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  1. Go to a craft / hobby store and buy some 3"x 24" sheet of basswood and some basswood strips and cut your own. I use the strips as borders so the minis don't fall out. Paint the tray a neutral color. Total cost under $5.
  2. As a retailer, I think you need to know that I was a store manager for a competitor of Lone Star during the 1980s and as the DFW comic retail community was being assulted by the religious right over carrying more mature comics (Swamp Thing, Vertigo line, Eclipse), Lone Star's owner Buddy Saunders caved in on every demand they made. I don't respect him or the business decisions he has made. As far as I'm concerned, his store is just a catalog, as is Amazon.com's "browse inside the book" feature. On the otherhand, if my regular gaming retailer Generation X in Bedford, carried these books, I would have purchased from them. I asked and they didn't think there was much interest.
  3. I'm trying to make sense of the Goblin Ninja mini - specifically the goblin's attachment to the base. The goblin is wearing ninja jammies and a hooded vest. Around the hooded vest is a robe belt. When you look at the base attachment, you see three things coming off of his body. Coming straight out (parallel to the ground) it looks like a sash tail. There are two more "cloth tails" that go down to the ground and hold his body in the air. Is one a sash tail and the other his jammie tail? The problem with the "sash-tails" theory is his torso does not appear to have sash lines around it, or the vest has it completely covered. Also the sash tails are really thick, not what you would typically think of as far as thickness. Maybe the tail curves around? Or maybe this is a weird stick coming up from the ground? Has anyone here painted this mini and if so, how did you handle this part? I was unable to find a painted picture here or on CoolMiniOrNot. Thanks! Bento
  4. I came out last Saturday around noon-time hoping to get a demo of the game and was disappointed. If ya'll come out this weekend, when would be a good time to stop in for a demo? Thanks.
  5. I think that's the problem most companies have with either Japan or China - 'we don't know enough about these periods to do them credit, so we won't do anything at all.' BTW - received my FoG book Monday night and have been going through it. Definately looks like the kind of game I'll have to watch played a couple of times before I grok all the rules. But that's not stopping me from window-shopping for armies I'd like to 'invest' in.
  6. Lately I saw a post by the writer of Killer Katanas saying he wrote the history part of WAB's Divine Wind. So content has been produced, just not published. I found both of the rulesets you mention and it looks like KK2 is out of stock, so I might pick up the Peter Pig rules. But I'm afraid that if I went with a non-BAB set, I'll have to rebase my figures. I've been using the black plastic Warhammer bases for my 28mms. And if WAB Divine Wind doesn't make it out, I can always use an unofficial Nippon list with what I've got. Doesn't WAB's Art of War cover the Warring States period?
  7. I saw the FoG book and three supplements at Lone Star Comics this afternoon and they look beautiful. Lots and lots of diagrams explaining the game and in the appendix a section on basing. For only 176 pages (as listed on Amazon.com) it certainly looks like it delivers many times over. I noticed gunpowder and artillery rules are in there, so maybe these can be used for Japanese arqubusers. I'm going to wait a few weeks to pick them up, but even if I don't end up playing the game, it will be an education reading them. I like the TAG Gempei minis, and might pick up enough monks to field an army (or at least one to play Shingen Takeda). I also saw the Perrys - do you know who carries these in the U.S.? I guess I should look around. I hadn't heard anything about WAG players here in Fort Worth. I'll keep my ears open. About dice - I'm not against randomness, but to watch one player roll nearly all fives and sixes while the other rarely gets more than a four over several rounds is a bit incredulous.
  8. Thanks for everyone's insights into my questions. Right now I only know one other mini wargamer and he plays mostly Warhammer and WH40k. I borrowed his WAB book to get a feel of the game, and he's also taken me through a game of Warhammer to go over the rules. I noticed that the dice can triumph superior tactics and its too random for my tastes. I checked with him tonight and he's more than willing to go up against me if I build my samurai army with one of the Warhammer "Nippon" lists that are out on the 'net. I found three last night. These have some fantasy elements built in, like sohei, mages and oni. Hello Reaper Dark Heaven figures! I want mass battles more than skirmishes. As far as contacts with other groups, I'm on the Lone Star Historical minis group listserv and one of these days I'll make it to a local event. I saw that in July there's a game day hosted by the DFW Irregulars over in Plano. I may stop over there to check it out and see what people are playing. About FoG - I like the fact its relatively new, so if I got into this now I have a better advantage with the rules than if I chose DBx and played against people who've been at it for years. The book is also really inexpensive at Amazon, so even if I never end up using it to play, I won't be out a lot of money. I prefer 25/28mm, as that's what I paint for my D&D games. The 25mm figures at Old Glory look servicable and have enough variety. I have two sets of OG samurai and they paint up really well. I also saw that another company (Warlord?)is making 25mm Roman and Celt plastic figures for FoG that are selling $30 for 50. That's a price point attractive enough for me to give it a try.
  9. I'm in a quandry of whether to buy WAB, FOG or something completely different. I recently read that FOG only covers through 1500AD and has no plans to develop lists for armies after that. I want to run Sengoku (1500s Japan) period battles. I was disappointed that WAB has not yet released "Divine Wind," their army list for Japanese armies, and FOG doesn't have plans to cover Japan until 2009. Gunpowder is optional during this period, as it didn't appear widely until after 1560s, so you can still run plenty of foot soldiers & cavalry. If I don't go with samurai, I also like Ottoman/Balkan (which is covered by WAB) or Thirty Years' War. Also, I'm a noob when it comes to historical minis. What's a good book to pick up to understand issues like basing? Thanks!
  10. I'm just going with one good coat of DullCote. Should I be worried?
  11. Yes. If you're patient, the Divine Wind supplement covering Samurai is in the offing, from last I heard early this year... Damon. And by the time it finally gets published I'll have an army! I was looking through the current WAB army lists and there's nothing for Ashigaru arquebusiers.
  12. Sometimes you just have to do something in bright orange!
  13. I purchased 60 samurai from Old Glory (foot sword and foot spear) with hopes of building two Sengoku-era armies. I want to use Warhammer Ancient Battles rules and I have a buddy who's willing to play my adversary. So far I've completed about 10 painted and primed another 8. I'm going to take this 7-8 at a time. I also picked up my first Warlord starter set - Dwarves. I'll probably work on these when I'm sick of painting samurai. Hey, anyone on this board play Warhammer Ancient Battles?
  14. Yep - I'm still new at taking pictures of really small things! I goofed around with the photo editor on the first batch to brighten up the picture. I took a second set and I've re-posted the pictures. No re-touches, just cropping and sizing, I promise!
  15. First time poster, long-time lurker! I started painting at the end of 2006 and so far I've completed about 50 figures. I primarily paint for my table (I'm GMing a D&D 3.5 game in South Fort Worth) and what ever catches my fancy. I'm lucky enough to live about 30 minutes south of the Reaper factory, so I'm able to go paint with Anne and the other pros occasionally on Saturdays. I also attended last year's ReaperCon and look forward to this year's event! These three in the "catch my fancy" category. One of these days I'd like to run my group through the Savage Tide adventure path, so I thought I should paint a few pirates. Here's my efforts so far. I'm also proud of how by Shaelin the bard has turned out. I'm also working on my photography techniques, so I hope both my painting and photo taking will continue to improve!
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