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  1. My hut developed a bit of a forward lean prior to my getting to painting it, so I attempted to resolve the issue by boiling water dip and having it rest back on it's legs to regain proper alignment. Initially this was successful, the feet were flush on my counter top and the hut itself no longer leaned so far forward that it would topple. It maintained this posture after it cooled, so I happily set about painting it. Unfortunately the issue was not resolved, during the week long process of painting I noticed a bit of a lean and a return to wonky, non-flush feet placement, though it was tough to confirm given my paint space. Now that it is completed I am sad to report that not only has my hut reverted to it's poor posture, it has gone a step further and now will immediately topple over if left to stand on its own two feet. It's almost as if the hut is just too much weight for the legs to handle. I'm frustrated/annoyed as I don't really like the idea of reboiling to set it aright, given that will play havoc with my paint job, but as things stand (or don't) now this figure is completely useless to me, even in the form of a display model. I've mulled a couple of options, but haven't come up with something that I'm happy with as yet. Quite frankly I'm extremely disappointed with the hut, the poor posture is just one of the nagging annoyances, another is the fact that it was shipped assembled. I suspect many who purchased it were not neophytes when it comes to minis and the concept of assembling one is not foreign to them. Having the option to paint and assemble the hut on my own would have saved me considerable frustration - including dealing with the poor posture issue. It's not like Reaper didn't ship minis that required assembly, I received a few in this Kickstarter and I've certainly gotten some in the past. Given the hut was the primary reason for backing this Kickstarter (I have several hundred unpainted Reaper metals and I backed Bones 1 & 2, I don't NEED anymore minis) my disappointment really stings. I'll not give up on Reaper - too invested :) - but I will certainly think long and hard before I pick up a larger, grand looking mini.
  2. The minotaur and bugbear have been taunting me now for a couple of weeks (I have the prepainted versions of both) but I don't think my willpower is going to last much longer. I really shouldn't be buying more minis, I have a couple hundred unpainted metals I need to get taken care of before I'm flooded with Bones.
  3. The nativity is very nice and all, but really not my thing. Is there a Christmas Sophie in development?
  4. I listen to Fear the Boot (feartheboot.com), it's the only one I've had the patience to listen to.
  5. Yeah, I've been lurking around here for awhile after becoming fanatically loyal to Reaper Minis. This is the first time I felt like talking :D
  6. I too use MagEyes and I love them. My wife was dragging me through a craft store, nowhere near the paint section, and I noticed them on a shelf. I don't know how I painted without them.
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