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  1. Filament for large stuff. Resin for small with lots of detail. For sculpting, I like green stuff. The long working time, smooth surface, and good detail retention make it a very good choice. For bases, I prefer Magic Sculp/Apoxie Sculpt. (I haven't seen a difference between them.) Doesn't take detail or smooth quite as well as green stuff, but it sets hard in about an hour and is both sandable and (before setting) water smoothable. It's also much cheaper.
  2. When all they were saying was "serious but not life threatening", I was afraid they were talking about paralysis or amputation. To see him walking out of a hospital after that crash two days later is an amazing testament to the safety engineering that NASCAR has done over the last couple of decades.
  3. I know what it is, but haven't tried it. If I had to carry enough food on my back to survive for a month without dehydrated meals, it might be reasonable, but otherwise, ....
  4. Me too, but not very many. We use Corelle plates and bowls for "everyday", because they work well in microwave and dishwasher, stack well, and are very hard to break. But we mostly get them from thrift stores, because "everyday" and cheap. Congratulations. (I mean, not for the diabetes, but you know. ) Hope to see you and your lovely wife out this way again in the future.
  5. I get a real charge out of teaching a class that goes well (as for instance last weekend ). And I'm happy to talk with nearly anyone in a less formal setting.
  6. Well, if you're feeling especially adventurous, anyway. My job is research and regurgitation; that's kind of the definition of tech writing. And I do have a science background, so I'm often not entirely clue free. But a chemist or chemical engineer would be a better choice for an authoritative source. Take all of my paint chemistry information as, "my best understanding, based on research through easily available sources and uncontradicted by anything I've personally seen", not holy writ. I'm not responsible if you explode, spontaneously combust, dissolve, sublime into a smelly clo
  7. I would suggest that while acrylic paints will work, hydrocarbon-based paints might be more durable. Black or (more likely) white would be a good choice.
  8. Recently watched The Peacemaker on Netflix, a George Clooney action vehicle. Had all the expected George Clooney tics (though the preaching was a bit shorter than usual), and it was entirely predictable: Street chase? Check. Bomb with a count-down timer? Check. Self-satisfied smirking? Check. Gratuitous murders xN? Check. Car chase? Check. Deep ignorance of how the military (any military) works? Check. Russian gangsters and Muslim terrorists? Check. Stupid, of course, but some of the action sequences were OK. Recommended only if you are really look
  9. I used to be a serious DBM player. When you need 160 x 15mm Early Sumerian pikemen, you're going to be painting the same figure more than once, probably more than 40 times. And of course with vehicle models, well, there's only one way9-ish) to make a scale model of a specific vehicle. But that's not really "paint(ing) a sculpt you like", just painting the only sculpts that are available. I have painted 25/28/32mm character models more than once, and that's generally because I like the figure enough that I want to try again for a better result. Most of the time
  10. With an orange light in the lantern and a purple light in the skull of the skelelich, shining out through the eyes?
  11. Intended to communicate and filled with letters, but it's not a mailbox. I think "word" is the only thing left*. Perhaps a bit idiolectic, though. * Well, I mean except for "communiblorf".
  12. Taught an intro painting class on Saturday. Went pretty well, including people who had never been able to paint eyes that looked like eyes getting decent results and a kid who was about 7 doing a fairly decent job on getting cloak highlights. Fun stuff. Unlike @OneBoot, we're getting away from the midwinter drought (pretty typical for January) and getting more snow again. Expecting 3" (~8 cm) tonight. And not even on the ski slopes where it belongs. (Though actually the mountains have been getting hammered the last week or two.)
  13. There was a time when I could paint units of 25mm minis in around an hour per figure (and 15mm in around 4/hour). That time is not this time. Now, a "speed paint" for me is anything under about 4 hours. On these figures I'm generally trying to work on one or two techniques hard and doing an adequate job on the rest of the figure. A competition paint can be much longer. And given that, I really prefer "speed" painting. The obsession that is required for competition work just isn't much fun.
  14. See, this is what I get for teaching classes at a convention. I miss out on being able to make a Ren & Stimpy reference.
  15. When you enter, you specify which one category you're entering each piece in. If the judges think your piece doesn't fit at all or would score better in another category, they can move the entry to the correct category. People go through the regular contest to identify and judge the figures for each of the Mfr awards. In general, these are company reps. See this thread: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85289-reaper-con-painting-competition-index/ The threads linked in the first post there cover most things.
  16. For years, there has been a run on at least some classes. Some especially popular classes sell out in the first minute. But at least in the past, there have been many classes available on the second day. That said, if our attendance goes up by 50-100% and class demand goes up commensurately, that could be less true this year. I don't know that we will have 50-100% more classes this year.
  17. .csv is "Comma Separated Values". That's kind of a long question. I would probably use a spreadsheet to import and lay out the information, since .csv is a format that spreadsheet programs understand. From there, you could export to .pdf, but if you're printing yourself, there,s not much value to that conversion. So lay out the cells so they're the right size to match the labels on your label sheet (or just print on paper and tape the labels onto the bottles, which is what I did when moving my P3 metallics into dropper bottles).
  18. 400m butterfly. Wait, what? Not that kind of race? Humans are the obvious choice. That solves the historical issue and still allows me to paint about half of my fantasy stuff and 3/4 of my SF stuff. That's also kind of a cop-out, of course. So, to not avoid the intent of the question: For historicals, probably Austrians. This would allow me to work on stuff that I can probably find opponents for over a long time, including WWII if I stretch just a bit. For fantasy and SF, though, it would still be humans, since I find them the most interesting to
  19. Trust yourself. If you were right, you did a really good thing. If you were wrong, you were wrong for the right reasons, but you will likely never know anyway. All you can do is the best you can do.
  20. Your spelling of "microfiche" is close enough for government work, but "spelt" is a species of grain. And I'd never go below 5 pt. text. One of the duties in one of my first jobs was making microfiche. And somehow or other I have a copy of Runequest, 2nd Ed. on microfiche now. Must have slipped (or I suppose you would say "slipt" ) in somehow.
  21. Just finished the first draft of my class notes for the Beginning Miniatures Painting class I'm teaching Saturday. Only 10 pages and less than 4000 words, so not too bad. Of course I was sort of aiming for a couple of pages and under 1000 words, but it ... kind of ran away and frolicked about a bit. When I do a final edit, I'll probably take 10% or so out. But I'll also remember some things I wanted to say, so I'm hoping it won't go beyond 10 pages. (Actually, if it starts to do that? Well that's what font size is used to fix. )
  22. To increase the attraction (or act as a warning, your choice ), I'm planning to be there (teaching a class on Saturday) and I expect several other forum regulars will be as well.
  23. Cookie cutters and Play-Doh are the closest I ever came to moulding and casting something that resembled humanoid forms. Most of mine were edible. I own several Happy Seppuku stamps, but haven't needed to use them yet. I use the Happy Seppuku stamps all the time, but miniatures? No.
  24. "And in the bastard's chambersThey get the foreign feetThey stab it with their silly knivesBut they just get wildebeeste"
  25. No, at least if things are done as in the past. Each category is placed in a different part of the contest room, for convenience of the judges. You can make a display for all the entries within a single category (presumably as long as it doesn't take too much space), but not a display for multiple categories.
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