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  1. Something with its head up its elf? (okay. last word keeps getting replaced with "elf". similar in concept: 3 letters, first is A vowel, next two are consonants although they are supposed to be the same consonant) Perhaps another would be somebody behind a donkey? ;)
  2. Male human archer, with not so much of a "Errol Flynn's Robin Hood" look, with bow in hand. Usually one person in a group is playing a non-elf archer in the many Pathfinder games at my store. Searching through the list via Figure Finder only shows two humans with a bow in hand, but one has such a wide stance that he wouldn't do with the battlemats that is generally used in the games. I saw plenty of elves, a dwarf, and a couple orcs. Also, I'll echo Chaoswolf's request. I know of a couple people who like playing swashbucklers but don't like the figure options available.
  3. Best to make it self serve, as no waitress will want to serve a table for hours with the probable outcome of receiving no tip, or very little for the time served.
  4. Oh yeah, this thread is about Facebook ramblings, not trucking down memory lane. I use Facebook for a few things, occasionally getting suckered into one of their games but never paying real money; mostly I use it to keep in touch with my sister and her family 2000+ miles away. And sometimes I see posts about things happening with cousins and such. Our gaming group also has a special private channel for current game information. My store (Adventure Game Store) uses it to communicate with customers, and post pictures of new products and events.
  5. I like Ike! 1957 I did not watch Sesame Street. I watched Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Woody Woodpecker was my first favorite cartoon. The Lone Ranger was my favorite hero (and in many ways, still is). My first TV memory that wasn't a cartoon or western was watching President Kennedy's funeral train, which interrupted my cartoon watching. I got to see one half of an episode of the original airing of the first Star Trek series, and only because a party at my house distracted my parents before they realized it was past my bedtime; I don't recall which episode. I know we (my family) watched the moon landing, but I don't actually remember it. I used to wonder where our flying cars are, then I see the drivers on the road today and thank the Great Maker that those yahoos are not flying over my head and house.
  6. I did say the Reptus would be for casual play, as I want to use the non-Reaper figures for something besides the rare RPG encounter*. I have an elven army for official play, if I ever get to do that. But before I based them, I wanted to hear what the repurcussions might be for putting a couple on the slightly larger bases. If I could manage to put them on standard sized bases I would; they'd also fit better in the miniatures cases I have. * I suppose if I actually ran RPG campaigns I could use them more... but that requires me to be a game master.
  7. I did try the diagonal, and it still spills over a bit. Since corner to corner counts as base to base contact, you cannot get more figures against 1.5" than 1". Both can have a maximum of 8 figures in base contact.
  8. I'm looking (again, been putting it off for years) to paint my dragonewt (lizardmen from Glorantha/Runequest) miniatures, and use them as a substitute for Reptus for casual play. Some of the miniatures have a wide stance so their base is larger than would fit on a 1" base, so I'm thinking to put those few on a the 1.5" base. Those particular figures would probably be used for leaders and elites. Is there a big effect in play with the increase in base size? Right now it looks to be two figures out of 12.
  9. I use a 1/2" wide tape measure so the corridor is not cumbersome to me.
  10. I mentioned this idea in the fantasy thread, with a scenario that came to mind. A wedding party, or at least a bride and groom, perhaps being a more modern or futuristic-based look than a fantasy version. A guy in tux could work for multiple purposes: wedding, going to a gala event, or a secret agent (not-James Bond ) at the casino. A bride model would probably be harder to make multiple uses of, especially if it had the veil and/or trailing train. A maid of honor model could be used for multiple purposes, such as a woman in a slinky dress for whatever women do in slinky dresses (i.e., lure a guy in tux at the casino to their doom).
  11. Wedding party, or at least a bride and groom. This could work for Chronoscope as well. I'm using 03150: Siobhana, Vampire Noble for a bride at the moment (at least her fangs aren't showing). Looking at the stance, with cup in hand, made me think of a scenario: the PCs come into a small town/village, which looks deserted. Finally they reach the town hall where they get invited into the wedding reception. The stance made me think of the bride giving a toast at her reception. The twist is, the vampire bride marries a traveler that came into the village that day and later feasts on her mundane husband. The PCs just provide potential food for the rest of the vampire townfolk which are at the reception.
  12. Thanks for the miniatures sugggestions and the painting tips.
  13. Starting a new Pathfinder campaign and my character's concept is that of an Arabian prince escaping from an unwanted marriage arrangement (the 3rd son of the emir doesn't get the best choices ). Character class is Cavalier so want a mounted figure as well as one on foot. I like the Nefsokar figure Ah'radivh (14246), or Anwar (14248) as a second choice, or Senet (14237) if female which I thought about, for the mounted version but wonder if there's a figure similar those that is afoot. Any other suggestions? Painting tips for painting horses, and an Arabian one if any difference, would also be appreciated. I painted Volendria's (14375) horse Buckskin (Reaper Pro-Paint #08028) but a black wash and dry-brushing isn't working out too well (not that great of a dry brush painter).
  14. I agree with the ruling as that is how I understood how that SA works, but not in the reasoning. The rules (at least in my book) does not say "... destroys it while performing a Fight Action" (maybe it should?), but does say "... destroys it in a Fight Action". Defensive Strikes occur in a Fight Action, right? On a tangent, I disagree with the clarification that a model destroyed by an assassin still gets to make Defensive Strikes against any other model it is in B2B with, but that's my way of thinking the SA should work as it sort of forces the assassin to work alone among its Troop and Army.
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