without anything else on the leg, but if you need to add something, a garter or sheathed knife seem like they would result in a more generally useful figure. FWIW, I much prefer the hair sticks, but I understand the casting concerns. Perhaps something similar, but not so thin and hard to fill? As @Rigel suggested, stilettos might work, or
  17. Useful, I suspect, but I think that hands-on should dominate. Recommend examples of sculpting both man made (wood planks or tile, walls, furniture for instance) and outdoor (rocks and weeds, logs, whatever) bases. Other topics could include how to use pre-cast bases without the mini looking like it's floating. I wouldn't try an "intermediate painting" class that intended to teach NMM, OSL, eyes, cloth textures, and facial expressions. Similarly, I'm not sure these work if you try too much of a survey approach. I think that something more focused would be better, so perhap
  18. Glad to see that you separated out D&D from RPGs. When I was playing D&D early on, it was all Theater of the Mind. The same was largely true of contemporaneous RPGs like RuneQuest, Traveller, Rolemaster, Chivalry & Sorcery, .... For more tactical roleplaying games, generally a grid if we're not playing in the home of the GM. When I'm GMing at home, lots of terrain, generally either with integral grids or placed on a grid (or both). For competition wargames, mostly a mat with felt terrain (because it's easier to adjudicate questions). There might
  19. Well, presumably this is going into zero G, so lbs. -> 0. Solve for the free-fall value and report it as zero. That is pretty much an abomination of a unit system. I must admit that I've used N*s^2/kg as a measure of distance, but that was intended as a parody (and tweak to the noses of metric snobs), not a serious spec.
  20. I've painted a few pirates, and Talk Like a Pirate Day is a high holy day, so that should count, right?
  21. Last night, the Carolina Hurricanes, playing in Toronto, lost both of their goaltenders to injury. The emergency backup goaltender, a 42-y.o. Zamboni driver for the Toronto Maple Leafs (and lifelong Leafs fan), came on midway through the 2nd period and won the game for the Hurricanes. He was voted first star of the game: https://lastwordonhockey.com/2020/02/22/carolina-hurricanes-emergency-goalie-david-ayres-wins/
  22. Decent generic and fast Chinese, and the prices are fair enough. If you're looking for a gourmet dining experience, this is probably not the right choice, but otherwise....
  23. Yeah, as a prospective or new parent, you get lots of advice about child safety. But not so much about splash zones. Might have to try that, especially if Hangouts disappears. (On the corporate side, it's definitely changing.) If your team is both happy and productive (and you aren't driving yourself to distraction or madness), you're probably doing it right. But Jocko Willink does have some good advice on leadership, at least in his vlog; I haven't read the book referenced above.
  24. We just use Google Hangouts with a camera pointed at the map and trust people to roll their dice and report the results honestly. (FWIW, I have Fantasy Grounds, but there's a fair amount of extra overhead with any real tabletop app, so we haven't seen much use so far.)
  25. Before making a choice about whether to give money to Roll20, you might want to do a quick search on 'Roll20 Controversy'. Whether the issue ever mattered, whether it still matters more than a year later, or whether you even care about it is up to you, of course.
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