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  1. Something with its head up its elf? (okay. last word keeps getting replaced with "elf". similar in concept: 3 letters, first is A vowel, next two are consonants although they are supposed to be the same consonant) Perhaps another would be somebody behind a donkey? ;)
  2. Male human archer, with not so much of a "Errol Flynn's Robin Hood" look, with bow in hand. Usually one person in a group is playing a non-elf archer in the many Pathfinder games at my store. Searching through the list via Figure Finder only shows two humans with a bow in hand, but one has such a wide stance that he wouldn't do with the battlemats that is generally used in the games. I saw plenty of elves, a dwarf, and a couple orcs. Also, I'll echo Chaoswolf's request. I know of a couple people who like playing swashbucklers but don't like the figure options available.
  3. Best to make it self serve, as no waitress will want to serve a table for hours with the probable outcome of receiving no tip, or very little for the time served.
  4. Oh yeah, this thread is about Facebook ramblings, not trucking down memory lane. I use Facebook for a few things, occasionally getting suckered into one of their games but never paying real money; mostly I use it to keep in touch with my sister and her family 2000+ miles away. And sometimes I see posts about things happening with cousins and such. Our gaming group also has a special private channel for current game information. My store (Adventure Game Store) uses it to communicate with customers, and post pictures of new products and events.
  5. I like Ike! 1957 I did not watch Sesame Street. I watched Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Woody Woodpecker was my first favorite cartoon. The Lone Ranger was my favorite hero (and in many ways, still is). My first TV memory that wasn't a cartoon or western was watching President Kennedy's funeral train, which interrupted my cartoon watching. I got to see one half of an episode of the original airing of the first Star Trek series, and only because a party at my house distracted my parents before they realized it was past my bedtime; I don't recall which episode. I know we (my family) watched the moon landing, but I don't actually remember it. I used to wonder where our flying cars are, then I see the drivers on the road today and thank the Great Maker that those yahoos are not flying over my head and house.
  6. I did say the Reptus would be for casual play, as I want to use the non-Reaper figures for something besides the rare RPG encounter*. I have an elven army for official play, if I ever get to do that. But before I based them, I wanted to hear what the repurcussions might be for putting a couple on the slightly larger bases. If I could manage to put them on standard sized bases I would; they'd also fit better in the miniatures cases I have. * I suppose if I actually ran RPG campaigns I could use them more... but that requires me to be a game master.
  7. I did try the diagonal, and it still spills over a bit. Since corner to corner counts as base to base contact, you cannot get more figures against 1.5" than 1". Both can have a maximum of 8 figures in base contact.
  8. I'm looking (again, been putting it off for years) to paint my dragonewt (lizardmen from Glorantha/Runequest) miniatures, and use them as a substitute for Reptus for casual play. Some of the miniatures have a wide stance so their base is larger than would fit on a 1" base, so I'm thinking to put those few on a the 1.5" base. Those particular figures would probably be used for leaders and elites. Is there a big effect in play with the increase in base size? Right now it looks to be two figures out of 12.
  9. I use a 1/2" wide tape measure so the corridor is not cumbersome to me.
  10. I mentioned this idea in the fantasy thread, with a scenario that came to mind. A wedding party, or at least a bride and groom, perhaps being a more modern or futuristic-based look than a fantasy version. A guy in tux could work for multiple purposes: wedding, going to a gala event, or a secret agent (not-James Bond ) at the casino. A bride model would probably be harder to make multiple uses of, especially if it had the veil and/or trailing train. A maid of honor model could be used for multiple purposes, such as a woman in a slinky dress for whatever women do in slinky dresses (i.e., lure a guy in tux at the casino to their doom).
  11. Wedding party, or at least a bride and groom. This could work for Chronoscope as well. I'm using 03150: Siobhana, Vampire Noble for a bride at the moment (at least her fangs aren't showing). Looking at the stance, with cup in hand, made me think of a scenario: the PCs come into a small town/village, which looks deserted. Finally they reach the town hall where they get invited into the wedding reception. The stance made me think of the bride giving a toast at her reception. The twist is, the vampire bride marries a traveler that came into the village that day and later feasts on her mundane husband. The PCs just provide potential food for the rest of the vampire townfolk which are at the reception.
  12. Thanks for the miniatures sugggestions and the painting tips.
  13. Starting a new Pathfinder campaign and my character's concept is that of an Arabian prince escaping from an unwanted marriage arrangement (the 3rd son of the emir doesn't get the best choices ). Character class is Cavalier so want a mounted figure as well as one on foot. I like the Nefsokar figure Ah'radivh (14246), or Anwar (14248) as a second choice, or Senet (14237) if female which I thought about, for the mounted version but wonder if there's a figure similar those that is afoot. Any other suggestions? Painting tips for painting horses, and an Arabian one if any difference, would also be appreciated. I painted Volendria's (14375) horse Buckskin (Reaper Pro-Paint #08028) but a black wash and dry-brushing isn't working out too well (not that great of a dry brush painter).
  14. I agree with the ruling as that is how I understood how that SA works, but not in the reasoning. The rules (at least in my book) does not say "... destroys it while performing a Fight Action" (maybe it should?), but does say "... destroys it in a Fight Action". Defensive Strikes occur in a Fight Action, right? On a tangent, I disagree with the clarification that a model destroyed by an assassin still gets to make Defensive Strikes against any other model it is in B2B with, but that's my way of thinking the SA should work as it sort of forces the assassin to work alone among its Troop and Army.
  15. As I suspected, the "maybe"s and "might come by"s didn't show (it wasn't D&D or Pathfinder, or War Machine). Brian, my store partner, and his brother Keith who also works there, a friend that happened to be there even though he wasn't that interested, and one other we coaxed into playing at least let the game happen. They enjoyed the game, and the candy "treats/treasures" as well. Except for them wanting to Move, Charge, AND Attack or do the Specialty Action "Trick or Treat" the location they just "charged" and reached in the same Activation, the game went well. Only two out of the six soldiers actually were eliminated although many others were wounded and healed by treats. A flaw came up with the "Treat" Tough check that could be taken instead of a Defensive counter Action: a model that was killed with the monster's Defensive Strikes didn't have that option. Also, the berserker orc Troop preferred to play at the last Damage Track, of course, and would just make the Tough check for 1 treat instead of healing. So this is what I would change about the Tough check with treats rule: "Give each "leader" the Tough/0 SA if it does not already have the Tough SA. When it makes a Tough Check to avoid being destroyed it may consume any number of treats before the roll, each treat consumed adds 3 to the die roll." So for 3 treats they'd make the roll automatically. Those trying to maximize VPs might just eat 2, especially those with models that already had Tough/1 as then eating 2 would have them make a low risk roll. As for the game itself, the "star" of the event was Tallis the Cleric Dominating the Phase Cat to Blink to where the Bile the Wyvern was sleeping (they knew where he was, and it was up to the players if they ever wanted to gang up on it). The Phase cat was no match for Bile, but it did waken Bile up who took to the air to find out what the rucus was. One magic item-enriched Minotaur charged and made short work of a wounded Bile a couple turns later. I did add a large handful of treats, split into 2 sections each having a treasure, to Bile's hoard; this was grabbed while Bile was flying about. The Phase Cat was otherwise the toughest of the "normal" trick-or-treat monsters, especially since I kept him in the heavy woods so Selwyn had a hard time targeting it with ranged attacks. edit: It just dawned on me that Tallis cast Dominate twice, the first one had failed. Oh well, live and learn...
  16. This is my latest formal draft of the event after a playtest last night with 3 players. I had only enough treats to give 2 to each location; it seemed to be not enough so I think 3 would be a good number of treats at each location. It was suggested that a treat be given to the players at the beginning ("just in case"). I have not included any "Trick" actions; most would be similar to several spells so I'll leave that to Spellcasters. Warlord's Halloween "Trick, Treat, or Die" Event Participants One person takes the role of the Game Master (the GM) who sets up the playing area, and controls the monster Army and the treats and treasures the monsters are hoarding. Other players each get one small Troop for their Army to defeat the monsters and gain treats and treasures. Treats and Treasures This event is all about the players getting treats and possible treasures. Such treats can be various forms of candy or other sweets, preferably at least one piece being small and square-like for B2B contact with regular models. This one piece can represent all the treats and a treasure at a location. Monsters cannot pick up or use treats or treasures during the game (they are hoarding them after all). A model can pick up all the treats and the treasure at a location if in B2B contact with such an item by using the Specialty Action (Loot). Treats are shared by the models of a Troop. The treasure must be assigned to any model of the Troop immediately, after which it can only be transferred to another model as a Free Action if the two models are B2B with each other. Details about treasures are discussed in a later section. Treats can be consumed by a model with the Specialty Action (Yum) to either 1) heal one point of damage per treat consumed, 2) gain two Spell Points per treat consumed, or 3) one treat can remove any number of model States on the model. A treat may be consumed as a Free Action instead of taking Defensive Strikes, Defensive Shots, or Counterspell to gain the Tough/9 SA for the current Activation, in essence automatically saving the model from being removed from the game at that point if it had taken enough damage to do so. Note that the Assassin SA still negates Defensive Strikes and the Tough roll. Any number of treats of the Troop and a model’s treasures can be dropped as a Free Action; place them in B2B with the model that did the action. When a model dies (removed from the game) any treasures it has are placed at its former location. Army Creation Each player’s Troop consists of one Elite or Leader model plus 2-3 other models (usually Soldiers) totaling approximately 120 points. Any Solo models must be included in the Troop. Equipment may also be used. These Troops could be pre-determined by the GM that the players pick from. Any model assuming the role of the Troop’s leader and does not have any Leader ranks gets the rank Sergeant (0-3/1). Each player’s Troop gets one treat at start. The GM’s monster Troops should be made up of an individual model or small group of models having approximately 30-90 points. Avoiding the use of more than one model with 3+ #MA is highly recommended. Change the Affiliation of each model to Monster/Evil. It is a rather special evening, after all. Playing Area The playing area should be a horror-like arrangement of Trick or Treat locations spread about the playing surface, such as a graveyard, mausoleums, spider-webbed woods, “haunted” house, mist-covered swamp, or dark pool of water. The number of such locations should be slightly greater than the number of players. An entrance location, treat as a starting line, should also be selected where the players’ Troops will be deployed. The Draw Deck (Initiative) Each player gets a set numbered-initiative card (i.e., 2 of diamonds) to place in the Draw Deck, and an identical-numbered card of the other same-color suit (i.e., 2 of hearts) to put with his data cards to help identify his initiative card. This is the "initiative-identification card". Ignore the Spy SA and Tactician SA of any model for this event. A player may exchange his turn with another player who has not activated yet; swap initiative-identification cards between those players. Deployment & Pre-Battle Phase Player Troops are deployed as normal at the designated starting line but all models immediately take a Move action to move into the play area thus making room for the next player’s Troop. Any models with the Ranger SA must then immediately use that SA or forego its use altogether. Any models not moving at least half of their MOV from the starting line will be moved at the discretion of the GM. Monster Troops are not deployed at the beginning. The GM should make secret notes when setting up the playing area assigning each monster Troop to a Treat or Treat location with no more than one Troop per location. A monster Troop will be deployed immediately when its location is activated by a player’s model using the Specialty Action (Trick or Treat!). Place one of the monster Troops in B2B contact with the model that activated the location, possibly moving that model if necessary (e.g., away from the location’s entrance). Any other monster models should be placed at the discretion of the GM or randomly. Deploy three treats and one treasure at the location as well. Once the location is set up with the monster Troop and treats the player Troop continues its Activation. Option: have 1 or 2 locations containing treats and a treasure but no monster Troop. Specialty Action (Trick or Treat!) A player model in contact with a Trick or Treat location may use the Specialty Action (Trick or Treat!) to activate that location. Doing so triggers the deployment of a monster Troop and the allocation of three treats and one treasure to the location. Each Trick or Treat location can only be activated once per game. Monster Troop Activation Monster Troops are activated when either an initiative card for the monster Army is drawn or immediately after the player’s Troop that activated a location has completed the player’s Troop Activation. In essence, a newly deployed monster Troop is automatically activated after the current Activation has ended if the monster Troop has survived that Activation. Monster Troops will not go far from their deployment location (no more than 1 or 2 MOVs), except perhaps to chase down a model that is attacking them at range. Treasure Treasures are unknown until picked up. Any player model, except those excluded from using any equipment, can use the treasure items regardless of faction; the faction listed is the location in the rulebook of the item's description. Roll a die when an unknown treasure is picked up and consult Table 1.1. UNIQUE items may only be found once; if rolled again then move down the table to the next item. The GM may substitute other treasure items. Game length and Victory Game length can be five turns or until all the treats and treasures have been picked up. The player with the most treats and a surviving Leader model is the winner. Table 1.1 - Treasures 1 "Charlie's Rock" (Albatross Amulet) an opponent may force that model’s die roll to be rerolled, after which the Rock crumbles and is useless 2 Spiked Armor (Overlords) UNIQUE - model gains +1 #MA on Defensive Strikes 3 Bonesplitter (Reven) UNIQUE - model gains the Cleave SA, if the model already has the Cleave SA then it gets the Mighty SA instead. 4 Magic Ranged Weapon +1 RAV, model without a RAV value gets RAV 2, #RA 1, Rng(18) 5 Luck Stone +1 to any one die roll after the die is rolled, then the Luck Stone crumbles and is useless 6 Mithril Armor (Dwarves) UNIQUE - model gains the Damage Reduction/1 SA 7 Ring of the Unicorn (Elves) UNIQUE - model gains the Blink SA 8 Cloak of the Dunewalker (Nefsokar) UNIQUE - model gains +1 MOV and the Non-Corporeal SA 9-10 Magic Weapon +1 MAV GM notes The GM does not win the game, a player does. Monsters should fight to the best of their abilities but split attacks if possible among the models that can be attacked. If it moves to attack a model it should go for the nearest one or randomly choose one if any are equally close. One monster can be added to the monster’s Army as a tough fight, but emphasize this when it is deployed (i.e., “This one looks really ferocious.”), hinting that it might be best if two or more players take it on. Player notes The Leader model of your Troop is all that matters; all other models are expendable and most likely will die. Consume treats sparingly since they are victory points and save them for the Leader to consume. Suggested play: Have one of the expendable models move up to a location to Trick or Treat it while the other models wait to react to what monsters get deployed.
  17. I finally made a quick solo run through and came up with some changes. Tomorrow I have a few volunteers to try another playtest run. Each player's troop is about 119-127 pts; more about that later. Avoid using monsters with 3+ #MA. Those tiny-count player troops will be gone right quick and you'll have upset players. I sort of knew this before I did my test run; the Dust Devil in two separate solo plays killed off two soldiers (Merc and Elf warriors) in one Activation each time, I won't be using it for this event. Will not use a Totem of Battle for the monsters. The game lasts 5 turns. It's sort of a survival race to the "loot". Draw Deck: use a card per player troop and per deployed monster troop; as before but since no monsters will be deployed at the beginning the Draw Deck on the first turn will only have player initiative cards. Monster deployment and activation: Place event-related terrain (i.e., graveyard, haunted house) in the play area and the GM secretly notes what monsters will get deployed at each terrain location; have about 1-2 of the locations be empty of monster troops. A monster troop gets deployed when a player model does a Specialty Action (Trick or Treat) when B2B with the entrance (e.g., mausoleum gate or door) or when fully inside the terrain's area (e.g., heavy woods, graveyard, ruins). Roll a die and place the monsters 1/2 of the die roll in inches from the terrain's center in the direction the die is pointing. If using a building then back up the player's model 2" to allow one of the monster models to be placed just outside the entrance, other monster models can be placed along the sides (crawling out windows or out of holes in the walls). Let the player continue on with his Activation. Once the player completes his Activation then the just-deployed monster troop automatically Activates. Place Treats and a Treasure at each location, whether or not any monster troops get deployed there. All Treats and Treasures at a location can be picked up by any model of the troop in B2B with either and does the Specialty Action (Loot). Treasures can be automatically given to any model in the troop. Treats are troop held, meaning any treat can be used by any troop model when needed. A treasure must be assigned to one model. Note: less fiddling or micro-management. Victory condition: Winner is the player troop that has a surviving leader model and the most treats. All the other models are expendable. (have to be, Warlord is just that bloody/ichory(word?) ) I'm listing the current player armies I have created, based on miniatures that I have, of course. I also went for a few odd combos. I'm concerned about the 2 troop armies and how they will fare. Elves 121 pts: Chiral, Centaur w/ Bracers of Mobility; Centaur Archer 125 pts: Peruhain, Elven Monk (using Dehanis mini); Silvermaine, Unicorn; 2x Faery ("the Sylvan group") 121 pts: Aviriel Tellerion, Elf Paladin; Vale Archer; Royal Guardsman 120 pts: Selwyn, 2x Hunting Cats Mercenaries 127 pts: Tallis, Cleric; Minotaur; Albatross Amulet 120 pts: Arik Tellazar (DH drow mini); Shad Coalshadow, Mercenary Crossbowman; Luck Stone 119 pts: Mika, Samurai Heroine; Mercenary Warrior, Mercenary Crossbowman 121 pts: Sigurd; "Rusty his pet dog" (Mercenary Axeman w/ Smite (Skeleton) added); Olivia, Priestess (I have the war dog miniature from the Chainmail line, normally I'd use Crusader's War Dog but that is a one-hit wonder and needed just a few more pts) 119 pts: Leisynn, Wizard of Chaos; 2x Mercenary Warrior; Luck Stone 121 pts: Elandaria; Familiar; Arik Tellazar (DH Black Legionaire mini) Reven 119 pts: Narg Bloodtusk, Bull Orc; Bull Orc Fighter; Goblin Warrior; Luck Stone 119 pts: Ombur Skulltooth, Bull Orc; Goblin Beastrider (mount is a hellhound); Orc Warrior; Luck Stone 120 pts: Gaaguk, Bull Orc Berserker; Bull Orc Berserker
  18. Everything (almost): Elves. I only have one Mossbeard. Target: Reven, but then they exist to be targets for my elves. Only reason I have them is that I put my Gloranthan trolls on bases to be used as Reven orcs, and the trollkin work well as goblins including 3 riders, 2 on wolves (Reaper) and one, Ogg, on a Hellhound (Reaper). They're just grey-skinned instead of green-skinned. I have just enough to field a 1000 pt army, but it does include a 100 pt Totem of Battle. Target: Mercenary, to make use of some of my older *cough* non-Reaper player-character type miniatures. Some got updated paint jobs when I put them on bases so now they look better. I did get a few Reaper miniatures for the army as well (crossbowmen, Orba, DH's legionaires as individualized warriors or can substitute for an elite).
  19. About using MMs as treats: that could be dangerous as they could be confused with the glass beads used as markers. I'm thinking to get a bag (or two) of Hershey Nuggets or Hershey's miniatures (Krackle, Mr. Goodbar, etc). Those work better for B2B purposes as well. I just realized there is no Loot Action. I guess it would be a Specialty Action. It's what I've done with the ideas I have listed below. Okay, what I have so far... Warlord's Halloween "Trick, Treat, or Die" Event (hmm, how to Trick in the game.. a Specialty Action to do..?) - some game rules are exempted or over-ruled by the scenario. - game map: horror-like with Trick or Treat locations spread about the map. Each location gets one monster troop (1-3 monsters, approximately 30-100 points) and an assortment of treats and treasures (magical items). Amount of treats or treasures is 4, with no more than one treasure per location. The treasures are unknown by the players until it is picked up. The monster troops are not yet deployed until functioning; the GM may place secretive markers at each location to note which monster troops goes to which location when finally deployed. - players: 1 GM to run the monsters; several players, each runs a small troop. - Option: player side gets Totem of Battle (nothing breeds more interest in a game than successful die rolls.. well, okay, the fun factor really is, but successful die rolls adds a lot to the fun factor) - each player gets 1 elite/leader model + 2-3 soldier models, approximately 100-110 points. These could be pre-set troops that the players pick from. (Effectively the elite or leader model has Sergeant 0-3/0.) Option: give each model Tough/1 SA (or add one to an existing Tough SA). - each player gets a set numbered-initiative card (i.e., 2 of diamonds), and an identical-numbered card of the other same-color suit (i.e., 2 of hearts) to put with his datacards to help identify his initiative card ("initiative-identification card"). - a player may exchange his turn with another player who has not activated yet; swap initiative-identification cards between those players. - monsters get a total number of initiative cards equal to each functioning monster troop plus 1, but these are not associated with any particular monster troop (the GM decides what monster troop to run). A monster troop becomes functioning when either its location is being explored by a player troop or the GM uses a monster initiative card to do so instead of activating an already functioning monster troop. - functioning monster troops may group up if the leader, or highest point model of the troop, does the Regroup Action with a monster troop that has not activated yet. Ignore leadership limits for this scenario except no more than 6 models may be in a monster troop. - player troops may fight each other. (I foresee this being the norm with the locals around here) - Each model can carry up to three treats or treasures. Any number of treats or treasures may be picked up with a Specialty Action(Loot) if the model is in B2B contact with said items. One carried treat can be consumed as a Specialty Action to either a) heal one point of damage (Yum), or b) gain +2 MOV until end of next Game Turn (Energize .. no, it won't give the model the Blink SA ). When a model dies (removed from game) any treats or treasures it has are dropped at its former location. - Treasure: anyone can use these items, the faction listed is the location of the item's description. Roll a die when an unknown treasure is picked up: 1-2 = Magic Weapon, 3 = Spiked Armor (Overlords), 4 = Magic Ranged Weapon (model without RAV gets RAV 2, #RA 1), 5 = Bonesplitter (Reven), 6 = Luck Stone, 7 = Mithril Armor (Dwarves), 8 = Ring of the Unicorn (Elves), 9 = Vampiric Weapon (Necropolis): UNIQUE (reroll after first time), model becomes Evil and becomes its own monster troop immediately taken over by the GM, 10 = "Charlie's Rock" (Albatross Amulet). The GM may substiture other treasure items. Monster models will not pick up or use treasures. - victory points: 3 if elite/leader model is alive at end, 1 per soldier model alive at end, 1 per treat at end. As yet to be decided: a) what does exploring mean - perhaps within a set distance, say 6"? b) story and set up: exploring a "haunted area" or "trick or treating" an area of a village rarely visited.
  20. Thanks for the treats idea, although we may have a bowl full of candy in the store. Just got a gargoyle mini (DH 2374) to add to my monster list. The store does have a piece of felt with plastic tombstones attached to it for a graveyard; and a Building Authority Mausoleum. Perhaps the players play as a group with one character each, but each gets their own initiative card (same would go for my monsters). Would that break the game any?
  21. So here I am starting to paint, at 3 AM, the Pillar of Evil as a Totem of Battle and realize that Halloween is nearing. Having not much to do for the next two weeks maybe I can think of a Halloween scenario to introduce the locals to Warlord at my store on Halloween night as a store event. So, off top of my head as I write (and remember, it's now 4:20 AM.. just can't sleep)... I was thinking of something smaller than even 500 vs 500 pt battles. Perhaps 250 vs. 250, or, each player plays an individual model (leader or otherwise), probably with at least 3 HP (or 3 DTs) and Tough/#. Perhaps allow each to have a couple of grunts to tag along (i.e., big brother/sister having to take the little siblings and cousins out trick or treating). Or... Current idea: Haunted House and yard. Each gets a 2 DT model. They can go to several "sites" to find Halloween treats (okay, a mix of Easter Egg hunt and Halloween). Hmm, I think the store has a few ruined building models so could make a street of doors to knock on... Anyway, perhaps with success at each site/house, they'd get treats that can heal damage. Winner is the one with most treats at end of scenario. Since I have very few "undead" miniatures (and no zombies) I'll have to make do with what monsterish miniatures I have (btw, I do not have Savage North book yet): 4 skeletons; 2 mummies (I would have to base them); 1 ghost/spectre/banshee (Navar, Wraith or Aysa, Ghost [both Necropolis] might work); 1 DH Medusa (on a Cav base), the Klahan, Nagenda Sniper, seems like a good fit for it; 1 couatl, 1 hell hound, 1 air elemental (Dust Devil), 1 displacer beast... er, "phase cat" (AD&D mini); 1 catoblepas (non-Reaper mini had for years, on Cav base), any swamp cow-appropiate datacards?; 1 Well of Doom (it came out of the packaging so I put it together and painted it for the store, mounted on 2"x2" tile), not sure what it could do, though; plus the Pillar of Evil to give them all +1 MAV; but maybe I'd rather be missing more often than hitting in this scenario (I'm not really intending on winning, that's for one of the players ). Also have Bile the Wyvern and a Hill Giant, but those might be a bit much for this scenario. Hmm, each going individually would be too time consuming and chaotic, so maybe a 250 vs 250 (approximate) scenario with ruins would be best after all. Any other ideas? How can treats play a part, besides healing? BTW, I did make a 500 point "monster" army with several of the mentioned miniatures. Doesn't fair that well since no synergy or faction bonuses. - Glen
  22. My guess is a MOV is a MOV. A Flyer with MOV 10 can move 10" + 2" with a Run or Charge Action. The Blink SA does mention that you do not get the bonus movement when using Blink.
  23. Faction I play: none at the moment. No one around here wants to play. Favorite faction: Elves, even though the dragon is still overcosted IMO. But grabbing a few DH line of human fighters (we had 3 DH's Orba Sinhans, now 2 , in the store as they don't sell) and painting them, along with other DH figures I have and some older non-Reaper mini's I now have about 1000 points of Mercs. I like the paint scheme I came up with (red and blue then washed with black ink darkens those colors nicely) so I like my Mercs. Then there's the "Reven" faction, with only 2 wolves and one hellhound from DH line as the only Reaper minis. The rest are "troll" miniatures from Runequest/Glorantha that haven't seen the light of day for years; the 3 "trollkin"/goblin riders have the already-mentioned mounts (trollkins work well for goblins). Plus I have the hill giant from the Ral Partha AD&D line. Now those minis have a purpose again. (can't get players around here away from D&D/Pathfinder fantasy RPG so no RQ playing ). I have a 1000 pt army of those, but it does include a Totem of Battle (using Pillar of Evil). I also have a few "dragonnewts" from RQ that need painting and those eventually could be part of a small Reptus skirmish band. Thanks, Reaper, for allowing us to use any miniatures for Warlord. - Glen
  24. I gave up on SG:U about season 2. Or was it 1? I watched Caprica for four episodes (1 & 2 was the "2 hour" pilot). Episodes 1 & 2 pretty much covered everything you needed (or wanted) to know and the rest wasn't worth the time to watch. I don't like the female lead in Warehouse 13; the rest of the show was okay but didn't appeal all that much to me. I like Eureka, and was waiting for them to go back to the regular timeline. They probably won't as it seemed like nothing really bizarre was going to happen there any more so they changed things up. I doubt they'll go back to it. I do like the characters in Eureka but the show is losing its appeal. I watched the pilot of Ordinary Family, and I'll watch the 2nd episode. I'm not doing anything on Tuesday nights so I may keep watching it (or record for later viewing) for now. Yeah, agree on Hawaii 5-0. "Danno" is a decent character, Grace is quite the cutie, but the lead is no Jack Lord. It's also opposite Castle, but that's why we have recording devices. *sigh* I may have to bust out my Traveller RPG and see if I can get any interest from the fantasy gamers around here to get my scifi fix.
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