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    Greetings and Salutations all, Whilst i'm loving the new Darkspawn list, i'm a little concerned. I'm used to playing a heavy mage army, but it seems that i'm now down a few casters. (No more bloodstone priest, and Guros and Ashkia nolonger cast) I havn't played the bad guys in a while so i'm wondering how this has changed the dynamic of my army. Also is there an ETA on the drider (or whatever they're called) models? Bugger i'm late for work... Catch you later
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    What faction(s) do you play?

    I'm currently running a tightly themed Merc Sisters of the Blade army, and a fairly sucky darkspawn army (i havn't invested enough in it yet...please dont beat me...lol). And i'm looking at doing a freelance evil army some time in the near future. I'm not to fussed with the Sub-lists i'm just taking the default list and looking for tightly themed ways of playing it.
  3. Greetings and Salutations, Just curious, but is there any more background info to to some RP in Taltos, the 1st Ed warlord book implied that something was going to come out but I cant find anything. The only stuff that i can find is the background stuff in the faction books, but I cant find any other than the crusaders one. I dont suppose that anyone has found (or made) something to use for a campaign setting for dnd (or some other system)
  4. First off i apologise if this is an old topic. Will the generic data cards be re-vamped? Back before RAGE chronicals i was using them to field an orenital army using my old Clanwar models. With the advent of RAGE Chron there waas no update for these, and whilst nowhere does it say that these cards can't be used now but given the new stats they dont work (heavy cav with 1 track? and 1300 pts for a dragon?) And in theory it could be used for all of the DHL minis that people would like to see in a game. The flexability of these generic cards was great, it meant that i could use my entire mini collection in a game that i feel has the best rules system around. I have and play with several other armies, but i'd love to be able to remake/revisit my asian army. Any thoughts? ----------------- Note on clan war models for people who dont know what they are: Clanwar was released by AEG who is now a subsidiary of Reaper, so my gaming group figured that it fit into the Proxy Rules.
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    Improved charge?

    How does the imporved charge work with flyers and borrowing models. Eg. Incubi Flying mov 10 when they are flying and wish to charge a target on the ground is it their normal move and then land, or is it normal move 10 +4 (improved charge). Or is the improved charge only used when the target is on the same plane as you (underground, normal or flying) There has been some discussion about this in my gaming group. any help would be appreciated
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    Rage chronicles 2008

    My wishlist consists Primaraly for the Mercs. Make the sisters a seperate list (kinda like what happened with Razig) Becasue so far in order to field a decent sisters themed army using the merc list just isn't enough. CoH can only help so much. - Give Nalada a boost (anything - Spearsisters (MA 2, Firststrike) - Whip sisters (I've been using CoH on the Daughts of the whip and this works well) - A sergent with a Bow, (Callindra is great but being unq is a drag for big games) - Fighter type heros (like the female Justicar from Crusaders) - Elite Blade sisters (Sword-sisters) something to match up against Justicars, deamons, Crimson knights. - Another mounted model would be nice (to keep Volendra company) Given that the fluff implies that the sisters are an inderpendant merc force this would work, and only 3 troops types doesn't fit with the image of a highly elite female fighting force.
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    Tens always hit...

    The fact that ones don't mean a miss is both good and bad. Heres an example. Pain mage casts Scare on Target model Rauthros and 3 Incubi all land around shaken model, Now Rauthros cannot miss (most things) MAV 9 + 3 (support) + 2 (Target is shaken) + 1 (minimum that can be rolled) = 15 That means that autohits on anything with a DV of 15 or less. (which is most things except for a few warlords and special cases) Tacticly this is a brilliant move, less good for the opponent. It all comes down to the level of ability of the players in your group. another interesting case is the Bull orc list. This is soooo evil... The warlord (i forget his name) has the reven only spell (+3 Mav) cast on him And equiped with the Bonesplitter . Have him bonzai charge (if you can't then a normal charge will do) in, "Frenzy" and "Enrage" so that he has 8 attacks @ Mav 12 and everything dies (even the Hydra) and if you pulled the Bonzai off they cant attack back. In some cases its a bad thing in others having 1 as an auto fail could balance some things. My gaming group tried a house rule that 1's always fail but abandoned it pretty quickly.
  8. Bingas

    Campaign rules

    Greetings and salutations, I'm interrested in other players opinions on the campaign rules for warlord. (out of the back of the first print?(the one with the generic cards)) My gaming group attempted to use them but we found that keeping track of the paperwork ended up taking more time than some of the games we played. We also noticed that it makes Razig almost impossibe to play. Whats everyones elses thoughts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope i posted this in the right section as its the campaign rules i wanted to discuss. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Yeah the incubi and succubi look cool but ALL of mine have proken of the base. the feet are too weak a join, i'm in the process of using GW flying bases to make me Incubi fly.
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    Thank you Warwick, COH makes the Daughters into Merc/Neutral, and that means that i can use them as my very own whip sisters (Yes i know that it's sad that i have renamed them.) But as it stands the basics of my prefered list are : Samantha running with Olivia, Spellsister, 4 Whipsister and 4 blade sister Callindria running with Silverrain, and 4 Bowsisters Kassandra running with 5 shadow sisters Nicole running with Olivia and Blade sisters Nicole #2 running with Spell sister and Blade sisters I havn't bothered to add it up as i change equipment and spells every game depending on who (and occasonly what) i'm playing against. I was thinking about ditching the Daughters, and freelanceing with some proxied Battle nuns and Hospitalias and a different angel and maybe some elvin archers.... buts thats for when i can afford to expand....maybe next week
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    Hey Guys I too play a sisters of the blade list. and seeing as people were discussing the Change of Heart i thought i'd throw in my thoughts. Depending on who and what i'm playing i use change of heart on one of the following. Guardian angel (this doesn't really need explaining) Daughters of the whip (running 4 of these with Sam and some shadow sisters oh yeah) Finarhi (the female justicar form crusaders) I'm still planing to try a few others but so far these all work great (especialy the DoW)
  12. Bingas

    A few questions

    Hey Guys these questions have been troubleing my gameing group. I was wondering if some body could help. 1) The special rule "enrage" for the Black orc sublist. (-2 DV for +1 MAV) When does this happen, is it: a= Before the combat begins b= After the model has been attacked and is declareing its Defensive strikes. c= only in the reven activation. 2) a) How does Rauthros's SA Summoned (witch queen) work. b) If you pay for outrider isn't he still a warlord?
  13. Bingas

    A few questions

    But how does Rauthros's "OURRIDER" SA work. If he can be fielded with the witch queen then he cant be a warlord. if thats the case then ... Does it make him generic solo as per the wording of the outrider SA. does that mean that he is nolonger a warlord. Taking all of that into account is this list "legal" Witch Queen (+spells) - Broken fodder Rauthouros (outrider + spells) Vysa - 3 broken fodder Rauthouros (outrider + spells) Guros (+spells) - 3 Incubi Rauthouros (outrider + spells) The reason that i ask this is that according to the rules this looks legal (see below), (but SO SO WRONG). If the outrider takes away the warlord status then he becomes a generic solo. But the rules say that warlords are unq. without him being a warlord he is no longer unq. Please tell me that this isn't right. as it really unbalances the darkspawn and elven lists as this loop hole also works with the Elves Dragon rider (or dragon i cant remember) warlord, who is also an outrider. ********** Please dont judge me for the really cheesy list its an example of rules abuse that i have seen. I think that the list is wrong.