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    My names Nicholas I'm 23 years old originally from Woolwich in London but moved in to the county of Kent at a young age.<br />My working profession at the moment is working as a butcher but am currently trying to get in to the Kent Police force (If you know the police recruitment system your know how hard that is).<br />I love football and support the family team of Arsenal FC who i try to see as many times as I can when my work load allows. I also like the NFL and was able to see the Miami Dolphins who I support (yes we sux at the moment but give it time!!) play the NY Giants in the new Wembley stadium here in the UK.<br />In terms of mini's I used to collect Warhammer, but didn't really do the painting side of the game instead tried to get the biggest baddest army I could, but I stopped that 7 years ago to concentrate on my GCSE exams (national exams) and A-Levels.<br />After that I didn't really try getting back in to it until now.<br />Other than doing my newly found interest in painting mini's I enjoy playing the guitar which I've been playing for around 5-6 years now, I also do drawings and paintings to ease the evening and pass times.<br />And finally I have an interest in keeping reptiles in which I have a leopard Gecko named Ozzy who I've had for 4 years.

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  1. I've never seen pink eye, and the only time I've ever heard of it was in that South Park episode, which I seriously doubt is what Pink eye actually is. How does it come to happen and is it infectious?
  2. What a let down the first film was , suppose to answer all our questions, but every answer came with another question http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0443701/ some info on who's gonna be there, be cool if Skinner really is in it, always felt he didn't have his character justified.
  3. Yeah that's one great series and to be honest the only modern day series that I actually liked (read above), shame its only 13 epi's long :( Edit: looking at the list, how on earth does Naruto come in #32??? and then the program it's ripped off come in at #186?? And Akira @ #98!!! The blokes who made that list are well an truly out of their minds.
  4. Love Anime, but I'm more of a fantasy - anime fan. Love The Slayers and Record of Lodoss War the most out my collection. But Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw star are equally good. I've read some of the comic though, friend of mine is a huge comic book fan and also one the worlds biggest perverts so he lent me a load of different types of comics so I could use them to draw from, one them was Witch Blade which I actually liked reading the most out the ones he gave me. So when I heard there was an anime done of it I was curious to see if it had any reference to the comics.... which it didn't. Worst download I have ever had the time to look for and watch, as far as the animation goes, its not bad, though I am not a fan of the modern day interpretation of anime with this CGI additive. Old school for me any day the week.
  5. God that red on Alastriel looks sexy. But they all look impressive.
  6. I don't get it, didn't they already make a film about rats?
  7. Hey all, I should have added these almost 2 days ago, But yeah basically thanks to Meg and Olliekickflip I've been given a tutorial about glazing and they've been nice enough to help me step by step. So here's what I've done so far. I've actually just made some small adjustments like an hour ago, but didn't see much point in adding that to the computer. I'm almost done with the skin now, so just touch up some area's then time to work on the sword and other bits. Once again, any criticisms is always welcomed. Nick,
  8. She looks extremely good Dargrin, I'm glad your client is proud of her.
  9. Get them to play Man Hunt. Best game to ever exist without needing any materials to play. In case no one here knows what it is I'll explain: Two teams are required. Team 1: Are the Runners Team 2: Are the Hunters The idea of the game is for you to make a base, usually a pile of coats will do the trick, the base can be placed anywhere you want, we always found a tree somewhere to use when we was kids. The base is then the place of target for team one, with team two hunting down team one to stop them getting to the base. Team one at the start of the game is given 10 mins to run off from the base, after the 10 mins team two is then allowed to go on the chase and hunt down team one. What team one wanna do is literally up to them, we used to sometimes hide up tress or in bushes and slowly make our way back to base. To make it more fun we used to make "lives" where you tie a piece of coloured string around the right arm of the running team, when this string is pulled off that person is captured and can no longer participate in the running, and has to placed in another base or a jail as we called it. I should add that the string has to be in clear view at all times, so hiding up sleeves isn't allowed. When all of team one has been caught the teams swap over and team two become the runners and team one chase them. It should be noted that this is really a "non"contact game hence the string to show if they are caught or not. I used to have hours of fun with my old school friends playing this game at our local woods or in some parks with large areas of hiding places or running space.
  10. Hey all, Quick update on the barbarian. On the flesh I've lightened some areas and then glazed in some darker parts to stand the muscles out more. With the hair I've added some high lights to get more of a blonde feel for him, though there's some white dots still I keep seeming to get rid of ones and then spot more once I take a picture, never mind though I'll persist and get them eventually. On the cloth I've again added some high lights and done the shadings to the leather boots and the fur on / around them. Finally I've started on the shield properly and beginning to try again on the sword once again. Once I've done what I've said I'll do I'll attempt the dreaded eyes and face :D If you wish to comment then please do, I do appreciate help. Nick
  11. Good job as always, the two that stand out for me are Golrick and the Knight by Fenryll.
  12. Ok quick update, Heres the model at its current state. For the moment I'm not worried about details and such just been getting the basics to the cloth area done, I'll probs add a few more high lights just to make them stand out better. I've slightly lighten the skin tone and strenghened the dark outlines to get the muscles to stand out, Yeah I know... there's some paint on the skin that belongs to the cloth that's gotten on the skin. That was a result of a very tired me trying to paint after working a 12 hour shift, so I'll touch that up tonight. At some point I gotta try fill in some white areas, only thing I hated about this project is the areas hard to fill in, no matter how hard I've tried I never get them all I'll keep posted later. Nick.
  13. I'm not able to get to R-con this year, am I able to buy the model from the On-line store?
  14. Your work never ceases to amaze me Aaron, this once again really live up to the mark. I'm totally regretting not being able to go Reaper con this time round (work / money / flights :S) I'd love to have got some tips off you and may be attended a class or two. Just a quick question / pointer. Are you gonna do anything to the red laser sight on the gun? like may be a gleam of light flashing of the glass. Can't really think how to word it other than that. Nick.
  15. Ah woow, that's a damn good gift, your a lucky fella
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