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  1. Nice. Very easy and cool technique. And I'm loving the fact that you are making a danish 30YW army. So cool! :)
  2. Nice work. Have you tried using it to strip paint? Maybe if you put a jar of water + solvent + minis over the gizmo, the vibrations might just be strong enough to loosen the paint. Like an improvised ultrasonic cleaner. I really doubt that it would work, but if it did it would be a boon to geekdom. :)
  3. Part of the problem with painting eyes is that the brush is not ideal for painting very small, round dots. Brushes are too bendy for that kind of work, they usually end up making an elongated shape. Great for painting goats eyes, not so much for painting humanoids. I use a round wooden toothpick instead. If the tip of the toothpick is too large you can always sharpen it. I use a brush to make the small reflective dot at the top of the eye, though. It looks quite nice. I don't remember where I learned that trick. It might have been on these boards, actually.
  4. It's a very clean and nice paintjob. Usually blue and yellow are not my cup of tea, but you really made it shine. The big kitty is nice, too.
  5. Great work. You were right, the orange is better than the studio red. I raise my hat for you, sir.
  6. Uh, the red cloak really makes the blues skin pop. Like really... pop! I had to duck, I was afraid the thing would jump out and hit me in the face!
  7. They are very cool. Would you mind telling us if you will get them casted at some point? I'd be very interested in the first one.
  8. Wow... Amazing work. You should do a dark skin tutorial.
  9. Thanks for the recipe, I'll be sure to try it sometime. Don't worry about the lack of motivation (been there, done that...), just be sure to finish him at some point, he really looks great.
  10. can I ask you what colors you used to paint his skin? It looks wonderful.
  11. Epoxy glue is very toxic, so don't use it unless you have specialized breathing equipment. People working with this stuff professionally are required to take a special epoxy glue safety course before being allowed near it. I don't think any hobby should require that kind of risk taking. I didn't believe pinning was really necessary when I attached the heads of my last batch of orcs. I thought the combo of green stuff and epoxy glue (that was before I got wiser) would be strong enough to hold those tiny heads. Well, here I am today and I have heads popping left and right. How I wish I had pinned them instead.
  12. This is the worst of the afflicted miniatures. That white residue just doesn't make african tribesmen look any better. @ Joe Kutz: Thanks for the info. Guess I'll have to look for my ancient airbrush in my parents house. I'm still not quite sure what factor made it all go terribly wrong (brushing? Turpentine thinner? The gloss varnish under the dullcote? who knows... ) , but experimenting with the airbrush cannot hurt.
  13. Thanks for the replies, guys. Much appreciate it. No, it's the other way around. The minis that were affected the worst were painted four months ago, while the two that were affected the least was finished an hour before the dullcote. I'll post a picture (i.e. horror-shot) when my camera battery is charged. This makes a lot of sence, but I think all the people writing about dullcote have recommended thinning it down. The general idea was that a couple of light layers were better than one thick layer. I'm beginning to suspect that too. Unfortunately, it is being marketed as a brush-on sealer so in my naivety I brushed it on. I'm using Model Master Dullcote. To the best of my knowledge it's the same product as Testors Dullcote.
  14. I recently finished my first two miniatures. Since they are gaming figures I also had my first experiences with varnishing minis. At first everything went fine, I gave them a coat of gloss varnish which worked great. To kill the gloss look I then gave them a coat of thinned brush-on dullcote (1:1 dullcote:turpentine). At first everything looked fine, but as they dried up I found white spots had formed on the minis! It looked like the result of a wash where the spots had formed in the recesses of the figure. Fortunately it was just in ~10 places these spots had formed and I was able to dissolve then with pure turpentine on a brush. Unfortunately, if left to pool this mix then dries into another white spot. Right now I'm fighting the spots, trying to dissolve them with turp and then suck it away with a dry brush and tissues. It's working, but not too well. Have you tried this or was I just unlucky? What did I do wrong? I suspect there was too little turpentine in the mix.
  15. Id like some Aliens that are truly Alien!! Creatures that feed on sulphur gasses and move by shuffling their outer intestines, not just space elves or magnified bugs from my back yard. The Star Wars miniatures posted earlier are pretty cool because they are very strange critters. Sci-Fi should blow your mind and give you that 'Wow! That's new!'-feeling. I'd also like to see more space athletes / sports stars. Guys who play Splosshylghin, or Feffefffesss or Giarpfhlalala or other games we are never going to learn the rules of. Games that are played at zero G. In general, more guys without weapons so I can use them for Blood Bowl/ Fantasy Football. ;) And of course robots. Modular robots with millions of different combination possiblities. Big and small, round and square, with lots of different gizmos. Think Robo Rally meets LEGO. Gizmos that are so creative that the W40K players will start sneaking them onto their ork and chaos vehicles. Wow, it's late.
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