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  1. I was just wondering what a Saproling would look like so I could see about finding a decent model for proxy. Cheers, Brian
  2. If the Warlord of the army can't be proxied, how does one field the Silver Dragon for official events? She Who Must Be Appeased really likes the Deathsleep model and wanted to use that for the SD's stunt double. Thanks for the information about using the stats with different models. That will please her. We're off to the factory store on Friday night so she can pick out figures. Thanks, again, for the help. Cheers, Brian
  3. Oops...my inexperience with the game is showing through. Thanks for the warning on the illegal troop. Cheers, Brian
  4. A friend came up with the following list during his lunch break. My wife loves animals, so the idea was to try and go without any actual Elves. I'm not sure if a viable list can be done without them. But, here it is. Comments are very welcome and encouraged. [*]Troop A 637 pts [*]- Silver Dragon (Warlord) (2539 / $24.99) [*]- Silvermane, Unicorn (14457 / $12.99 or 2064 / $9.49 or 2151 / $9.49) [*]- Hunting Cats x4 (14453 / $8.99 each) [*]- Feary x 4 (14469 / $4.99 each) [*]- Drys (3154 / $3.99) [*] [*]Troop B 74 pts [*]-
  5. As a coming sign of the apocalypse, my wife/CFO has decided that she would like to play Warlord as I am just starting it as well. What I'm looking for for her is ideas on force composition, what spells/items to use, and what tactics to employ. We'll eventually shoot for a 1501 point force. Thanks for your time. Cheers, Brian
  6. I haven't even played my first game of Warlord and I'm about to get sucked into a second army for the game. She Who Must Be Appeased is going to be displeased with me.
  7. I went by the Reaper Asylum store yesterday and picked up a large package of Skeleton Warriors and Dauron. Now I have more decisions to make about army composition. I will be playing in a small tournament that will be a battle report in an upcoming edition of Fictional Reality. My opponents will be Reven, Crusaders, and Dwarves. I wonder if the mob mentality might work. The 41-model list above might work.
  8. Folks, Thanks for the hints and suggestions. I don't have some of the models that were suggested as replacements for mine, but fortunately, I live a five minute drive from the Reaper factory/store. I picked up four Death Riders and the Sergeant today. I can always go back from more tomorrow. Any excuse for more toys is a good one. My wife/CFO would disagree.
  9. Folks, I have my first game of Warlord coming up in a couple of weeks. I have 1501 points to work with. The game will be a four way fight against Dwarves, Crusaders, and Reven. With a friend's assistance I have the following list: Troop A: 221 points - Eikar - Crypt Bats x 5 Troop B: 228 points - Grave Horror Troop C: 828 points - Judas Bloodspire (Warlord) - Malek (Summon Spectral Minions x 2, Rigor Mortis) - Crimson Knights x 5 - Wraith Harvesters x 4 Trooper D: 218 points - Railor (5 point, level 1 mage spell, yet to be determined) - Skeletal Archers x 6
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